About Us – The Collaborators

What is our mission?

We are Revenue and Enablement Practitioners and Leaders from across the globe. We live the same struggles as you are, and we created this community to address unmet needs.

Your Business Goals are our Business Goals

Our mission is a simple one — Helping your business achieve it’s business goals through the lens of Sales and Revenue Enablement.

In the process, we will raise the Sales and Revenue Enablement profile in organizations and businesses worldwide and raise the profiles of those that join us along the way.

How do we accomplish this mission?

Trust Enablement is the number ONE source of Enablement information on planet earth.  Our goals start by bringing together all the collaborators  across the globe to learn, share, and improve.

We have hundreds of interviews, articles, free templates, calculators, and tons more on our website.

In our paid community, we bring the collaborators together to deliver highly interactive roundtables, personalized support and hold regular office hours to help our members succeed.

And, for those in revenue leadership roles across sales, marketing, and enablement, we offer tailored services for people and businesses needing a bit more help.  You can learn more about our Revenue Enablement Advisory Services and our Sales Content Audit Services if you want to learn more.

What are our values?

Regardless of how or where we interact, we strive to live by the following values.

  • Extend respect regardless of title or position
  • We are here to help, not sell.  
  • Collaborate with and spotlight the Enablement practitioners and leaders in our region, those of each regional host, and our efforts/movement overall.
  • Celebrate & support our individual & collective successes
Our Founder – The Collaborator

John Moore is The Collaborator

My WHY and the WHY behind Trust Enablement:

I believe that every human should have a place to share, learn, and collaborate — all while being treated with respect and empathy.

It seems like a reasonable belief and one we can all strive to achieve.

That is why I created Trust Enablement, the Sales Enablement Community for the rest of us.

No vendors selling to you – just Enablers helping Enablers.

The Trust Enablement Board

Britta Lorenz
Pooja Kumar
Dave Nel

The opinions on this site are my own as a member of the sales enablement industry,  Additionally, this site is fully owned, operated, and controlled by John Moore, The Collaborator.  While I am an employee of Bigtincan Mobile, the company does not directly benefit from or influence the direction of the site or any of its content.

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