Quick Guide – Content Repurposing and Enablement

Each morning I am giving myself 30 minutes to write about an Enablement topic and share it with the community.  Editing, grammar, perfection, are not the goal.  Sharing and giving back is the purpose and I hope you find value from this effort. –The Collaborator

Content repurposing can play a big role in both better arming our customer-facing team and reducing costs.  We know that, on average, more than 60% of the content we create/curate for sales is never used by the sales team (or Customer Success or any other team we are supporting) and we must focus on doing more with the pieces sales really needs.

Content Repurposing Strategy

Your content repurposing strategy should cover these basics:

  • What content does my customer-facing team really need and what are they using?
  • Provide a simply content repurposing workflow for you to follow.
  • Validate that repurposing the content you are using is impacting the bottom line.
What content does my customer-facing team really need and what are they using?

Does your Sales Content Management System track which content is being used?

Do you sit down with your customer-facing teams to identify what content they are creating to identify gaps in what you provide?

Pull together this quantitative and qualitative data to identify the content the team is finding effective — these are your prime candidates for repurposing content.

Your Content Repurposing Workflow

Begin by creating a simply framework to determine what content formats are required for specific stages of the buyer/customer journey for each persona being targeted.  This will make the process for repurposing content a bit easier.  I’ll create something easy to use soon, but for now, consider a simple matrix like this:


Your content framework enables you to quickly determine, based upon the use of specific pieces of content and their purpose, what you need to create. Your content repurposing workflow becomes very easy:

  • What content does your team need.
  • What stage of the buyer or customer journey is the content for?  What persona is the content for?
  • Review your matrix to identify the 2-4 pieces of content you need to create.
  • Create the content.
  • Deliver the content to the customer-facing teams.
  • Validate that the content is helping.

Yes, there is a lot of detail that goes into repurposing content, but I’m at the end of my 30 minutes of morning writing.  More to come tomorrow on another topic.

The Collaborator