About Us – The Collaborators

What is the mission of this movement?

Our mission is a simple one — Helping Enablement Practitioners and Leaders Succeed.  The Collaborators share a passion for raising up the profession and those who are a part of the profession.

In the process, we will raise the profile of Sales and Revenue Enablement in organisations and businesses around the world and we will raise the profiles of those that join us along the way.

How do we accomplish this mission?

Today, the primary channel is the Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement podcast which we are growing globally.

We use this channel, and all future channels, to raise the value of enablement across the globe by:

  • Partnering with practitioners and leaders who join the show and share their stories, tips, and their best practices and successful business outcomes.
  • We raise the profiles of these Collaborators who join us by making them the stars of the shows, the superstars that others can learn from.

The truth is simple. We don’t need so-called thought leaders to tell us how to do Enablement well. In our community, across the globe, we know what works, what doesn’t work. We must raise each other, collaborate, and grow a stronger community through these efforts

What are our values?
  • Extend respect regardless of title or position
  • We are here to help, not sell.  
  • Collaborate with and spotlight the Enablement practitioners and leaders in our region, those of each regional host, and of our efforts/movement overall.
  • Celebrate & support our individual & collective successes

The opinions on this site are my own as a member of the sales enablement industry,  Additionally, this site is fully owned, operated, and controlled by John Moore, The Collaborator.  While I am an employee of Bigtincan Mobile, the company does not directly benefit from or influence the direction of the site or any of its content.

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