How do you enable sales managers?

David Brock joined to discuss how to enable sales managers for successThe Collaborator sat down with David Brock to chat about how we create a more successful culture and winning environment for sellers, sales managers, and businesses, by learning to enable sales managers.

How do we help sales managers be successful?

1️⃣Define what the job of a successful sales manager looks like.  It’s not necessarily your top seller.

2️⃣Identify and hire or promote the right people for these jobs.

3️⃣Help them understand their job: maximizing the performance of each seller on their teams.  From there, what’s expected and how to do it well.

4️⃣Train these managers with the skills they are expected to use.  As an example, train them on how to effectively coach so their account executives hit targets.

There is so much gold in here from a true expert; give a listen to someone who understands how to enable sales managers.

Note:  This conversation is a great compliment to our conversation with Tim Ohai on scaling sales manager enablement.

Note:  Failing to work with and leverage sales manager enablement is one of the primary reasons for Enablement failure.