Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement – Partnering for better business results

Time for Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement to partner to drive results.Target personas, buyers, customers, competition, all significant players in your business co-exist in the digital world. The introduction of the digital space revolutionized the way we work, especially our marketing efforts. 

To remain relevant, we need to adopt a digital marketing approach. Time for Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement to partner.

If anything, the lockdown has solidified the importance of establishing digital and remote processes. Revamping your marketing mindset and activities to suit digital marketing demands will require support.

Collaborating and partnering with Sales Enablement can help these teams achieve significant transformations:

Digital marketers actively amend and upgrade digital channels

A company that dominates its digital marketing strategy is constantly searching for ways to optimize its channels. Your marketers now have immediate access to customer’s interactivity data across various online platforms. These deeply detailed insights into user behavior help to constantly refine the mediums and tools utilized to send out marketing messages.

Digital Marketing teams need to treat how to reach the internal channels best serving their customer-facing teams (e.g., sales).

Our recommendation?

We recommend partnering with Sales Enablement to translate the marketing language, generally designed for one-to-many style communications, to the more direct speech that sellers must personalize for each customer.

Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement Partnering Across The Journey

This point is related to the above.

One of the main objectives along the buying journey is to create a seamless transition from the marketing cycle into the sales cycle. Your target group will encounter an array of content before reaching one of your marketing channels. There is a high probability that they will see sales content and other sales-related assets created by your sales team as well.

A consistent customer experience must be delivered to the customer from both marketing and sales. Achieving this experience for the customer in the digital space requires that insights be shared to inform your marketing efforts better. Sales enablement is a perfect medium to establish a fluid connection between customer-facing departments. It ensures that customer-facing departments work together to convert prospects into lasting customer relationships by sharing their learnings and takeaways. 

The results are a compelling, comprehensive collection of messages shared with prospects and customers throughout the entire customer journey.

Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement Partner to improve the customer journey continuously

Traditional marketing content attracted attention and awareness to an organization, but it now maintains interest and engagement until the sale is closed and beyond. Today’s marketers stay relevant and salient in customer’s minds by staying ahead of customer/industry trends.

The customer-centric orientation maintains this focus on correcting and adjusting to the customer journey. Sharing personalized content will increase the quality of a customer’s experience. Concentrate each action on how it will affect and improve the buying experience.

To this end, as your digital marketers create these messages and experiences, they should be partnering with the sales enablement organization to identify the right SMEs in your customer-facing teams to meet with and from whom they can learn.

Digital marketing is an iterative process

The rapid pace of information flow on digital channels allows for the iteration of marketing initiatives and campaigns. Don’t be afraid of failure. You have the chance to observe and improve all aspects of your marketing engine. Once you have found the message that receives the most engagement and resonates with visitors, you can rework other promotional content and channels to extend their reach.

The modern marketer and leader will perceive the iterative process as another learning opportunity. This dimension of my ?²???²? framework describes the importance of lifelong learning and welcoming failures that single out knowledge gaps. Especially in the evolving digital world, where new tools and platforms regularly spring up, marketers and enablers need to remain agile to change.

Real-time data correlates to data-driven actionable insights

Our obligation as digital marketers in collaboration with sales, other customer-facing teams, and enablers are to digest, analyze, and act upon data collected from our digital platforms. We can dig deeper to learn:

  • How many prospects view and interact with our content
  • What content they find interesting
  • And so on.

It is easier to identify patterns when we successfully progress a customer from an MQL to an SQL. Aligning sales and marketing actions around data reinforces the collaboration and linkage between these teams. Altogether, these actionable insights serve to build a more compelling customer journey and create better outcomes.

Any shift in internal processes or mindsets can present difficulties for a company. However, there are some parallels between the sales enablement philosophy and the changes in mentality required of a digital marketing transformation. Knowing these overlaps not only pays homage to the new processes that your company is implementing but also iterates how Enablement supports the demands of customer-facing teams.

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