Gong Overview – 8 Things You Didn’t Know

It’s no secret that the sales landscape has changed. Customer buying habits now have the power to drive company decisions and impact bottom lines like never before.

How will your organization deliver the results in this hectic mobile world?

One major way sales forces are keeping pace is by investing in sales enablement platforms like Gong.

No longer is the sales pipeline invisible. With Gong, sales interactions are shared seamlessly from the bottom of the organizational chart to the top.

Read on to learn how Gong can turn your company into a revenue leader.

Record Calls and Take Sales Enablement to the Next Level

Even though you might hate the sound of your own voice, listening to calls is a powerful sales technique. Coaching sessions can be daily, weekly, or whatever timeframe makes sense for your reps. Create scorecards to track specific highlights of calls, sort and filter, then score calls based on company standards. Loop in other sections of the company like product, new-hire training, and customer success so reps are not just listening to themselves but also illustrating client trends in real time.

Immediate Customer Feedback

Gong allows you to listen to your customers in real-time and then share specific call highlights with the rest of your company. No longer is it “your” word against “theirs” when customers provide feedback against company decisions. Numerous company initiatives are created in vacuums without evidence to support success. Gong allows you to hear and record customer positivity, or criticism, confirming or denying intended results. Tag sections of calls to share with marketing, upper management, product development, and any other involved department. Stop wondering if various company initiatives are working – support the outcomes!

Measure Enablement’s Success with Gong

Sales enablement is a new concept for many companies and often overlooked. They know their sales reps need to be more productive and knowledgeable but it’s difficult to make a new investment without seeing a clear through lines to results. When rolling out a new product or feature, it is difficult to gauge how well it is performing. But what if there was a way to directly connect new initiatives to the bottom line? Gong can do just that. It provides critical insight about whether or not representatives are offering the new initiative and if it is being well-received.

For example, once the sales enablement team delivers the new product training; set up a tag in Gong, record a sample of calls, and then pull a report to discover how many times the new product or feature was rolled out to customers by the reps. Take these results one step further and track the product mentions through the sales lifecycle to clearly see the number of deals closed. This level of reporting measures productivity and directly ties enablement back to results. The ability to change behavior and measure outcomes afterward makes Gong central to the sales enablement process.

Streamline the New Hire Process

Make Gong part of your company’s DNA. Introduce Gong immediately to newly hired reps and teach them proper feedback techniques. Doing so will create a culture of sharing customer insights from day one. Scoring calls, listening to peers, and delivering proper feedback will form trust and openness from the bottom up. With the goal of helping reps get better, Gong delivers results by highlighting positive changes reps can make.

Turn Your Underperforming Reps into Rockstars

Give your reps the control they need by putting coaching in their hands. Gong allows business (BDRs) and sales (SDRs) representatives to trust the call recording process by learning from their peers instead of top-down management feedback sessions. Some ideas on how to implement this culture include, but are not limited to:

  • Create a safe space – allow underperformers to openly ask questions of top-performers.
  • Generate a highlight reel – show off rockstars in a compilation of calls on a periodic basis.
  • Make it fun – create a rewards system around the process.
  • Develop a playbook – record your best sellers and create a library of real-life scenarios.

Put the power to learn in the hands of reps and you will be shocked as buy-in skyrockets. Get management involved by recording and sharing their calls too. The ability for reps to drive the sales training process will increase morale… and your bottom-line.

Execute Smoother Sales Hand-offs

When representatives run into a customer concern they can’t tackle, escalating the issue is crucial to positive customer service outcomes. Whether it be to an account executive or IT – customer hand-offs can be challenging. Stop taking notes and start looping members of the team into the calls directly. Gong’s call-tagging features allows reps to hand-off customers seamlessly to the next employee or group. Set-up meetings with pertinent call details attached and minimize time wasted on explanatory meetings. Employees listen to the customer concern instantly and acquaint themselves in minutes. Departments outside of sales will no longer face the customer blindly.

Gong is Mobile

Gong uses technology and customer intelligence to your advantage. Streamline call recordings from the palm of your hand to pinpoint exactly where reps and managers need to listen. Stop creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies – Gong’s call review app shines a light into an otherwise murky call process. Customer intelligence has never been easier than downloading the app and listening to calls during your commute.

Gong Integrates with Existing LMS Software

Onboarding in today’s remote environment is already overwhelming so why not deliver the most multifaceted experience possible? Complement your current learning management system (LMS) by integrating Gong directly into current coursework. Gong calls are easily embedded into LMS programs, like Lessonly and WorkRamp, to create scorecards and feedback loops. Employees can also onboard and gain certifications with the help of Gong’s customer intelligence by adding real-world examples into the curriculum. From scripting to overcoming objections and peer reviews, integrating Gong with your current LMS produces a dynamic, helpful learning environment for employees.

Why is sales enablement so important? Because selling has never been more difficult to manage. Potential customers demand fast, paperless transactions – eliminating sales strategies of the past.  Reps must be able to overcome objections and improvise on their feet to be successful. A focus on sales enablement equips reps with effective habits that generate results. Gong’s ability to integrate into new hire onboarding, coaching, and continuous education makes it a perfect partner.

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