Mentorship has long been recognized as important for the development and growth of employees.  Sponsorship requires more active involvement from leaders of all levels and can lead to deeper levels of growth for individuals and the business.  

Cynthia Barnes and Stephane McShane join Roderick Jefferson, Tamara McMillen, and The Collaborator to  explore how far mentorship goes, and how to go further with active sponsorship.

Stories, real life experiences, and tips for individuals and business to leverage to improve themselves and their business.



0:00:00.880,0:00:04.480 hey everybody it is john the 0:00:02.480,0:00:07.440 collaborator and i’m once again 0:00:04.480,0:00:08.320 beyond lucky be unfortunate to be joined 0:00:07.440,0:00:10.719 by 0:00:08.320,0:00:11.920 some amazing people as we continue our 0:00:10.719,0:00:14.719 series on 0:00:11.920,0:00:16.000 uh inclusion equity and belonging i’ll 0:00:14.719,0:00:16.880 let them introduce themselves though 0:00:16.000,0:00:19.359 because i 0:00:16.880,0:00:21.600 will not do them sufficient justice but 0:00:19.359,0:00:23.039 i’ll start with my fellow host 0:00:21.600,0:00:25.439 rodrick would you like to start us off 0:00:23.039,0:00:28.720 today hey john thanks for being with 0:00:25.439,0:00:29.199 you again and i am incredibly honored 0:00:28.720,0:00:30.880 and 0:00:29.199,0:00:32.640 i can’t wait to dive into this topic 0:00:30.880,0:00:34.160 with these two i’m roderick jefferson 0:00:32.640,0:00:34.960 i’m the ceo of roderick jefferson 0:00:34.160,0:00:36.960 associates 0:00:34.960,0:00:38.000 we’re a sales training and sales 0:00:36.960,0:00:41.120 enablement 0:00:38.000,0:00:44.239 uh firm old sales guy from way back 0:00:41.120,0:00:46.320 and um i think the best i can say is 0:00:44.239,0:00:48.239 i will add to this conversation by 0:00:46.320,0:00:49.520 asking questions and learning as much as 0:00:48.239,0:00:53.680 you will john 0:00:49.520,0:00:56.640 wonderful tomorrow he’s such a tough 0:00:53.680,0:00:57.520 act to follow you know i know he raises 0:00:56.640,0:01:00.800 the bar on us 0:00:57.520,0:01:03.840 every time tamara but to you my friend 0:01:00.800,0:01:05.360 we like bar razors that’s good um it is 0:01:03.840,0:01:07.360 lovely to be here again 0:01:05.360,0:01:09.040 done and and to be part of this 0:01:07.360,0:01:09.920 meaningful conversation which i know is 0:01:09.040,0:01:12.080 not only going to be 0:01:09.920,0:01:13.680 interesting and enlightening but i will 0:01:12.080,0:01:14.799 walk away with some things that we can 0:01:13.680,0:01:16.880 actually do 0:01:14.799,0:01:18.640 and i know that taking action and acting 0:01:16.880,0:01:20.080 quickly is really important to 0:01:18.640,0:01:22.799 everyone on this call and i imagine 0:01:20.080,0:01:25.200 anyone listening in i’m tamara mcmillan 0:01:22.799,0:01:26.159 i work for hg capital a private equity 0:01:25.200,0:01:27.759 firm 0:01:26.159,0:01:29.840 i’m part of the portfolio business and 0:01:27.759,0:01:31.759 my role as a growth specialist so i’m 0:01:29.840,0:01:33.200 there to help drive value creation in 0:01:31.759,0:01:34.720 our portfolio companies 0:01:33.200,0:01:36.799 and i focused really on sales and 0:01:34.720,0:01:40.000 customer success 0:01:36.799,0:01:41.759 amazing stephanie mcshane how 0:01:40.000,0:01:43.360 are you no i have to start before you 0:01:41.759,0:01:44.880 throw out your introduction 0:01:43.360,0:01:47.040 roderick said you guys went to school 0:01:44.880,0:01:49.520 together you look like you’re about 25 0:01:47.040,0:01:51.520 roderick does not so i think there’s a 0:01:49.520,0:01:53.600 little bit of something happening there 0:01:51.520,0:01:55.600 yikes well i i don’t know about that 0:01:53.600,0:01:58.240 part i would call that good makeup maybe 0:01:55.600,0:02:00.000 is what i would call that 0:01:58.240,0:02:01.600 well i want to say thanks for including 0:02:00.000,0:02:04.159 me in this conversation 0:02:01.600,0:02:06.000 um you know my my own business i’m 0:02:04.159,0:02:06.799 actually a director at maxim consulting 0:02:06.000,0:02:09.679 group 0:02:06.799,0:02:11.360 our focus is actually um rebuilding 0:02:09.679,0:02:13.360 construction companies 0:02:11.360,0:02:15.040 and i say that meaning you know 0:02:13.360,0:02:15.840 operational and financially and 0:02:15.040,0:02:17.040 culturally 0:02:15.840,0:02:18.800 you know there’s a lot of growth going 0:02:17.040,0:02:20.879 on in my industry i’ve grown up in this 0:02:18.800,0:02:23.680 business i’m an electrician by trade 0:02:20.879,0:02:26.160 which was a little unique um and because 0:02:23.680,0:02:28.160 of that um i’ve created a a path for 0:02:26.160,0:02:30.319 myself that includes 0:02:28.160,0:02:31.440 opening the eyes of people to understand 0:02:30.319,0:02:33.840 that there 0:02:31.440,0:02:35.200 are entire pieces of the workforce that 0:02:33.840,0:02:37.280 we’re just now starting to tap 0:02:35.200,0:02:39.440 into and enabling that to happen and 0:02:37.280,0:02:41.280 educating that to happen has just been 0:02:39.440,0:02:43.040 really kind of a driving force for me so 0:02:41.280,0:02:44.160 i i appreciate being involved in this 0:02:43.040,0:02:46.879 discussion 0:02:44.160,0:02:48.640 wonderful and then last but not least 0:02:46.879,0:02:51.040 cynthia barnes 0:02:48.640,0:02:53.280 hey everybody i’m cynthia barnes founder 0:02:51.040,0:02:55.840 and ceo of the national association of 0:02:53.280,0:02:58.319 women’s sales professionals nawsp 0:02:55.840,0:03:00.159 we are a 15 000 member organization of 0:02:58.319,0:03:03.120 women who sell b2b services 0:03:00.159,0:03:05.440 in male dominated industries and we 0:03:03.120,0:03:08.159 provide our members with two 0:03:05.440,0:03:09.920 things number one access to companies 0:03:08.159,0:03:10.879 that are laser focused on advancing 0:03:09.920,0:03:13.040 women in sales 0:03:10.879,0:03:14.959 and number two training created by women 0:03:13.040,0:03:16.480 for women to reach the top one percent 0:03:14.959,0:03:18.000 i’m thrilled to be here thank you for 0:03:16.480,0:03:20.959 having me i just 0:03:18.000,0:03:21.440 felt a little bit more humble just as 0:03:20.959,0:03:22.720 you would 0:03:21.440,0:03:25.040 as you both went through what you’ve 0:03:22.720,0:03:26.560 been through um i have to admit i just 0:03:25.040,0:03:28.239 feel like i haven’t been through nearly 0:03:26.560,0:03:30.159 the same level of challenges 0:03:28.239,0:03:31.760 and i’m just so impressed i am so 0:03:30.159,0:03:32.000 impressed but you don’t want to hear 0:03:31.760,0:03:33.280 about 0:03:32.000,0:03:34.959 me talking you don’t want to hear me 0:03:33.280,0:03:35.920 talk this isn’t about me this is about 0:03:34.959,0:03:38.480 mentorship 0:03:35.920,0:03:40.000 and sponsorship and with that robert do 0:03:38.480,0:03:42.400 you want to kick us off a little bit 0:03:40.000,0:03:43.920 by talking about what is mentorship and 0:03:42.400,0:03:45.519 getting that ball rolling 0:03:43.920,0:03:46.799 sure i’ll talk about mentorship but i 0:03:45.519,0:03:48.640 think before going there what i’d like 0:03:46.799,0:03:51.040 to do is give my definition 0:03:48.640,0:03:53.760 that separates mentorship and 0:03:51.040,0:03:56.159 sponsorship because i do a lot of both 0:03:53.760,0:03:57.360 and i ask the question and i rarely get 0:03:56.159,0:03:58.959 the same answer so 0:03:57.360,0:04:02.000 i’ll give you my definition to me 0:03:58.959,0:04:02.400 mentorship is someone that speaks about 0:04:02.000,0:04:04.000 you 0:04:02.400,0:04:05.680 it’s someone that can put your resume in 0:04:04.000,0:04:07.040 front of the right hiring manager move 0:04:05.680,0:04:09.120 you up in the line 0:04:07.040,0:04:10.879 get you in front of the right people 0:04:09.120,0:04:11.360 first to sponsorship is someone that 0:04:10.879,0:04:13.519 speaks 0:04:11.360,0:04:15.120 for you this is someone that says they 0:04:13.519,0:04:16.000 may you may or may not be prepared for 0:04:15.120,0:04:17.680 the next role 0:04:16.000,0:04:19.040 or that next move in your career but 0:04:17.680,0:04:20.560 they’re willing to put their brand on 0:04:19.040,0:04:23.600 the line behind you 0:04:20.560,0:04:24.160 so just to kind of clear the air i want 0:04:23.600,0:04:26.400 to step 0:04:24.160,0:04:28.240 first towards mentorship i i think it is 0:04:26.400,0:04:30.800 an incredible 0:04:28.240,0:04:31.919 opportunity to mentor and be mentored 0:04:30.800,0:04:33.759 both i’ve sat 0:04:31.919,0:04:35.360 on both sides of that coin i think the 0:04:33.759,0:04:38.880 thing i’ve learned the most from that 0:04:35.360,0:04:41.120 is excuse me sometimes you learn how to 0:04:38.880,0:04:42.080 other times you learn how not to either 0:04:41.120,0:04:43.919 way you learn 0:04:42.080,0:04:45.199 and that’s what you get from a mentor 0:04:43.919,0:04:46.960 and that is someone that says 0:04:45.199,0:04:48.639 look i’ve been down this road before or 0:04:46.960,0:04:50.320 i’ve seen this happen before 0:04:48.639,0:04:51.919 here’s an opportunity for you to learn 0:04:50.320,0:04:52.560 from and either not step in that same 0:04:51.919,0:04:55.440 hole 0:04:52.560,0:04:56.160 and break the ankle that they did or the 0:04:55.440,0:04:57.680 fact that 0:04:56.160,0:04:59.440 they can say you’re going on the right 0:04:57.680,0:05:01.440 track but i would recommend small 0:04:59.440,0:05:03.360 changes small tweaks 0:05:01.440,0:05:04.960 now what’s the shortcoming of mentoring 0:05:03.360,0:05:06.960 [ __ ] you generally 0:05:04.960,0:05:09.120 only get the experience of that 0:05:06.960,0:05:10.800 individual that you’re working with 0:05:09.120,0:05:12.720 and so in order to get a more 0:05:10.800,0:05:14.240 well-rounded 0:05:12.720,0:05:16.479 um look into mentorship my 0:05:14.240,0:05:17.120 recommendation is that you have no less 0:05:16.479,0:05:18.960 than 0:05:17.120,0:05:20.160 five mentors and i call it my personal 0:05:18.960,0:05:22.160 board of directors 0:05:20.160,0:05:24.000 and these are people that i go to that 0:05:22.160,0:05:26.240 come from different spaces 0:05:24.000,0:05:27.360 that are in different times and space in 0:05:26.240,0:05:29.360 their career 0:05:27.360,0:05:31.440 and also have different experiences from 0:05:29.360,0:05:33.759 each other i don’t want them all to look 0:05:31.440,0:05:35.199 walk talk and think alike i don’t want 0:05:33.759,0:05:36.800 the same haircut from each 0:05:35.199,0:05:38.080 and the reason is i want to get 0:05:36.800,0:05:38.560 something different from each one of 0:05:38.080,0:05:41.199 them 0:05:38.560,0:05:42.720 because as i came up the the ranks i was 0:05:41.199,0:05:44.639 only privy to 0:05:42.720,0:05:46.639 maybe one or two along the way in my 0:05:44.639,0:05:48.800 career and unfortunately 0:05:46.639,0:05:50.800 they both thought the same so when i got 0:05:48.800,0:05:52.400 to the level of being able to mentor 0:05:50.800,0:05:53.919 the first thing i did was i went to 0:05:52.400,0:05:55.280 recollection and said 0:05:53.919,0:05:57.759 wow the things that they told me no 0:05:55.280,0:05:58.560 longer apply today so how can i do this 0:05:57.759,0:06:00.160 differently 0:05:58.560,0:06:02.800 and what i’ll again what i always tell 0:06:00.160,0:06:06.160 people is get a multiplicity 0:06:02.800,0:06:06.639 of mentors and with that i’d like to 0:06:06.160,0:06:09.360 actually 0:06:06.639,0:06:11.199 ask stephanie a question because when i 0:06:09.360,0:06:13.039 started my consulting career 0:06:11.199,0:06:15.440 my first mentor the first person i 0:06:13.039,0:06:17.440 reached out to before i had a logo 0:06:15.440,0:06:19.680 before i had a business account 0:06:17.440,0:06:21.039 was you stephanie and the reason is i 0:06:19.680,0:06:21.840 watch what you have done over your 0:06:21.039,0:06:24.560 career 0:06:21.840,0:06:26.240 of starting in a hands-on position and 0:06:24.560,0:06:27.759 working your way especially as a female 0:06:26.240,0:06:30.160 up that difficult path 0:06:27.759,0:06:31.759 to where you sit today as a director and 0:06:30.160,0:06:33.199 i’d love to get both yours and when 0:06:31.759,0:06:35.759 you’re done then cynthia 0:06:33.199,0:06:38.000 your both of your definitions of 0:06:35.759,0:06:38.560 mentorship and how that’s impacted your 0:06:38.000,0:06:42.000 careers 0:06:38.560,0:06:42.479 and you personal yeah i i would say i’ve 0:06:42.000,0:06:45.360 had 0:06:42.479,0:06:47.360 um quite a few different mentors in my 0:06:45.360,0:06:49.360 career along the way as i said i started 0:06:47.360,0:06:52.560 my career as an electrician in the field 0:06:49.360,0:06:54.240 i ended my operational career as a 0:06:52.560,0:06:55.680 corporate level position as a director 0:06:54.240,0:06:56.319 of pre-construction services and i’ve 0:06:55.680,0:06:59.120 done 0:06:56.319,0:07:00.720 everything in between so um there have 0:06:59.120,0:07:02.080 been many mentors and i will share with 0:07:00.720,0:07:04.479 you there’s also mentors 0:07:02.080,0:07:06.160 that you feel are bad role models along 0:07:04.479,0:07:09.280 the way but they teach you 0:07:06.160,0:07:11.120 as much about what not to do um as 0:07:09.280,0:07:12.800 as they teach you what to do right and 0:07:11.120,0:07:15.039 so you know i 0:07:12.800,0:07:17.360 feel like there’s a learning opportunity 0:07:15.039,0:07:18.000 from almost everyone you come in contact 0:07:17.360,0:07:20.560 with 0:07:18.000,0:07:21.280 but i do honestly feel that there is a 0:07:20.560,0:07:23.759 huge difference 0:07:21.280,0:07:25.199 between those that mentored me and those 0:07:23.759,0:07:28.479 who sponsored me those are 0:07:25.199,0:07:30.080 two very different concepts in my mind 0:07:28.479,0:07:32.400 mentorship was all about teaching me 0:07:30.080,0:07:36.000 what they knew sponsorship 0:07:32.400,0:07:39.199 was removing my own self-doubts and my 0:07:36.000,0:07:40.639 own insecurities and lifting the cap off 0:07:39.199,0:07:43.840 of where i could go 0:07:40.639,0:07:46.400 which enabled me to reach destinations i 0:07:43.840,0:07:48.720 never thought was possible and i i think 0:07:46.400,0:07:49.520 um i i thank god for each one of those 0:07:48.720,0:07:51.039 people 0:07:49.520,0:07:52.879 um what they taught me to do and what 0:07:51.039,0:07:55.440 they taught me not to do 0:07:52.879,0:07:57.599 um but most importantly what i learned 0:07:55.440,0:07:59.039 no matter what business you’re in 0:07:57.599,0:08:01.360 and i’m in the construction industry 0:07:59.039,0:08:03.120 clearly it’s a people business 0:08:01.360,0:08:04.879 and enabling people to do the right 0:08:03.120,0:08:06.160 things and build their careers and feel 0:08:04.879,0:08:09.280 great about it and 0:08:06.160,0:08:10.800 influence other people um that those are 0:08:09.280,0:08:12.879 just things we’re starting to talk about 0:08:10.800,0:08:14.000 in my industry and i’m i’m very very 0:08:12.879,0:08:15.520 proud of that because 0:08:14.000,0:08:17.520 you know we thought well we build things 0:08:15.520,0:08:18.160 and get paid that’s not true we mentor 0:08:17.520,0:08:20.400 people 0:08:18.160,0:08:21.840 and we lead people and when we enable 0:08:20.400,0:08:23.520 greatness from them 0:08:21.840,0:08:25.840 there’s no limit to what they can 0:08:23.520,0:08:26.879 achieve and there are a lot of folks 0:08:25.840,0:08:29.840 along the way 0:08:26.879,0:08:31.440 um rod and yourself included you and i 0:08:29.840,0:08:32.479 have gone back and forth many times in 0:08:31.440,0:08:34.719 our careers 0:08:32.479,0:08:36.320 um about what to do and what not to do 0:08:34.719,0:08:38.159 and you know those people 0:08:36.320,0:08:40.159 are just priceless and that personal 0:08:38.159,0:08:41.760 board of directors that’s everything 0:08:40.159,0:08:43.360 that is everything and being able to 0:08:41.760,0:08:45.279 remove the obstacles in your path and 0:08:43.360,0:08:46.959 and to achieve 0:08:45.279,0:08:48.640 i think the great thing about both the 0:08:46.959,0:08:50.720 the mentor and the sponsorship piece 0:08:48.640,0:08:51.920 is that if you’re willing to sit in both 0:08:50.720,0:08:53.519 of those chairs 0:08:51.920,0:08:56.240 there is no limit to what you’re able to 0:08:53.519,0:08:59.680 learn and and i’ll pivot quickly to 0:08:56.240,0:09:01.680 you first of all i am just in awe 0:08:59.680,0:09:03.279 of the things that you have been able to 0:09:01.680,0:09:06.160 achieve in your career 0:09:03.279,0:09:07.519 and being able to to sit in the big 0:09:06.160,0:09:08.720 chair where you sit today in your 0:09:07.519,0:09:11.279 organization 0:09:08.720,0:09:13.519 doesn’t happen by happenstance it 0:09:11.279,0:09:15.360 doesn’t happen by luck or hope 0:09:13.519,0:09:17.440 and it certainly doesn’t happen by 0:09:15.360,0:09:18.240 accident i would love to find out from 0:09:17.440,0:09:20.560 you 0:09:18.240,0:09:22.000 how mentors have impacted you as you 0:09:20.560,0:09:24.000 were coming up the ranks 0:09:22.000,0:09:26.480 from the the sales to where you sit 0:09:24.000,0:09:28.800 today in a leadership position 0:09:26.480,0:09:30.240 and one quick ad to that if you were 0:09:28.800,0:09:30.959 able to do something different based 0:09:30.240,0:09:32.720 upon 0:09:30.959,0:09:35.279 information that you didn’t take from a 0:09:32.720,0:09:37.760 mentor what would it be 0:09:35.279,0:09:38.640 first thank you for the kind words you 0:09:37.760,0:09:40.240 are um 0:09:38.640,0:09:42.080 truly one of my greatest cheerleaders 0:09:40.240,0:09:45.200 and i’m so grateful 0:09:42.080,0:09:47.279 um let’s see mentors have been mentors 0:09:45.200,0:09:50.720 and sponsors have been 0:09:47.279,0:09:53.839 crucial to my success and i think that 0:09:50.720,0:09:57.120 um it’s imperative that we 0:09:53.839,0:10:00.000 define what a mentor is and what a 0:09:57.120,0:10:03.200 sponsor is and what they are not 0:10:00.000,0:10:04.079 we run an awsp runs mentor mondays and i 0:10:03.200,0:10:07.839 always stress 0:10:04.079,0:10:08.560 with my attendees mentors and sponsors 0:10:07.839,0:10:11.440 are different 0:10:08.560,0:10:12.320 you look for a mentor and you work with 0:10:11.440,0:10:15.040 a mentor 0:10:12.320,0:10:16.720 you do not look for a sponsor a sponsor 0:10:15.040,0:10:19.680 finds you 0:10:16.720,0:10:21.920 and also along the lines of mentors you 0:10:19.680,0:10:23.360 should never be in a mentor-mentee 0:10:21.920,0:10:23.920 relationship with someone who has a 0:10:23.360,0:10:26.399 direct 0:10:23.920,0:10:27.680 impact on your career or the trajectory 0:10:26.399,0:10:30.800 of your career 0:10:27.680,0:10:32.000 because in a good mentor-mentee 0:10:30.800,0:10:34.800 relationship you it’s 0:10:32.000,0:10:35.279 transparent you have an open dialogue 0:10:34.800,0:10:38.320 you can 0:10:35.279,0:10:39.279 share things and if that person is in a 0:10:38.320,0:10:43.040 position 0:10:39.279,0:10:44.399 to hire you fire you or has the ear of 0:10:43.040,0:10:46.240 someone that can 0:10:44.399,0:10:48.480 that could be detrimental to your 0:10:46.240,0:10:52.160 success whatever that looks like 0:10:48.480,0:10:55.279 so one thing that i have learned is 0:10:52.160,0:10:57.839 do not for do not choose people 0:10:55.279,0:10:59.200 in your your board of directors that can 0:10:57.839,0:11:02.720 hire or fire you 0:10:59.200,0:11:03.279 as a mentor it just it’s bad bad bad bad 0:11:02.720,0:11:06.720 bad 0:11:03.279,0:11:09.200 and another thing that i learned is that 0:11:06.720,0:11:10.240 traditionally mentorship has been this 0:11:09.200,0:11:13.360 informal 0:11:10.240,0:11:16.399 long drawn out process 0:11:13.360,0:11:19.760 what if we redefined mentorship and said 0:11:16.399,0:11:23.360 that it happens to be i need 0:11:19.760,0:11:26.560 advice on xyz i may or may not 0:11:23.360,0:11:27.760 work with you for a whole year i may 0:11:26.560,0:11:29.760 just get that question 0:11:27.760,0:11:32.399 answered because you are where i want to 0:11:29.760,0:11:35.600 be and then i’m done with you 0:11:32.399,0:11:38.480 so don’t be so rigid on the mentorship 0:11:35.600,0:11:39.120 mentee role just get your questions 0:11:38.480,0:11:40.959 answered 0:11:39.120,0:11:45.040 and you can take what you want and leave 0:11:40.959,0:11:45.040 the rest and find somebody new tomorrow 0:11:46.880,0:11:49.920 absolutely and i think you make a very 0:11:49.040,0:11:51.519 valid point 0:11:49.920,0:11:53.360 and it’s something i left out in my 0:11:51.519,0:11:54.800 explanation earlier so thank you for 0:11:53.360,0:11:58.320 touching on and that is 0:11:54.800,0:12:01.920 um you find you search 0:11:58.320,0:12:05.040 and research and you connect with 0:12:01.920,0:12:06.720 a mentor that’s an easier part not easy 0:12:05.040,0:12:09.839 but easier 0:12:06.720,0:12:10.480 you can’t find and even nominate a 0:12:09.839,0:12:13.360 sponsor 0:12:10.480,0:12:13.680 because to me a sponsor generally and 0:12:13.360,0:12:16.560 i’ll 0:12:13.680,0:12:17.360 speak for myself when i am in a position 0:12:16.560,0:12:19.279 to sponsor 0:12:17.360,0:12:20.480 an individual or individual it’s because 0:12:19.279,0:12:23.040 of one of two things 0:12:20.480,0:12:25.440 either a i see a lot of myself younger 0:12:23.040,0:12:28.639 in them and they are far more advanced 0:12:25.440,0:12:29.120 than where i ever were at that point or 0:12:28.639,0:12:32.240 two 0:12:29.120,0:12:34.240 i see an opportunity to push them 0:12:32.240,0:12:36.240 well beyond where i’ve ever achieved and 0:12:34.240,0:12:38.079 i always say allow me to be the floor 0:12:36.240,0:12:39.600 not the ceiling when i’m talking to 0:12:38.079,0:12:40.720 people that i’m sponsoring and what i 0:12:39.600,0:12:42.880 mean by that is 0:12:40.720,0:12:44.560 you’ve got an opportunity to excel 0:12:42.880,0:12:47.040 either personally or professionally 0:12:44.560,0:12:48.880 well beyond anywhere that i’ve ever been 0:12:47.040,0:12:51.120 all is required right now 0:12:48.880,0:12:52.560 is someone to smooth off the rough edges 0:12:51.120,0:12:54.000 these people are diamonds and they may 0:12:52.560,0:12:56.240 not even realize it 0:12:54.000,0:12:57.839 and look they’ve come from the coal 0:12:56.240,0:12:58.320 stage they’ve moved into the diamond 0:12:57.839,0:13:00.240 stage 0:12:58.320,0:13:02.160 they just need someone to polish it up 0:13:00.240,0:13:03.440 and that’s what a sponsor does 0:13:02.160,0:13:04.959 john i’ll turn it back to you i was 0:13:03.440,0:13:06.720 going to say so many amazing things that 0:13:04.959,0:13:08.959 i want to come back to and unpeel just a 0:13:06.720,0:13:11.440 little bit more but before we do 0:13:08.959,0:13:13.200 you know tamara what do you think about 0:13:11.440,0:13:13.839 you know the sponsorship side of the 0:13:13.200,0:13:16.000 world 0:13:13.839,0:13:18.560 or the mentorship as well and what’s 0:13:16.000,0:13:20.880 your take on what you’ve heard so far 0:13:18.560,0:13:22.000 i mean i i really agree with everything 0:13:20.880,0:13:23.920 that’s been said i think that 0:13:22.000,0:13:26.000 distinction between mentoring being 0:13:23.920,0:13:28.000 something usually you seek out they’re 0:13:26.000,0:13:29.040 there more as like coaches or problem 0:13:28.000,0:13:31.200 solvers 0:13:29.040,0:13:33.279 they can be in your organization or out 0:13:31.200,0:13:35.120 and certainly as cynthia rightly said 0:13:33.279,0:13:37.519 you know in your organization 0:13:35.120,0:13:38.720 can be can be tricky because we often 0:13:37.519,0:13:41.600 look for people that are 0:13:38.720,0:13:42.959 in our same category of job type so they 0:13:41.600,0:13:44.800 either are a competition 0:13:42.959,0:13:46.560 or a boss or someone who is strongly 0:13:44.800,0:13:49.760 influencing where our career can go 0:13:46.560,0:13:50.320 and that makes it quite tough and and i 0:13:49.760,0:13:51.839 think 0:13:50.320,0:13:53.440 you know again they we talked about 0:13:51.839,0:13:56.160 sponsors and 0:13:53.440,0:13:57.040 er you know the company on this call has 0:13:56.160,0:13:59.360 just said 0:13:57.040,0:14:00.560 oh everything that i could have said 0:13:59.360,0:14:01.360 even better than i could have said it 0:14:00.560,0:14:03.360 right it’s 0:14:01.360,0:14:05.839 someone using their power on your behalf 0:14:03.360,0:14:06.160 and i suppose if anyone’s listening to 0:14:05.839,0:14:08.399 this 0:14:06.160,0:14:10.240 conversation that would be every one of 0:14:08.399,0:14:12.720 our opportunities to just 0:14:10.240,0:14:13.600 really you know to be a songbird for the 0:14:12.720,0:14:16.639 people around 0:14:13.600,0:14:18.399 us that that we see have talent that 0:14:16.639,0:14:20.160 maybe are getting overlooked or aren’t 0:14:18.399,0:14:21.199 even coming into the conversation you 0:14:20.160,0:14:24.240 know just showcase 0:14:21.199,0:14:26.480 their contributions i certainly 0:14:24.240,0:14:27.760 you know i think the sad thing about 0:14:26.480,0:14:30.800 mentoring in a way 0:14:27.760,0:14:33.040 is you know i’ve been in business 0:14:30.800,0:14:34.639 far too long and in leadership you know 0:14:33.040,0:14:37.600 quite a long time 0:14:34.639,0:14:38.480 um it and it doesn’t work to solve the 0:14:37.600,0:14:40.160 problem that 0:14:38.480,0:14:41.760 we’re on this call to talk about which 0:14:40.160,0:14:44.959 is how do we create 0:14:41.760,0:14:47.600 equality and belonging and inclusion 0:14:44.959,0:14:48.800 and and mentoring whilst it can uphill 0:14:47.600,0:14:51.760 people or give them 0:14:48.800,0:14:52.399 some tactics for situations it’s not 0:14:51.760,0:14:54.880 really going to 0:14:52.399,0:14:56.000 get them that next opportunity in a 0:14:54.880,0:14:57.680 significant way 0:14:56.000,0:14:59.360 it may help them in the interview but 0:14:57.680,0:15:01.040 but how they even get 0:14:59.360,0:15:03.600 brought into the interview that is where 0:15:01.040,0:15:05.519 sponsorship happens it’s where 0:15:03.600,0:15:07.440 someone is gone and advocated on your 0:15:05.519,0:15:08.320 behalf and and by the way we don’t have 0:15:07.440,0:15:10.320 to do it just 0:15:08.320,0:15:12.639 in our businesses we can do it in you 0:15:10.320,0:15:13.519 know associations organizations within 0:15:12.639,0:15:16.160 our network 0:15:13.519,0:15:17.279 there’s lots of ways that we can become 0:15:16.160,0:15:20.079 sponsors for 0:15:17.279,0:15:20.800 others and you know the best thing about 0:15:20.079,0:15:24.079 doing that 0:15:20.800,0:15:26.160 is i think how much we receive um 0:15:24.079,0:15:27.839 in terms of helping to showcase other 0:15:26.160,0:15:29.839 people and and it 0:15:27.839,0:15:31.440 it’s just the right thing to do you know 0:15:29.839,0:15:32.880 i mean the world’s a better place when 0:15:31.440,0:15:34.079 we make sure that the people who have 0:15:32.880,0:15:35.920 something to give 0:15:34.079,0:15:37.440 are put in a place where they can 0:15:35.920,0:15:39.279 contribute well 0:15:37.440,0:15:42.160 and we’re just wasting each other when 0:15:39.279,0:15:44.000 we don’t do that so um 0:15:42.160,0:15:46.000 like everybody here i i’m really 0:15:44.000,0:15:47.759 passionate about it and i know that 0:15:46.000,0:15:49.519 there’s a lot of opportunities for me to 0:15:47.759,0:15:53.040 do a better job at it 0:15:49.519,0:15:55.120 i love that i love that and i think that 0:15:53.040,0:15:57.680 we all have to remember 0:15:55.120,0:15:58.160 that each one of us regardless of race 0:15:57.680,0:16:02.320 class 0:15:58.160,0:16:04.720 color creed sexual orientation has 0:16:02.320,0:16:06.720 an element of privilege that someone 0:16:04.720,0:16:10.480 else doesn’t have 0:16:06.720,0:16:11.199 so who are we to number one hold on to 0:16:10.480,0:16:14.800 it 0:16:11.199,0:16:18.880 and not give it back to someone else 0:16:14.800,0:16:22.000 to help someone else rise up there’s 0:16:18.880,0:16:23.839 people are so afraid of well if i 0:16:22.000,0:16:25.839 help you then it’s going to take away 0:16:23.839,0:16:28.800 from me no 0:16:25.839,0:16:31.440 that’s not how it works a closed fist 0:16:28.800,0:16:33.759 can’t receive so if you want to get more 0:16:31.440,0:16:35.680 you have to give more and if you are in 0:16:33.759,0:16:38.560 a mentor mentee relationship 0:16:35.680,0:16:39.680 as the mentor you’ve got to demand that 0:16:38.560,0:16:42.320 your mentee 0:16:39.680,0:16:43.199 mentor someone else because you can’t 0:16:42.320,0:16:46.000 rise up 0:16:43.199,0:16:47.360 unless you reach back agreed that’s 0:16:46.000,0:16:51.839 absolutely right 0:16:47.360,0:16:51.839 i absolutely love it 0:16:52.240,0:16:55.279 and the staff will tell you when we 0:16:53.360,0:16:55.920 talked about mentoring it’s one of the 0:16:55.279,0:16:58.079 tenants 0:16:55.920,0:16:59.120 that is mandatory when i i take on a 0:16:58.079,0:17:01.759 mentor which 0:16:59.120,0:17:03.839 invariably most of the time turns into a 0:17:01.759,0:17:05.600 sponsorship relationship and that is 0:17:03.839,0:17:08.000 it’s now incumbent upon you 0:17:05.600,0:17:08.720 to take what you’re learning and what 0:17:08.000,0:17:10.959 works 0:17:08.720,0:17:11.919 go with what doesn’t leave behind but 0:17:10.959,0:17:13.520 you must 0:17:11.919,0:17:15.120 go and share this with someone else and 0:17:13.520,0:17:17.520 i love seeing that you brought up 0:17:15.120,0:17:18.880 the crab mentality and that is i can’t 0:17:17.520,0:17:20.160 let you out of the bucket because i’m 0:17:18.880,0:17:21.839 afraid you’ll forget me and you won’t 0:17:20.160,0:17:24.160 come back and reach to get me 0:17:21.839,0:17:25.839 instead what if we change that around 0:17:24.160,0:17:26.799 and said when you get out go become 0:17:25.839,0:17:28.720 successful 0:17:26.799,0:17:30.240 and i know you won’t forget me then come 0:17:28.720,0:17:31.200 back and then it’s my turn to go and 0:17:30.240,0:17:33.039 pull someone else 0:17:31.200,0:17:34.960 in and i think steph that is the one 0:17:33.039,0:17:37.280 thing about you that i am so 0:17:34.960,0:17:38.400 incredibly impressed by is the fact that 0:17:37.280,0:17:40.400 you have taken 0:17:38.400,0:17:41.919 those difficult times of being a female 0:17:40.400,0:17:44.559 in a male dominated 0:17:41.919,0:17:46.799 world and there’s no surprise there and 0:17:44.559,0:17:48.320 you could have easily folded and flopped 0:17:46.799,0:17:50.559 but instead you said you know what i’m 0:17:48.320,0:17:53.600 not going to do that i’m going to become 0:17:50.559,0:17:55.520 that female mentor that i did not have 0:17:53.600,0:17:56.640 i’m going to be that person that doesn’t 0:17:55.520,0:17:58.960 look like everyone else 0:17:56.640,0:18:01.120 and i don’t mean to outdo the boys and 0:17:58.960,0:18:03.760 make it better be better than them 0:18:01.120,0:18:04.960 but to show that you belong here because 0:18:03.760,0:18:06.960 you’ve earned this 0:18:04.960,0:18:08.320 not because you deserve it but because 0:18:06.960,0:18:09.679 you’re willing to put in the work and 0:18:08.320,0:18:11.760 make it happen 0:18:09.679,0:18:13.840 how is that working out for you now for 0:18:11.760,0:18:16.080 those that are coming behind you steph 0:18:13.840,0:18:17.280 well let me let me share a story with 0:18:16.080,0:18:19.200 you guys and i think you’ll 0:18:17.280,0:18:20.559 you’ll probably find this humorous and 0:18:19.200,0:18:21.679 maybe a little bit sad i’m not sure 0:18:20.559,0:18:23.679 which 0:18:21.679,0:18:25.360 when my youngest daughter was very young 0:18:23.679,0:18:27.600 she came to me and she said 0:18:25.360,0:18:29.760 um i’m going to go into construction 0:18:27.600,0:18:32.000 just like my mama 0:18:29.760,0:18:33.840 and she was pretty young and i was still 0:18:32.000,0:18:35.280 in that career building stage and 0:18:33.840,0:18:38.799 honestly 0:18:35.280,0:18:41.360 i discouraged it i discouraged it 0:18:38.799,0:18:42.240 and um yes things were different thank 0:18:41.360,0:18:44.400 goodness 0:18:42.240,0:18:46.480 um they’re progressing well but i 0:18:44.400,0:18:50.000 discouraged a person who would have done 0:18:46.480,0:18:52.080 phenomenally well in my industry because 0:18:50.000,0:18:55.360 those struggles were still very real 0:18:52.080,0:18:56.240 and very very difficult um i use them as 0:18:55.360,0:18:57.919 fuel 0:18:56.240,0:18:59.760 and it took me a long time to get the 0:18:57.919,0:19:01.760 maturity to do that roderick you and i 0:18:59.760,0:19:05.120 have had a lot of these conversations 0:19:01.760,0:19:07.120 and um and i feel like it’s my because i 0:19:05.120,0:19:08.799 i made that choice and granted she has 0:19:07.120,0:19:10.960 found her passion and it’s wonderful and 0:19:08.799,0:19:13.039 she’s extremely happy 0:19:10.960,0:19:14.400 but i wanted to make sure that my impact 0:19:13.039,0:19:16.320 going forward was not 0:19:14.400,0:19:18.559 just mentorship and i agree with you i 0:19:16.320,0:19:21.840 think mentorship is so valuable 0:19:18.559,0:19:22.960 but my driving i guess ambition from 0:19:21.840,0:19:24.559 that point forward 0:19:22.960,0:19:26.240 was to create an environment where 0:19:24.559,0:19:28.640 people wanted to be part of this 0:19:26.240,0:19:30.960 industry because it was open to them 0:19:28.640,0:19:32.480 and there were people like me that would 0:19:30.960,0:19:35.200 step in on their behalf and 0:19:32.480,0:19:35.840 half and say yes you can and i’ll show 0:19:35.200,0:19:37.360 you 0:19:35.840,0:19:39.440 and then i’m gonna help you pave this 0:19:37.360,0:19:40.720 way if it’s what you want to do we’re 0:19:39.440,0:19:43.280 going to make sure that you have 0:19:40.720,0:19:44.880 every single opportunity afforded to you 0:19:43.280,0:19:45.919 um and i almost feel like that was a 0:19:44.880,0:19:47.840 reflex from 0:19:45.919,0:19:50.000 from that conversation so many years ago 0:19:47.840,0:19:52.640 to my own daughter saying yeah 0:19:50.000,0:19:53.760 why don’t you pick something else and um 0:19:52.640,0:19:55.679 i and again i use 0:19:53.760,0:19:57.120 most of those things that that are life 0:19:55.679,0:19:59.520 lessons as fuel and 0:19:57.120,0:20:01.120 and that was one of them so i’ve kind of 0:19:59.520,0:20:04.320 flipped the switch and 0:20:01.120,0:20:06.960 um you know made sure that you know 0:20:04.320,0:20:07.600 inclusion and belonging and opportunity 0:20:06.960,0:20:10.240 are all 0:20:07.600,0:20:11.360 mixed um for for the people who have 0:20:10.240,0:20:15.280 that desire and 0:20:11.360,0:20:16.960 and want to make that happen again 0:20:15.280,0:20:18.720 and we learn how not to sorry go ahead 0:20:16.960,0:20:20.400 john no no i was going to say 0:20:18.720,0:20:22.240 what a powerful story i thought that was 0:20:20.400,0:20:23.840 stephanie you know um 0:20:22.240,0:20:26.080 we’ve all had those moments with our 0:20:23.840,0:20:26.640 kids where we sometimes want to protect 0:20:26.080,0:20:29.120 them 0:20:26.640,0:20:29.919 whether it’s a career or something else 0:20:29.120,0:20:33.120 so it’s a very 0:20:29.919,0:20:34.880 understandable situation how do you 0:20:33.120,0:20:38.320 determine though 0:20:34.880,0:20:40.159 who’s worthy of your sponsorship and i 0:20:38.320,0:20:43.360 intentionally said the word worthy 0:20:40.159,0:20:45.840 because you’re asking you’re going to 0:20:43.360,0:20:48.080 give something very real of your time 0:20:45.840,0:20:49.520 of your support how do you start to 0:20:48.080,0:20:50.960 determine if you’re someone out there 0:20:49.520,0:20:53.520 thinking geez i want to do 0:20:50.960,0:20:54.400 more how do you start to determine who’s 0:20:53.520,0:20:56.640 worthy 0:20:54.400,0:20:58.320 of your sponsorship and i’m throwing 0:20:56.640,0:20:59.760 that out to the to all of you 0:20:58.320,0:21:02.000 yeah i don’t even know if it’s i i 0:20:59.760,0:21:04.000 wouldn’t even call it it’s worthy i’ve i 0:21:02.000,0:21:06.320 want someone who has a deep burning 0:21:04.000,0:21:07.760 desire to do something different 0:21:06.320,0:21:09.440 and that they want to learn and they 0:21:07.760,0:21:09.840 want to achieve and and frankly if 0:21:09.440,0:21:11.600 they’re 0:21:09.840,0:21:13.280 open to learning and they’re passionate 0:21:11.600,0:21:14.559 about doing something 0:21:13.280,0:21:17.039 and they’re ready to put the energy 0:21:14.559,0:21:19.039 behind it i am right there with him 0:21:17.039,0:21:21.360 i am right there with him and i get so 0:21:19.039,0:21:23.840 excited about watching people 0:21:21.360,0:21:25.679 change and remove those obstacles out 0:21:23.840,0:21:27.760 from in front of themselves and 0:21:25.679,0:21:29.520 yeah i mean us as sponsors and mentors 0:21:27.760,0:21:31.520 we allow that to happen we teach them 0:21:29.520,0:21:33.200 better skills to be able to do that 0:21:31.520,0:21:34.960 but frankly it’s up to them whether or 0:21:33.200,0:21:36.880 not whether or not they succeed we just 0:21:34.960,0:21:38.720 sort of pave the path for them 0:21:36.880,0:21:40.400 and and give them some maybe life 0:21:38.720,0:21:41.039 coaching that of things we didn’t learn 0:21:40.400,0:21:43.120 until 0:21:41.039,0:21:44.640 10 or 15 years down the path and where 0:21:43.120,0:21:46.960 they are right now 0:21:44.640,0:21:48.400 um but i don’t think it’s worthy i think 0:21:46.960,0:21:51.840 it’s if someone brings the positive 0:21:48.400,0:21:51.840 energy to the table and they want it 0:21:52.000,0:21:55.679 i’m in thank god i’m glad you schooled 0:21:54.159,0:21:57.039 me about worthy because i felt like it 0:21:55.679,0:21:58.000 was a terrible word but i couldn’t come 0:21:57.039,0:22:00.159 up with a better one 0:21:58.000,0:22:01.360 tamara i might well i guess i was gonna 0:22:00.159,0:22:04.240 say i mean i 0:22:01.360,0:22:04.640 i wonder if if the way we want to look 0:22:04.240,0:22:07.919 at it 0:22:04.640,0:22:11.120 is um as a finite thing 0:22:07.919,0:22:14.080 that we decide who we’re gonna sponsor 0:22:11.120,0:22:16.640 i mean i might go so far as to suggest i 0:22:14.080,0:22:18.799 think sponsorship is a mindset 0:22:16.640,0:22:20.960 it’s about always looking for the 0:22:18.799,0:22:21.919 opportunity to sing the praises of 0:22:20.960,0:22:23.919 capable people 0:22:21.919,0:22:25.840 who are destined for more and 0:22:23.919,0:22:27.600 particularly paying attention to those 0:22:25.840,0:22:28.640 people who aren’t naturally going to be 0:22:27.600,0:22:30.720 noticed 0:22:28.640,0:22:31.919 you know i mean and i think if that 0:22:30.720,0:22:34.559 becomes how you 0:22:31.919,0:22:36.799 operate who wouldn’t you give 0:22:34.559,0:22:38.080 sponsorship to i mean i think that’s 0:22:36.799,0:22:40.000 i think that’s what human beings should 0:22:38.080,0:22:42.640 be doing we should be promoting 0:22:40.000,0:22:44.240 and putting ahead people who have 0:22:42.640,0:22:46.240 capabilities and whose you know 0:22:44.240,0:22:48.240 full potential is not being tapped into 0:22:46.240,0:22:50.559 and the purpose of this conversation of 0:22:48.240,0:22:53.679 course is that we must recognize 0:22:50.559,0:22:55.679 that some get sponsorship naturally or 0:22:53.679,0:22:57.600 through the environment or have natural 0:22:55.679,0:22:59.120 advantages that others don’t so we we 0:22:57.600,0:23:01.280 want to attend 0:22:59.120,0:23:03.919 to where sponsorship’s not happening and 0:23:01.280,0:23:06.799 be very intentional about that but 0:23:03.919,0:23:07.120 i’d like to try and sponsor anyone who i 0:23:06.799,0:23:09.600 see 0:23:07.120,0:23:11.600 has as stephanie said you know the drive 0:23:09.600,0:23:13.679 the capability 0:23:11.600,0:23:15.039 why not i think there’s a lot more 0:23:13.679,0:23:17.280 performers out there 0:23:15.039,0:23:19.679 than we recognize in our businesses 0:23:17.280,0:23:19.679 today 0:23:20.000,0:23:24.880 why should the top 1 is amazing i’d love 0:23:22.400,0:23:26.159 to help everybody get there right but 0:23:24.880,0:23:27.919 there’s other people that they could 0:23:26.159,0:23:29.919 make awesome contributions so that that 0:23:27.919,0:23:31.840 would be my thinking but uh 0:23:29.919,0:23:33.679 i don’t know if everybody agrees i love 0:23:31.840,0:23:34.080 that i love that and i think that we 0:23:33.679,0:23:37.440 should 0:23:34.080,0:23:39.679 also open our paradigm to 0:23:37.440,0:23:41.440 sponsoring and mentoring those that 0:23:39.679,0:23:43.360 don’t look like us 0:23:41.440,0:23:44.880 when i first got into sponsorship and 0:23:43.360,0:23:45.679 mentorship and i said you know what i 0:23:44.880,0:23:49.279 want to help 0:23:45.679,0:23:51.440 all of the young black women achieve the 0:23:49.279,0:23:54.880 top one percent just like i did 0:23:51.440,0:23:58.080 and then i realized that 0:23:54.880,0:23:59.840 men need my sponsorship and my 0:23:58.080,0:24:02.960 mentorship as well 0:23:59.840,0:24:04.400 and i say that because they’re in a in a 0:24:02.960,0:24:06.960 traditional 0:24:04.400,0:24:07.520 b2b sales role it’s typically stale male 0:24:06.960,0:24:10.720 and pale 0:24:07.520,0:24:12.720 right so when i sponsor 0:24:10.720,0:24:14.480 no offense john yeah yeah no no it’s 0:24:12.720,0:24:18.080 okay i’m pale i’m 0:24:14.480,0:24:21.200 stale and i’m male so yeah what i meant 0:24:18.080,0:24:21.440 for someone who doesn’t look like me i 0:24:21.200,0:24:25.120 am 0:24:21.440,0:24:26.240 exposing them to all that i have to 0:24:25.120,0:24:29.279 offer 0:24:26.240,0:24:30.559 and and the lens through which if they 0:24:29.279,0:24:34.000 grew up in 0:24:30.559,0:24:37.200 a very narrow minded 0:24:34.000,0:24:40.000 culture which a lot of tech 0:24:37.200,0:24:40.960 companies are led by people who have a 0:24:40.000,0:24:43.039 very narrow 0:24:40.960,0:24:44.000 you know they grew up in in one 0:24:43.039,0:24:46.240 demographic 0:24:44.000,0:24:47.919 and that’s all they see now when they’re 0:24:46.240,0:24:49.520 exposed to someone like me 0:24:47.919,0:24:51.440 they say things like oh you’re so 0:24:49.520,0:24:52.880 articulate and i have to come back to 0:24:51.440,0:24:55.039 them and say do you realize how 0:24:52.880,0:24:59.120 offensive that is 0:24:55.039,0:25:02.559 so the lens through which they look 0:24:59.120,0:25:03.840 has to be changed and there’s no better 0:25:02.559,0:25:06.559 person to 0:25:03.840,0:25:07.919 help amplify the goodness of those that 0:25:06.559,0:25:11.039 don’t look like them 0:25:07.919,0:25:12.640 than me right yeah that’s amazing but 0:25:11.039,0:25:14.000 what a brilliant way of saying it and 0:25:12.640,0:25:17.120 i’ll share my own personal story 0:25:14.000,0:25:20.480 i grew up in vermont back in the 19 0:25:17.120,0:25:22.960 jesus i was born in mid-60s and you know 0:25:20.480,0:25:26.240 there was the people that i grew up with 0:25:22.960,0:25:27.760 all looked and sounded exactly like me 0:25:26.240,0:25:30.000 and when i went to college i went to 0:25:27.760,0:25:31.440 college in boston massachusetts and all 0:25:30.000,0:25:32.799 sudden nobody 0:25:31.440,0:25:34.720 well not nobody but it was a very 0:25:32.799,0:25:35.600 different experience and it was culture 0:25:34.720,0:25:37.440 shock 0:25:35.600,0:25:39.760 and i think i’ve seen a lot of the same 0:25:37.440,0:25:41.600 in my high tech career 0:25:39.760,0:25:42.880 in the past a lot of people that look 0:25:41.600,0:25:46.000 and talk like me 0:25:42.880,0:25:47.279 and it’s way too common which is part of 0:25:46.000,0:25:48.559 the reason why i’m excited about this 0:25:47.279,0:25:50.320 and i’m excited about what you said 0:25:48.559,0:25:52.720 there too cynthia 0:25:50.320,0:25:54.080 let me just pivot a little bit how has 0:25:52.720,0:25:57.600 sponsorship 0:25:54.080,0:26:00.559 helped the people in this conversation 0:25:57.600,0:26:02.480 has sponsorship been given to you has it 0:26:00.559,0:26:05.360 helped you along your career 0:26:02.480,0:26:07.279 and if it has would you want to share a 0:26:05.360,0:26:11.039 story or two cynthia please 0:26:07.279,0:26:14.480 i recently pitched a fortune 10 company 0:26:11.039,0:26:18.480 on some sales training and 0:26:14.480,0:26:20.960 the my contact at this company said 0:26:18.480,0:26:22.799 do you realize that if i go to my boss 0:26:20.960,0:26:25.039 with this price that you gave me they 0:26:22.799,0:26:27.760 will laugh at you 0:26:25.039,0:26:28.720 i said really why and he said because it 0:26:27.760,0:26:31.840 is grossly 0:26:28.720,0:26:34.559 underpriced i said 0:26:31.840,0:26:36.000 what and he said how about we multiply 0:26:34.559,0:26:39.520 this times 4 0:26:36.000,0:26:40.559 and submit it he wasn’t an official 0:26:39.520,0:26:44.240 sponsor 0:26:40.559,0:26:47.360 but the fact that he was an advocate 0:26:44.240,0:26:49.919 for us for me 0:26:47.360,0:26:50.720 willing to take me aside and say okay 0:26:49.919,0:26:54.640 cynthia 0:26:50.720,0:26:57.200 this is not how the big dogs play 0:26:54.640,0:26:59.279 i mean that was that was mind-blowing to 0:26:57.200,0:27:00.240 me and the company took the took the 0:26:59.279,0:27:04.000 proposal 0:27:00.240,0:27:07.520 and and rubber stamped it no problem 0:27:04.000,0:27:10.080 but you have to open yourself up to 0:27:07.520,0:27:11.840 the goodness that people are willing to 0:27:10.080,0:27:14.960 give you 0:27:11.840,0:27:17.039 right what a wonderful story you can 0:27:14.960,0:27:20.159 only open yourself up to that goodness 0:27:17.039,0:27:23.200 if you are good in your intentions and 0:27:20.159,0:27:23.200 if you are giving back 0:27:24.000,0:27:28.480 wow i’m thinking i’m going to quadruple 0:27:26.559,0:27:29.760 every price i ever submit from now on 0:27:28.480,0:27:31.360 everybody out there 0:27:29.760,0:27:33.039 what about you stephanie i would do you 0:27:31.360,0:27:34.080 have any similar kinds of stories or 0:27:33.039,0:27:35.520 entirely different 0:27:34.080,0:27:37.039 you know i’m going to flip the lens on 0:27:35.520,0:27:38.480 this a little bit instead of me being 0:27:37.039,0:27:40.240 sponsored to mention i’m going to kind 0:27:38.480,0:27:43.679 of talk about an opportunity 0:27:40.240,0:27:45.520 that i that i found um we decided to 0:27:43.679,0:27:46.799 open a chapter it’s called ace mentoring 0:27:45.520,0:27:48.080 it’s architecture construction 0:27:46.799,0:27:49.520 engineering it’s an after 0:27:48.080,0:27:50.960 after school program for high school 0:27:49.520,0:27:51.679 students and we decided to open a 0:27:50.960,0:27:53.279 chapter 0:27:51.679,0:27:54.880 in central california where i used to 0:27:53.279,0:27:57.279 live um 0:27:54.880,0:27:58.640 and what we did is it was this program 0:27:57.279,0:28:01.679 and the first school that we ever 0:27:58.640,0:28:03.440 put it into that i sponsored um 0:28:01.679,0:28:05.279 was this little kermit high school it’s 0:28:03.440,0:28:07.679 a very rural school 0:28:05.279,0:28:09.279 um english is a second language for most 0:28:07.679,0:28:11.679 kids that attend there 0:28:09.279,0:28:12.799 um and so we brought this opportunity 0:28:11.679,0:28:15.279 unless you have 0:28:12.799,0:28:16.640 you know a parent or a family member in 0:28:15.279,0:28:17.440 construction this is not something you 0:28:16.640,0:28:20.240 would normally 0:28:17.440,0:28:21.200 even consider um but during the course 0:28:20.240,0:28:23.760 this year we taught the 0:28:21.200,0:28:24.480 this group of kids to design estimate 0:28:23.760,0:28:26.640 and p 0:28:24.480,0:28:27.679 pitch a design build construction 0:28:26.640,0:28:30.320 project 0:28:27.679,0:28:32.080 and in the course of this i watched our 0:28:30.320,0:28:33.360 our project architect and he was a 0:28:32.080,0:28:35.360 senior in high school and 0:28:33.360,0:28:37.039 he struggled with english and i watched 0:28:35.360,0:28:40.080 this child 0:28:37.039,0:28:42.480 blossom over the course of this year 0:28:40.080,0:28:44.640 and his ownership of the project and how 0:28:42.480,0:28:48.480 much how much pride he had this 0:28:44.640,0:28:50.640 and it was just that his openness to 0:28:48.480,0:28:51.679 learning and his true heart for oh my 0:28:50.640,0:28:54.000 gosh i can’t believe 0:28:51.679,0:28:55.919 anybody’s spending this much time and we 0:28:54.000,0:28:58.000 had a whole panel of mentors from 0:28:55.919,0:28:59.919 general contractors subcontractors like 0:28:58.000,0:29:01.360 myself and we had all these different 0:28:59.919,0:29:03.600 you know men and women working with 0:29:01.360,0:29:04.000 these kids and we watched these kids 0:29:03.600,0:29:07.120 just 0:29:04.000,0:29:10.320 blossom just because we were there 0:29:07.120,0:29:11.760 to give them some time and attention 0:29:10.320,0:29:14.240 to give them opportunities and career 0:29:11.760,0:29:16.720 they never even knew was open to them 0:29:14.240,0:29:18.480 we ended up placing every one of those 0:29:16.720,0:29:21.520 kids with scholarships 0:29:18.480,0:29:23.520 or with summer internships or jobs 0:29:21.520,0:29:25.360 and none of these kids were college 0:29:23.520,0:29:27.120 bound none 0:29:25.360,0:29:29.360 but every single one of them came out 0:29:27.120,0:29:34.000 with a career path and some energy 0:29:29.360,0:29:36.240 and some engagement and i will tell you 0:29:34.000,0:29:37.120 from a sponsorship period you know point 0:29:36.240,0:29:38.960 of view 0:29:37.120,0:29:40.559 there is no better way to spend your 0:29:38.960,0:29:42.559 time and i would not have 0:29:40.559,0:29:44.320 known if they were quote unquote worthy 0:29:42.559,0:29:46.080 or whatever until i actually 0:29:44.320,0:29:48.880 spent time saying what do you want to 0:29:46.080,0:29:50.480 learn you know what interests you 0:29:48.880,0:29:52.399 and once you have that opportunity and 0:29:50.480,0:29:54.720 you see that light bulb go off 0:29:52.399,0:29:55.919 there is no greater fuel for for right 0:29:54.720,0:29:57.840 here for your heart 0:29:55.919,0:29:59.840 and for your soul and then it just makes 0:29:57.840,0:30:00.559 you want to do that over and over and 0:29:59.840,0:30:03.200 over again 0:30:00.559,0:30:04.960 and so i feel like it’s everywhere 0:30:03.200,0:30:07.039 around us we just have to look 0:30:04.960,0:30:08.880 it we just have to open ourselves up to 0:30:07.039,0:30:10.880 what cynthia said you have to be open 0:30:08.880,0:30:12.399 to seeing that and open to doing that 0:30:10.880,0:30:15.360 and once once you are 0:30:12.399,0:30:17.440 in that mindset it will find you and you 0:30:15.360,0:30:19.840 will find it you’ll find the opportunity 0:30:17.440,0:30:20.559 absolutely and you know what stephanie 0:30:19.840,0:30:24.159 the 0:30:20.559,0:30:26.480 the reality is that we are only where we 0:30:24.159,0:30:27.679 are our position of influence and our 0:30:26.480,0:30:29.679 sphere of influence 0:30:27.679,0:30:30.720 because of the opportunities that we 0:30:29.679,0:30:33.919 have been afforded 0:30:30.720,0:30:37.200 throughout our life right absolutely 0:30:33.919,0:30:40.640 and if we had 0:30:37.200,0:30:43.520 one factor that was different maybe 0:30:40.640,0:30:44.399 a drug-addicted parent or homelessness 0:30:43.520,0:30:46.880 or 0:30:44.399,0:30:48.240 being in a foster home our lives would 0:30:46.880,0:30:50.720 be totally different 0:30:48.240,0:30:52.159 so when we look back at who we should 0:30:50.720,0:30:54.799 mentor 0:30:52.159,0:30:55.480 there is no who we should mentor it 0:30:54.799,0:30:58.720 should be 0:30:55.480,0:31:01.600 everybody because only 0:30:58.720,0:31:02.640 life circumstances have afforded us the 0:31:01.600,0:31:04.720 opportunities 0:31:02.640,0:31:05.679 that we have right now and the blessings 0:31:04.720,0:31:08.000 that we have 0:31:05.679,0:31:08.880 who are we to say you know what this 0:31:08.000,0:31:10.720 person is not 0:31:08.880,0:31:13.279 ambitious enough this person is not 0:31:10.720,0:31:15.600 enthusiastic enough 0:31:13.279,0:31:17.120 everybody deserves the goodness that we 0:31:15.600,0:31:20.240 have been given to whom is much 0:31:17.120,0:31:23.519 to whom much is given much is required 0:31:20.240,0:31:27.039 i remember when i was in high school 0:31:23.519,0:31:29.039 um and kind of going into uni you know i 0:31:27.039,0:31:30.480 we didn’t have i mean i wasn’t dirt poor 0:31:29.039,0:31:31.840 but we didn’t have a lot no one in my 0:31:30.480,0:31:33.360 family had ever been to uni 0:31:31.840,0:31:35.039 a lot of stories probably shared among 0:31:33.360,0:31:37.519 this group and many other people 0:31:35.039,0:31:38.559 but what i had was a dad who believed in 0:31:37.519,0:31:40.559 me 0:31:38.559,0:31:41.760 and he was chauvinistic and there were 0:31:40.559,0:31:43.600 things i wasn’t supposed to do because i 0:31:41.760,0:31:44.240 was a girl but i was a tomboy so i kind 0:31:43.600,0:31:46.880 of 0:31:44.240,0:31:48.240 went against the grain but even though 0:31:46.880,0:31:49.200 he thought there were certain things 0:31:48.240,0:31:51.279 that i 0:31:49.200,0:31:52.799 you know that girls should do more than 0:31:51.279,0:31:53.600 anything another thing that boys should 0:31:52.799,0:31:55.120 do 0:31:53.600,0:31:56.799 he never told me i couldn’t he just said 0:31:55.120,0:31:59.279 if i was willing to work hard enough 0:31:56.799,0:32:00.320 there was nothing i couldn’t do and i 0:31:59.279,0:32:03.360 remember 0:32:00.320,0:32:05.279 when as i got older and i was in uni 0:32:03.360,0:32:08.080 i i hadn’t realized how many people had 0:32:05.279,0:32:10.640 never had that person 0:32:08.080,0:32:12.720 and that it was that it was that a a 0:32:10.640,0:32:14.480 person believed in me that made 0:32:12.720,0:32:15.760 such a significant difference in my life 0:32:14.480,0:32:17.279 and all the different challenges whether 0:32:15.760,0:32:19.679 they’re financial or my mom getting sick 0:32:17.279,0:32:20.960 or bunches of things that had happened 0:32:19.679,0:32:22.640 they were all kind of surmountable 0:32:20.960,0:32:24.320 because someone believed in me they just 0:32:22.640,0:32:26.559 believed that if i kept going 0:32:24.320,0:32:28.559 and to the point of you know we should 0:32:26.559,0:32:29.679 be sponsoring and mentoring everyone and 0:32:28.559,0:32:31.440 looking out 0:32:29.679,0:32:33.039 well it’s because god so many people 0:32:31.440,0:32:35.919 have never even had someone 0:32:33.039,0:32:36.320 that believed in them and you know maybe 0:32:35.919,0:32:37.840 that’s 0:32:36.320,0:32:39.440 also why they’re not as ambitious or 0:32:37.840,0:32:40.960 maybe why they’re not where 0:32:39.440,0:32:42.640 we think they should be or someone else 0:32:40.960,0:32:44.000 says well if they were here maybe i’d 0:32:42.640,0:32:44.720 help them it’s like well maybe nobody 0:32:44.000,0:32:47.120 ever told them they’re 0:32:44.720,0:32:48.960 good enough right or help them find that 0:32:47.120,0:32:51.200 one little missing puzzle piece that 0:32:48.960,0:32:52.960 actually is the key to unlocking their 0:32:51.200,0:32:54.559 potential so 0:32:52.960,0:32:56.000 you make such a great point now i can’t 0:32:54.559,0:32:57.679 remember you guys both have said so 0:32:56.000,0:32:59.279 many great things stephanie and cynthia 0:32:57.679,0:33:01.600 about you know 0:32:59.279,0:33:03.760 just getting latching yourself on and 0:33:01.600,0:33:04.960 helping i think whoever you can 0:33:03.760,0:33:07.120 um and not sitting in the seat of 0:33:04.960,0:33:08.640 judgment because um i don’t know when 0:33:07.120,0:33:10.240 one finger points out there’s 0:33:08.640,0:33:12.000 there’s about three or four pointing 0:33:10.240,0:33:14.399 back so 0:33:12.000,0:33:15.120 i love that i was called out for using 0:33:14.399,0:33:17.519 the word 0:33:15.120,0:33:20.159 worthy to and i mean that sincerely and 0:33:17.519,0:33:23.760 i deeply appreciate that because 0:33:20.159,0:33:27.360 i think the message that you’ve given 0:33:23.760,0:33:29.519 feels so right it’s about helping 0:33:27.360,0:33:30.880 helping helping so i’m going to bring us 0:33:29.519,0:33:33.120 to almost the end 0:33:30.880,0:33:34.240 and i’m going to ask my guest for a 0:33:33.120,0:33:36.720 favor here 0:33:34.240,0:33:38.000 are there one or two tips that if you’re 0:33:36.720,0:33:40.480 talking to somebody either 0:33:38.000,0:33:42.080 as an individual or a business owner or 0:33:40.480,0:33:44.320 a manager whatever that they could start 0:33:42.080,0:33:46.240 to take forward 0:33:44.320,0:33:47.760 today whether it’s sponsorship or 0:33:46.240,0:33:49.760 mentorship 0:33:47.760,0:33:51.279 that to make their business them 0:33:49.760,0:33:53.440 individual and others 0:33:51.279,0:33:54.720 better and i’ll and i’ll just ask to go 0:33:53.440,0:33:56.399 around the horn maybe we’ll start with 0:33:54.720,0:33:59.440 you stephanie and then cynthia 0:33:56.399,0:34:01.200 and rodrick and tamara as well 0:33:59.440,0:34:03.279 um i would say this i do a lot of 0:34:01.200,0:34:04.640 executive coaching and and again it’s 0:34:03.279,0:34:05.360 all about sort of changing the 0:34:04.640,0:34:07.200 environment 0:34:05.360,0:34:09.200 especially the one i’m in it it seems 0:34:07.200,0:34:10.480 like it’s late to change so i’m doing my 0:34:09.200,0:34:12.480 very best but 0:34:10.480,0:34:13.760 um it you know when i’m coaching people 0:34:12.480,0:34:15.760 and it doesn’t matter what level in the 0:34:13.760,0:34:16.079 organization there i always leave them 0:34:15.760,0:34:19.280 with 0:34:16.079,0:34:20.240 who’s hero are you who’s hero are you 0:34:19.280,0:34:22.399 today 0:34:20.240,0:34:23.679 who’s in life are you going to influence 0:34:22.399,0:34:26.560 who are you going to give 0:34:23.679,0:34:27.280 your you know jewels of knowledge to 0:34:26.560,0:34:28.399 today 0:34:27.280,0:34:31.280 who are you going to motivate and 0:34:28.399,0:34:33.119 inspire and we all know that the further 0:34:31.280,0:34:34.800 up the chain you go the more influence 0:34:33.119,0:34:36.000 you have but that doesn’t mean that 0:34:34.800,0:34:38.159 if you’re at the bottom position you 0:34:36.000,0:34:39.040 have no influence it’s absolutely not 0:34:38.159,0:34:40.960 true 0:34:39.040,0:34:42.960 and so i always ask people and i leave 0:34:40.960,0:34:45.200 them with that nugget every single time 0:34:42.960,0:34:46.079 and i ask them to be accountable who’s 0:34:45.200,0:34:48.800 here are you 0:34:46.079,0:34:50.639 so here’s whose hero were you today who 0:34:48.800,0:34:53.200 was it and what did you do 0:34:50.639,0:34:53.679 and so we i forced those conversations 0:34:53.200,0:34:55.839 with 0:34:53.679,0:34:58.400 everybody that i have the opportunity to 0:34:55.839,0:34:59.680 come in into contact with because i feel 0:34:58.400,0:35:02.480 like that is 0:34:59.680,0:35:03.680 a gift that all of us can give who’s 0:35:02.480,0:35:05.920 hero are you 0:35:03.680,0:35:07.920 i am gonna make a bumper sticker and 0:35:05.920,0:35:11.040 steal that idea right now 0:35:07.920,0:35:12.320 cynthia what do you have for us when we 0:35:11.040,0:35:15.280 look back 0:35:12.320,0:35:16.000 at our days um and when i started my 0:35:15.280,0:35:17.599 company i said 0:35:16.000,0:35:20.560 you know the true test of whether or not 0:35:17.599,0:35:22.720 i’m successful is not how many times 0:35:20.560,0:35:24.480 i can reach the top one percent in a 0:35:22.720,0:35:25.920 multitude of verticals done that been 0:35:24.480,0:35:27.680 there all that good stuff 0:35:25.920,0:35:29.520 the true test of whether or not we are 0:35:27.680,0:35:32.480 successful is 0:35:29.520,0:35:33.119 measured by how many others we help 0:35:32.480,0:35:36.800 become 0:35:33.119,0:35:37.200 successful so as you look back over your 0:35:36.800,0:35:40.240 life 0:35:37.200,0:35:40.720 what is it that you want your legacy to 0:35:40.240,0:35:43.200 be 0:35:40.720,0:35:45.599 what do you want people to say about you 0:35:43.200,0:35:48.800 yes cynthia reached the top one percent 0:35:45.599,0:35:49.440 she founded nawsp she did all these 0:35:48.800,0:35:51.040 things she’s 0:35:49.440,0:35:52.800 all that in a bucket of chicken or 0:35:51.040,0:35:56.480 whatever people would say 0:35:52.800,0:36:00.640 that means nothing to me what matters 0:35:56.480,0:36:02.240 is how much how many of our members of 0:36:00.640,0:36:04.720 our fifteen thousand members 0:36:02.240,0:36:06.000 achieve their level of the top one 0:36:04.720,0:36:08.240 percent whether it’s the 0:36:06.000,0:36:09.040 the best mother the best auntie the best 0:36:08.240,0:36:11.760 employee 0:36:09.040,0:36:14.640 and it could change moment by moment but 0:36:11.760,0:36:18.560 bringing out the best in someone else 0:36:14.640,0:36:20.480 is what you are here to do 0:36:18.560,0:36:22.240 it’s not about personal success it’s 0:36:20.480,0:36:23.200 about the market that you leave on the 0:36:22.240,0:36:25.760 world 0:36:23.200,0:36:26.800 and that’s all i gotta say i feel like 0:36:25.760,0:36:28.000 you just dropped the microphone and 0:36:26.800,0:36:30.320 watched it go away 0:36:28.000,0:36:30.320 all right 0:36:32.160,0:36:36.560 what about you roderick um i’ll leave 0:36:35.359,0:36:37.440 you with with three things really 0:36:36.560,0:36:39.520 quickly 0:36:37.440,0:36:41.599 and things that have served me well over 0:36:39.520,0:36:44.800 my career and over my life 0:36:41.599,0:36:47.119 the first is success and success 0:36:44.800,0:36:48.400 is not defined by how much fruit is on 0:36:47.119,0:36:50.560 your tree 0:36:48.400,0:36:53.680 it’s defined by how many people actually 0:36:50.560,0:36:56.160 are fed from that fruit 0:36:53.680,0:36:57.040 is one the second is and this is a 0:36:56.160,0:36:58.480 statement that 0:36:57.040,0:37:00.960 my mom you say all the time that rings 0:36:58.480,0:37:01.760 in my head every day you cannot move 0:37:00.960,0:37:05.760 forward 0:37:01.760,0:37:09.280 not unless but until 0:37:05.760,0:37:12.160 you give back and the final piece 0:37:09.280,0:37:13.440 is the way that i start ever and steph 0:37:12.160,0:37:15.599 has heard it before 0:37:13.440,0:37:18.000 since you’ve heard it before too it’s 0:37:15.599,0:37:19.920 how i start every one of my mentoring my 0:37:18.000,0:37:23.040 sponsorship conversations 0:37:19.920,0:37:24.640 it’s a simple three-part question do you 0:37:23.040,0:37:26.960 want me to listen 0:37:24.640,0:37:28.640 do you want me to coach or do you want 0:37:26.960,0:37:31.359 me to fix 0:37:28.640,0:37:32.720 and what it does is two things one it 0:37:31.359,0:37:34.560 shows the other individual this 0:37:32.720,0:37:36.640 conversation is all about you 0:37:34.560,0:37:38.480 so you’re going to drive this and the 0:37:36.640,0:37:40.160 second is because as leaders we are 0:37:38.480,0:37:42.079 natural fixers 0:37:40.160,0:37:43.920 but sometimes that’s not what’s needed 0:37:42.079,0:37:45.599 so let the other person define that 0:37:43.920,0:37:47.200 as you are mentoring and as you are 0:37:45.599,0:37:49.680 sponsoring these folks 0:37:47.200,0:37:50.480 remember and again for my mom i don’t 0:37:49.680,0:37:53.520 care 0:37:50.480,0:37:55.440 where they sit in the food chain if you 0:37:53.520,0:37:56.800 are the ceo if you are the janitor if i 0:37:55.440,0:38:00.079 can learn from you 0:37:56.800,0:38:02.640 i’m here to be taught oh my god i wish 0:38:00.079,0:38:05.040 we had your mother on here roderick 0:38:02.640,0:38:05.040 i said 0:38:07.200,0:38:12.240 i’m so grateful for um 0:38:10.560,0:38:14.640 just the chance i’ve had to sit here and 0:38:12.240,0:38:15.520 learn today and i’m just really blessed 0:38:14.640,0:38:18.400 and 0:38:15.520,0:38:18.880 yeah it’s late here in the uk so it’s 0:38:18.400,0:38:20.560 going to be 0:38:18.880,0:38:22.480 you know my energy is going to be up for 0:38:20.560,0:38:25.200 a while not to stay up tonight 0:38:22.480,0:38:26.400 think about all this stuff but um i 0:38:25.200,0:38:27.839 guess that you know as you were talking 0:38:26.400,0:38:29.760 i guess there’s two things i wanted to 0:38:27.839,0:38:30.320 comment on cynthia you mentioned earlier 0:38:29.760,0:38:32.400 you know 0:38:30.320,0:38:34.160 there is this perception sometimes that 0:38:32.400,0:38:36.079 you know if we give of our power it’s 0:38:34.160,0:38:37.680 somehow at a loss to ourselves if we 0:38:36.079,0:38:40.000 help another person it’s 0:38:37.680,0:38:41.200 somehow taking away from ourselves and 0:38:40.000,0:38:43.119 there are folks out there that think 0:38:41.200,0:38:45.760 that you rightly said you know 0:38:43.119,0:38:46.720 um i love that do you say like a closed 0:38:45.760,0:38:48.400 fist camp 0:38:46.720,0:38:50.560 can’t catch something something like 0:38:48.400,0:38:52.160 that i’m not getting the words right 0:38:50.560,0:38:53.839 but what it made me think of is a is a 0:38:52.160,0:38:55.839 book by 0:38:53.839,0:38:57.520 um a guy named alex edmonds and it’s 0:38:55.839,0:38:58.160 called grow the pie now this book is 0:38:57.520,0:39:00.400 about 0:38:58.160,0:39:01.839 profit and purpose but it’s the same 0:39:00.400,0:39:04.160 kind of relationship that 0:39:01.839,0:39:05.760 when it comes to organizations you know 0:39:04.160,0:39:08.000 the pie is fixed 0:39:05.760,0:39:08.960 we it’s this big and so if we focus more 0:39:08.000,0:39:10.320 on purpose 0:39:08.960,0:39:12.320 it’s going to somehow diminish our 0:39:10.320,0:39:13.200 profits and what the book is talking 0:39:12.320,0:39:15.040 about is 0:39:13.200,0:39:16.560 actually that’s completely a fallacy 0:39:15.040,0:39:18.400 because when you focus on the right 0:39:16.560,0:39:20.079 things the whole pie gets bigger 0:39:18.400,0:39:21.760 and i think it’s the same thing with the 0:39:20.079,0:39:23.760 topics we talked about today with 0:39:21.760,0:39:25.359 with sponsorship and mentoring and 0:39:23.760,0:39:27.920 giving of yourself that 0:39:25.359,0:39:28.800 actually there will be more than enough 0:39:27.920,0:39:30.720 room 0:39:28.800,0:39:32.560 for everyone this is not about fighting 0:39:30.720,0:39:33.839 for seats at the table it’s about making 0:39:32.560,0:39:35.599 a bigger table 0:39:33.839,0:39:38.000 and um you know i think that’s what 0:39:35.599,0:39:40.079 we’re all endeavoring to do here and 0:39:38.000,0:39:42.000 when you sponsor somebody i think i 0:39:40.079,0:39:45.359 think it is a commitment of a vested 0:39:42.000,0:39:46.960 interest you care you know mentoring 0:39:45.359,0:39:48.880 i’m not saying that mentors don’t care 0:39:46.960,0:39:50.400 but it’s a little bit more transactional 0:39:48.880,0:39:53.200 you know it’s either around a problem or 0:39:50.400,0:39:56.560 a time frame but but sponsors are really 0:39:53.200,0:39:58.240 ambitious for the people that they are 0:39:56.560,0:40:00.560 trying to promote and so 0:39:58.240,0:40:01.520 um i hope certainly today that we can we 0:40:00.560,0:40:04.800 can all help 0:40:01.520,0:40:06.640 uh sponsor more individuals and 0:40:04.800,0:40:08.000 and that we go off and just are able to 0:40:06.640,0:40:11.280 be more effective than 0:40:08.000,0:40:13.040 i certainly was before this call 0:40:11.280,0:40:14.800 and i’ll and i’ll take us out with with 0:40:13.040,0:40:16.160 a couple of just final points and i 0:40:14.800,0:40:18.079 apologize we’ve probably gone a bit 0:40:16.160,0:40:20.079 longer than i intended to but 0:40:18.079,0:40:22.240 i had this wonderful conversation last 0:40:20.079,0:40:26.160 night with this woman pooja kumar 0:40:22.240,0:40:27.760 who runs enablement for oracle in apac 0:40:26.160,0:40:29.280 and we were talking about the fact that 0:40:27.760,0:40:31.280 she invested 0:40:29.280,0:40:32.800 um a lot of time her and her team 0:40:31.280,0:40:35.680 invested a lot of time 0:40:32.800,0:40:37.280 personally coaching but when i hear this 0:40:35.680,0:40:38.319 conversation i really look at it as 0:40:37.280,0:40:40.800 sponsorship 0:40:38.319,0:40:41.440 there was no coaching on business skills 0:40:40.800,0:40:43.280 it was about 0:40:41.440,0:40:45.040 understanding what each individual on 0:40:43.280,0:40:48.079 the team wanted 0:40:45.040,0:40:49.839 personally and in their careers and over 0:40:48.079,0:40:51.359 the course of the year that they spent 0:40:49.839,0:40:53.760 or maybe six months 0:40:51.359,0:40:55.920 they actually saw business outcomes 0:40:53.760,0:40:59.599 double for this group 0:40:55.920,0:41:01.520 so i would argue that just doing good 0:40:59.599,0:41:03.359 and actually giving a damn about the 0:41:01.520,0:41:06.720 people we work with 0:41:03.359,0:41:09.760 and helping them achieve their goals has 0:41:06.720,0:41:11.760 true tangible benefits so whether you’re 0:41:09.760,0:41:13.760 simply trying to do this because you are 0:41:11.760,0:41:15.599 a good person and want to help out 0:41:13.760,0:41:17.119 or because you’re a selfish money 0:41:15.599,0:41:19.280 grubber like me 0:41:17.119,0:41:20.880 i’m just kidding um there’s tangible 0:41:19.280,0:41:22.800 benefits either way people 0:41:20.880,0:41:25.280 so my challenge for those that are 0:41:22.800,0:41:27.280 taking the time to listen is simply this 0:41:25.280,0:41:28.960 listen to the smart advice from people 0:41:27.280,0:41:29.920 like tamara rodrick stephanie and 0:41:28.960,0:41:32.160 cynthia 0:41:29.920,0:41:33.119 and find ways to put this in action in 0:41:32.160,0:41:34.880 your business 0:41:33.119,0:41:37.200 if you don’t already have a mentorship 0:41:34.880,0:41:39.520 program put one in place 0:41:37.200,0:41:40.960 better yet educate and teach people how 0:41:39.520,0:41:43.440 to become sponsors 0:41:40.960,0:41:45.440 and not look for people that are worthy 0:41:43.440,0:41:46.319 i’ll shoot down my own word one final 0:41:45.440,0:41:48.480 time 0:41:46.319,0:41:50.079 but look for people that are passionate 0:41:48.480,0:41:52.079 and have an opportunity 0:41:50.079,0:41:53.839 and find an opportunity to make a 0:41:52.079,0:41:56.000 difference in their day 0:41:53.839,0:41:57.280 every single day and with that i’m going 0:41:56.000,0:41:59.359 to take us out 0:41:57.280,0:42:00.720 and just simply say thank you rodrick my 0:41:59.359,0:42:02.400 friend thank you tamara 0:42:00.720,0:42:04.000 thank you stephanie and cynthia i’ll i’m 0:42:02.400,0:42:05.520 going to call you my new friends 0:42:04.000,0:42:07.520 and put you on my personal board of 0:42:05.520,0:42:08.880 advisors because roderick’s got all the 0:42:07.520,0:42:11.119 best people on his 0:42:08.880,0:42:14.079 and i hope you have an amazing day 0:42:11.119,0:42:14.079 everybody bye-bye 0:42:14.240,0:42:16.880 thanks all