Warren Buffett understands the importance of price vs value and why value, above all else, is king.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” -Warren Buffett.

Aaron Evans once again provides a concise set of training tips for anyone looking to understand better the concept (hint, hint, All of your sales reps and Revenue Enablement teammates should give a listen).

“So How Much Does it Cost?” 

Before a negotiation begins, we have to deliver a price. As we know, there are lots of variables to what determines the price we offer; the number of users, license type, inventory but more crucially, the amount of value we have built. 

Try not to think of your product as a set of features; think of it as an overall solution to a customer’s problem. A window cleaner doesn’t tell you how much each window costs to clean; they tell you the price of having clean windows.

As you sit with your customer next, consider your conversations to date.  Do they understand the important of your solution and are they thinking correctly about price vs value?