The convergence of Operations and Enablement

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From my initial writings on Revenue Enablement, I included concepts like metrics-orientation, process improvement focus, and topics that have often times been connect more to the Operations role than the Enablement role.    If you have been playing close attention, you likely already recognized that I have been guiding our thinking towards the convergence of Operations and Enablement roles and functions.

As you look around many businesses, you see the teams coming together already.  Sometimes a shared leader such as a CRO or SVP of Sales heads the two teams.  Other times, there is either an Enablement or an Operations team with Operations and Enablement roles combined.

Why the convergence of Enablement and Operations is good

Imagine for a moment that your go-to-market team (aka your revenue team) is your brain.  Revenue Operations traditionally represents the left brain, logical, analytical.  Your Revenue Enablement team represents your right brain, creative, compassionate.

Before you get too upset, there is a lot of logic and analytics in Enablement and a lot of creativity in Operations.

However, in reality, and for the sake of this example, the two teams often play these two roles, bringing different viewpoints to the team.  Each acting as two sides of the same coin, two hemispheres of the brain, focused on achieving your revenue goals.

By bringing these teams together, I am convinced that the benefits, in terms of shared lessons and improved approaches, will be clear.

  • Individuals will learn a broader set of skills and approaches that they can bring to their daily work.
  • Teams will be able to better focus on tackling the most important problems for the business versus simply the problems that fall in their traditional bag of services.
What will we call this new function born out of this convergence?

Revenue Enablement, of course.  I’m not changing definitions, key pillars, or anything else.  I am merely taking a moment to explicitly note that this convergence is happening and is a natural given how I have defined it.

Are you seeing this convergence in your business?

Please reach out and let me know if you are seeing this where you work and what pros and cons you see resulting from it.  In the meantime, you could listen to folks like Matthew Johnston or Matt Scheitle as each of them shared their insights in separate interviews, one from the Operations perspective, the other from an Enablement perspective.

Stay curious and keep learning.

-The Collaborator

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