Ben Harris, who at the time of this writing is the Director of Sales Productivity at DataBricks, submitted the initial set of deal coaching questions. Truly a wonderful Enablement Collaborator!

  • How does the customer make money?
  • What are the Strategic Business Initiatives you are tying yourself to?
  • What are the Technical Pains blocking those initiatives?
  • Urgency / Compelling Event: Why are they doing this now? Or why haven’t they done it already?
  • Solution / Differentiation: What solution are you proposing?
  • Tell me about your potential champion.
  • How have you tested your potential champion?
  • Have you uncovered who the Economic Buyer is yet? Tell me about them.
  • Are there any partners involved in the deal?
  • What technical metrics have you uncovered so far?
  • What business metrics have you uncovered so far?
  • What action items are captured from this call?

These deal coaching questions are used in the earlier stages of working an opportunity and helps the seller validate that the deal is either a “good deal” or a “bad deal”, one they are unlikely to win.

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