How Enablement can calm the Chaos

Calm the chaosDuring chaotic business transformations, the difference to a Revenue organization with a well-oiled Enablement function is noticeable. 

Yes, a chaotic business transformation could mean a million different things. 

It could be during a time of mergers and acquisitions in one business.

In another, launching new products could be the spark.

And, in another, it could be the result of extreme hiring surges or restructuring.

The list goes on. 

No matter where you work and what you do, every business has these moments. Too often, when the average employee feels caught in the middle of the chaos, it is hard to focus on the future state of the business without being transfixed by how overwhelming the current state feels. 

I am a firm believer that one of the many hats that an Enablement practitioner can wear is to do their very best to make that blizzard feel like a breeze. The unique thing about this field is that there are many ways in which we can do that. 

IMHO it starts with showing up for your people. Be there for your Revenue folk and approach the situation with empathy. The world they once knew where they knew processes, tools, rules of engagement, and/or their pitch or demo were all second nature could have just been turned upside down. 

The same goes for your cross-functional stakeholders in Marketing, Product, and Ops. When a company transforms, it can feel like you’re working for an entirely new company with totally different responsibilities.

Other ways you can help the business navigate these sometimes tumultuous feeling times are by:

  1. Reinforcing (in concert with your Sr leadership partners in pre and post-sales) what the objective of the change is and why the business will be stronger as a result  
  2. Creating new content or resources that will help your customer-facing individuals understand and buy into the change
  3. Creating processes that give your people clear instructions on how to navigate whatever in their workflow has changed (e.g., SFDC workflow changes) 
  4. Host a monthly “All Hands” meeting used to celebrate successes (in particular those that reinforce the behavior you are looking for during the transformation) and communicate essential updates from different departments
  5. Give your people a roadmap. They must have a rough idea of what changes are coming and when to anticipate and prepare accordingly.

At its core, Enablement is a function that makes people better. Our job is to remember that that responsibility is present in the easy times and the difficult ones.