The Trust Enablement Community is now available

Why did we launch The Trust Enablement Community?

I initially did not want to launch it. 

It’s one more personal expense.

There are already existing communities.

The problem with each of them, at least to some degree, includes at least one of these challenges:

  • They are private, locking knowledge inside their walls. Our profession will not grow if we lock our knowledge away.
  • They are often overrun by vendors pitching their products and services. Too many people with insights, stories, and tips, don’t join in as they want to avoid people selling to them.

After failing to convince some of these communities to take different approaches — I had to launch our new community.  

How is it different?

  • Our first 100 members will NEVER have to pay membership fees.
    • We would be honored for your support as we build this community, providing us with the feedback we need to ensure we deliver on our promise.
    • Yes, we will charge membership fees for new members after that first 100 — but will keep fees low.
  • The majority of our events and courses will be FREE for members. However, content owners can choose to charge for their events and classes for advanced information. The advisory board will determine on a case-by-case basis what is acceptable.
  • Our community is a safe place. Anyone pitching products and solutions will be warned and have that content removed. If they receive three warnings, we will remove them from the community without receiving a refund.

All conversations taking place outside of these courses and events are public. You only need a membership to share your insights, take courses, or participate in our events.

With all that said, I also wanted to share with all of you a couple of the most exciting conversations taking place right now.

If you want to raise your game through coaching and hands-on practice, check out these events: