How do you properly enable SDRs?

Heather Reed is the Director of Sales Development at LogicGate.  Heather stopped in to chat with The Collaborator about career development and coaching of reps who are fairly junior in their careers, providing great insight on how to best enable SDRs.

There was an amazing amount of insight.  The one that stuck most with us was the development of the SDR to AE training program.  This program focused on closing the skills gap that lay between the SDR and AE role, here is how she delivered it successfully.

  • Partnered closely with sales leaders to understand the skills and competencies required to be an AE at the company.
  • Baselined skills SDRs.
  • Identified the gaps in the skill lists and collaboratively created a training program for the appropriate SDRs.

As with all successful enablement efforts, leaders and enablement teams partner on the delivery of training, coaching, and measuring results.

Not only did this kind of program prepare SDRs for the role, it also provided opportunities for career guidance for those who may not be a good fit, either based upon skill or will, for the career path.


0:00:00.080,0:00:03.280 am so excited to be here today with 0:00:02.320,0:00:06.640 heather reed 0:00:03.280,0:00:09.280 heather how are you great hey everyone 0:00:06.640,0:00:11.040 hey tell us a little bit about yourself 0:00:09.280,0:00:14.960 if you don’t mind start off with that 0:00:11.040,0:00:17.680 yeah no worries so uh at present i 0:00:14.960,0:00:18.560 am the director of sales development at 0:00:17.680,0:00:21.439 logicgate 0:00:18.560,0:00:22.640 uh logicgate’s product is essentially 0:00:21.439,0:00:26.599 the risk cloud which 0:00:22.640,0:00:29.199 is a sas platform which 0:00:26.599,0:00:31.279 operationalizes regulatory risk and 0:00:29.199,0:00:33.280 compliance programs so 0:00:31.279,0:00:35.040 really exciting stuff for all of those 0:00:33.280,0:00:36.320 of you folks that deal with risk and 0:00:35.040,0:00:39.120 compliance 0:00:36.320,0:00:40.079 but fun nerd stuff fun nerdery stuff 0:00:39.120,0:00:43.120 i’ll say that 0:00:40.079,0:00:44.399 yes i i couldn’t agree more um i think 0:00:43.120,0:00:46.879 it’s super exciting 0:00:44.399,0:00:48.079 because we’re we’re disrupting the space 0:00:46.879,0:00:51.039 essentially 0:00:48.079,0:00:52.079 uh by giving our customers a no code 0:00:51.039,0:00:55.039 approach 0:00:52.079,0:00:56.800 uh to managing all things grc that’s 0:00:55.039,0:01:00.480 super easy to configure 0:00:56.800,0:01:03.520 really easy to use and ultimately 0:01:00.480,0:01:05.360 our goal is to help use that platform to 0:01:03.520,0:01:06.880 to support driving top line revenue 0:01:05.360,0:01:08.880 growth and not just 0:01:06.880,0:01:10.000 managing or protecting those bottom line 0:01:08.880,0:01:12.799 assets so 0:01:10.000,0:01:14.720 it’s fun to be part of a company that is 0:01:12.799,0:01:16.560 shifting the paradigm on how people are 0:01:14.720,0:01:18.240 managing risk within their organization 0:01:16.560,0:01:20.080 that’s so cool well that really does 0:01:18.240,0:01:24.080 sound cool and that’s an amazingly 0:01:20.080,0:01:26.799 important and complex space to be in 0:01:24.080,0:01:28.479 that it is that it is when i i interview 0:01:26.799,0:01:29.520 people on a regular basis and even when 0:01:28.479,0:01:31.920 i think back to when 0:01:29.520,0:01:33.840 i interviewed for the role uh i knew 0:01:31.920,0:01:35.920 what grc was when i came on board 0:01:33.840,0:01:37.119 thankfully i had a small foundation 0:01:35.920,0:01:40.159 there from 0:01:37.119,0:01:41.759 um having run cisso 0:01:40.159,0:01:43.759 and i.t security and those type of 0:01:41.759,0:01:44.960 summits in a past life but uh 0:01:43.759,0:01:46.560 there are a lot of folks that come on 0:01:44.960,0:01:48.000 board and they’re like what does it even 0:01:46.560,0:01:51.840 stand for so 0:01:48.000,0:01:53.280 uh it is definitely a a rich space and 0:01:51.840,0:01:55.200 not everybody has 0:01:53.280,0:01:56.640 understanding of it but it’s super 0:01:55.200,0:01:59.439 interesting to be part 0:01:56.640,0:02:00.000 uh of a more technical sale uh in this 0:01:59.439,0:02:01.520 change 0:02:00.000,0:02:03.200 uh moving to logicgate i’ve only been 0:02:01.520,0:02:06.159 there since march so 0:02:03.200,0:02:08.080 uh still tons to learn nice no that’s 0:02:06.159,0:02:10.319 awesome heather that’s so cool 0:02:08.080,0:02:13.840 hey before we dive into it i gotta ask 0:02:10.319,0:02:17.120 you you started your career 0:02:13.840,0:02:19.520 at a t-mobile retail store in hawaii 0:02:17.120,0:02:22.080 why on earth did you ever leave that 0:02:19.520,0:02:24.720 beautiful paradise 0:02:22.080,0:02:26.959 you know everyone asks me that and and 0:02:24.720,0:02:28.480 the honest answer is you know most days 0:02:26.959,0:02:31.599 i’m not sure 0:02:28.480,0:02:33.519 um i respect that you know maybe maybe 0:02:31.599,0:02:34.319 maybe i’ve got a screw loose or two but 0:02:33.519,0:02:37.599 uh 0:02:34.319,0:02:40.720 no i i grew up in san diego um 0:02:37.599,0:02:42.160 and had about 23 years of basically 0:02:40.720,0:02:44.000 perfect weather and 0:02:42.160,0:02:45.360 where do you go from there so i went to 0:02:44.000,0:02:48.400 hawaii 0:02:45.360,0:02:49.280 um yeah and i i spent 10 years there i 0:02:48.400,0:02:53.040 honestly 0:02:49.280,0:02:55.920 had no intention of leaving whatsoever 0:02:53.040,0:02:57.120 but it had been a lifelong dream of mine 0:02:55.920,0:02:59.920 to live abroad 0:02:57.120,0:03:00.560 and the company i was working for 0:02:59.920,0:03:02.879 offered me an 0:03:00.560,0:03:05.760 opportunity to go help open one of their 0:03:02.879,0:03:10.080 first international office over in wales 0:03:05.760,0:03:13.200 and so i i jumped at that opportunity 0:03:10.080,0:03:16.159 um long story short there were some 0:03:13.200,0:03:16.560 challenges with sponsor visa sponsorship 0:03:16.159,0:03:20.319 to 0:03:16.560,0:03:21.680 stay over there so after about a year 0:03:20.319,0:03:23.920 of a little bit of back and forth 0:03:21.680,0:03:24.799 between chicago and there i i ended up 0:03:23.920,0:03:26.959 in chicago 0:03:24.799,0:03:28.879 about a year later and i’m no longer 0:03:26.959,0:03:31.599 with that company of course but uh 0:03:28.879,0:03:32.080 it was a great experience and ultimately 0:03:31.599,0:03:34.799 brought me 0:03:32.080,0:03:35.599 to the windy city which has been really 0:03:34.799,0:03:38.400 good for me 0:03:35.599,0:03:40.000 both personally and professionally so i 0:03:38.400,0:03:43.040 love chicago 0:03:40.000,0:03:45.120 chicago is great and for the first time 0:03:43.040,0:03:47.280 in my life i have seasons 0:03:45.120,0:03:49.280 so you know lots of people complain 0:03:47.280,0:03:52.000 about the winter but 0:03:49.280,0:03:53.120 i never lived with seasons other than 0:03:52.000,0:03:54.799 summer so 0:03:53.120,0:03:56.319 you know the last seven years have 0:03:54.799,0:03:57.599 gotten me a little bit more acclimated 0:03:56.319,0:03:59.680 to that and 0:03:57.599,0:04:00.959 yeah it’s been an adventure oh nice 0:03:59.680,0:04:02.799 that’s awesome i just 0:04:00.959,0:04:04.159 when i saw you worked in hawaii i 0:04:02.799,0:04:06.959 thought to myself 0:04:04.159,0:04:08.480 god i would never leave there yeah i 0:04:06.959,0:04:11.599 didn’t think i would to be honest 0:04:08.480,0:04:13.920 but but here we are oh awesome hey you 0:04:11.599,0:04:16.160 know let’s dive into it a little bit so 0:04:13.920,0:04:18.320 in your role how involved are you with 0:04:16.160,0:04:21.120 the hiring process heather 0:04:18.320,0:04:22.880 um with with what roles specifically 0:04:21.120,0:04:24.160 like across the board with the sales org 0:04:22.880,0:04:25.919 or just my team 0:04:24.160,0:04:27.360 i’m kind of curious in general you know 0:04:25.919,0:04:28.800 with your team not necessarily with your 0:04:27.360,0:04:29.360 team but outside of your team i should 0:04:28.800,0:04:32.400 say 0:04:29.360,0:04:35.520 yeah so within my team 100 obviously 0:04:32.400,0:04:37.600 um outside of my team 0:04:35.520,0:04:40.080 not we haven’t been doing a tremendous 0:04:37.600,0:04:43.199 amount of hiring to be honest 0:04:40.080,0:04:45.360 obviously but uh so there hasn’t been a 0:04:43.199,0:04:46.800 whole lot of hiring going on within the 0:04:45.360,0:04:50.000 sales org 0:04:46.800,0:04:51.199 um historically i think i get involved 0:04:50.000,0:04:54.479 in certain cases 0:04:51.199,0:04:56.400 not always uh we have a pretty rich and 0:04:54.479,0:04:58.880 experienced sales leadership 0:04:56.400,0:05:00.479 team um and so typically it tends to be 0:04:58.880,0:05:02.400 folks more directly 0:05:00.479,0:05:04.639 aligned with those specific roles 0:05:02.400,0:05:06.080 although for sdr i’ve leaned into a 0:05:04.639,0:05:08.560 couple of our 0:05:06.080,0:05:10.080 more tenured aes to cross-interview 0:05:08.560,0:05:12.080 those folks i 0:05:10.080,0:05:14.720 tend to get involved in the interview 0:05:12.080,0:05:15.600 process for other cross-functional teams 0:05:14.720,0:05:18.639 so 0:05:15.600,0:05:20.720 i’m very closely aligned with our sales 0:05:18.639,0:05:21.680 operations team as well as with our 0:05:20.720,0:05:24.000 marketing team 0:05:21.680,0:05:25.440 so i have been very involved in 0:05:24.000,0:05:27.199 interview processes for 0:05:25.440,0:05:29.680 for folks in those roles and even at a 0:05:27.199,0:05:31.280 company level when we’re hiring for 0:05:29.680,0:05:33.680 uh teams to support the business for 0:05:31.280,0:05:36.080 example within our people’s success org 0:05:33.680,0:05:37.919 nice so for you know maybe if we just 0:05:36.080,0:05:39.120 take the sdr rule for a second because 0:05:37.919,0:05:40.400 i’m thinking more of the junior 0:05:39.120,0:05:42.560 developers 0:05:40.400,0:05:44.080 type of role what kinds of things do you 0:05:42.560,0:05:44.560 get involved with what are you looking 0:05:44.080,0:05:47.120 for 0:05:44.560,0:05:48.880 how do you determine from your 0:05:47.120,0:05:50.800 perspective that this could be a good 0:05:48.880,0:05:52.880 fit for the company and a good hire 0:05:50.800,0:05:54.240 yeah it’s a great question and i think 0:05:52.880,0:05:57.919 for sdr 0:05:54.240,0:06:00.479 um it’s often times a bit less tangible 0:05:57.919,0:06:01.360 just for the simple fact that these are 0:06:00.479,0:06:03.440 folks who are 0:06:01.360,0:06:05.600 relatively new in their career 0:06:03.440,0:06:07.840 oftentimes fresh out of college may have 0:06:05.600,0:06:10.000 had some internships 0:06:07.840,0:06:11.919 maybe have even started a career path in 0:06:10.000,0:06:13.600 another industry or another function and 0:06:11.919,0:06:14.000 decided hey i want to i want to make a 0:06:13.600,0:06:16.319 move 0:06:14.000,0:06:18.400 here uh before i spend too much time 0:06:16.319,0:06:20.319 down the the wrong path or what might be 0:06:18.400,0:06:22.880 the wrong path um 0:06:20.319,0:06:24.160 and so it’s it’s sort of a genesecua 0:06:22.880,0:06:26.880 that i look for right 0:06:24.160,0:06:28.479 um okay nobody’s pulled out the genesee 0:06:26.880,0:06:30.319 quad before so that’s good 0:06:28.479,0:06:32.560 i like that i like that heather bonus 0:06:30.319,0:06:35.919 points for that 0:06:32.560,0:06:38.240 um but i i really coachability 0:06:35.919,0:06:38.960 i think is a big thing that i look for 0:06:38.240,0:06:41.840 um 0:06:38.960,0:06:42.479 in this role and especially because it’s 0:06:41.840,0:06:44.880 it’s your 0:06:42.479,0:06:46.639 entry-level role into sales especially 0:06:44.880,0:06:48.639 within the tech sector and 0:06:46.639,0:06:50.240 so you need somebody who’s going to be 0:06:48.639,0:06:52.240 coachable and moldable 0:06:50.240,0:06:54.000 that’s that’s really really critical to 0:06:52.240,0:06:55.599 success in that role 0:06:54.000,0:06:57.440 um but i think that the other thing that 0:06:55.599,0:07:00.479 i look for is just 0:06:57.440,0:07:02.240 a greater understanding of where their 0:07:00.479,0:07:03.919 thought process where their perspective 0:07:02.240,0:07:05.520 is on what they want to achieve for 0:07:03.919,0:07:07.440 their career um 0:07:05.520,0:07:10.000 one of my favorite questions to ask and 0:07:07.440,0:07:11.759 i ask this regardless of what position 0:07:10.000,0:07:14.319 i’m interviewing for but i think 0:07:11.759,0:07:16.639 for sdr in particular it often is time 0:07:14.319,0:07:18.639 oftentimes is quite telling for me 0:07:16.639,0:07:19.919 and that is the the cliche what do you 0:07:18.639,0:07:22.319 want to be when you grow up 0:07:19.919,0:07:25.039 question um i always i don’t know what i 0:07:22.319,0:07:27.520 want to be when i grow up so 0:07:25.039,0:07:29.280 totally i i always preface it and say 0:07:27.520,0:07:30.960 hey look i’m a 42 year old woman that 0:07:29.280,0:07:32.880 isn’t quite sure what she wants to be 0:07:30.960,0:07:36.319 when she grows up 0:07:32.880,0:07:38.319 so there is no wrong answer to it um 0:07:36.319,0:07:40.080 but i always like to have them frame a 0:07:38.319,0:07:42.160 response in two different 0:07:40.080,0:07:44.240 buckets and the first being what do you 0:07:42.160,0:07:46.319 want to achieve in the next one to five 0:07:44.240,0:07:48.080 years really and and oftentimes that’s 0:07:46.319,0:07:49.599 more tangible there’s been more thought 0:07:48.080,0:07:52.319 put behind that 0:07:49.599,0:07:53.520 um and the second bucket is really that 0:07:52.319,0:07:54.879 what do you want to be when you grow up 0:07:53.520,0:07:57.680 right like where do you hope 0:07:54.879,0:08:00.080 that that takes you whether that’s in 0:07:57.680,0:08:01.919 terms of like specific functions or 0:08:00.080,0:08:03.440 responsibilities or maybe maybe they 0:08:01.919,0:08:05.759 have really thought it through and there 0:08:03.440,0:08:09.120 is a specific job title there 0:08:05.759,0:08:11.680 but for me it helps me really 0:08:09.120,0:08:13.599 understand a bit more of where some of 0:08:11.680,0:08:16.800 their motivators lie 0:08:13.599,0:08:18.800 um where where they find joy 0:08:16.800,0:08:20.160 in what they do or at least initially 0:08:18.800,0:08:21.199 where they think they are as they’re 0:08:20.160,0:08:24.479 starting 0:08:21.199,0:08:28.479 down the beginning their career and 0:08:24.479,0:08:31.199 and i also think it shows um for me 0:08:28.479,0:08:33.200 um you know people you ask you know hey 0:08:31.199,0:08:34.640 why sales and people ah i love 0:08:33.200,0:08:36.000 people i like making one-to-one 0:08:34.640,0:08:37.839 connections i like building 0:08:36.000,0:08:40.719 relationships but 0:08:37.839,0:08:42.719 sales is so much more than that and and 0:08:40.719,0:08:43.279 i get for folks who haven’t done it that 0:08:42.719,0:08:45.360 is 0:08:43.279,0:08:46.560 that seems like an obvious answer at 0:08:45.360,0:08:49.440 times but 0:08:46.560,0:08:51.200 getting them to to frame what they 0:08:49.440,0:08:54.399 really are passionate about 0:08:51.200,0:08:57.200 doing or becoming someday i think for me 0:08:54.399,0:08:57.920 sheds a little bit more insight into 0:08:57.200,0:08:59.600 where their 0:08:57.920,0:09:01.040 their mindset and their thought process 0:08:59.600,0:09:04.720 has been around it 0:09:01.040,0:09:06.399 that helps me one make the decision if i 0:09:04.720,0:09:07.120 think that they’re gonna be a right fit 0:09:06.399,0:09:10.080 but also 0:09:07.120,0:09:10.800 two even gives me that initial glimpse 0:09:10.080,0:09:12.720 into 0:09:10.800,0:09:14.240 where i might need to coach them along 0:09:12.720,0:09:16.720 the way um 0:09:14.240,0:09:19.120 to help ensure and gut check that that 0:09:16.720,0:09:22.320 is indeed the right path and then also 0:09:19.120,0:09:24.000 to help them pursue it i like that 0:09:22.320,0:09:25.680 the the mix of the short-term and 0:09:24.000,0:09:27.760 long-term goal is great 0:09:25.680,0:09:29.120 because you the the short-term goals 0:09:27.760,0:09:30.959 that you were just talking about you 0:09:29.120,0:09:33.279 could be a bartender 0:09:30.959,0:09:34.080 you could be a priest you could be 0:09:33.279,0:09:35.920 anything 0:09:34.080,0:09:37.519 and achieve a lot of those goals so you 0:09:35.920,0:09:39.839 still don’t tell me why sales 0:09:37.519,0:09:40.880 so i really like that view heather let 0:09:39.839,0:09:42.560 me ask you this though 0:09:40.880,0:09:44.320 it’s a tough question and i don’t always 0:09:42.560,0:09:46.000 think i have the right answer 0:09:44.320,0:09:49.600 how do you determine if someone is 0:09:46.000,0:09:51.200 coachable because i agree with you 0:09:49.600,0:09:52.800 you want to know that especially for a 0:09:51.200,0:09:54.720 junior role can they 0:09:52.800,0:09:56.080 can they learn from their peers can you 0:09:54.720,0:09:58.720 educate them 0:09:56.080,0:09:59.680 but i always wonder if i’m figuring it 0:09:58.720,0:10:01.600 out right 0:09:59.680,0:10:03.600 and i think we all are but what 0:10:01.600,0:10:06.880 approaches do you take 0:10:03.600,0:10:07.839 um i i like challenging them a lot on 0:10:06.880,0:10:10.240 their answers 0:10:07.839,0:10:12.560 right so if you give an answer even if 0:10:10.240,0:10:14.000 it is a textbook perfect answer i like 0:10:12.560,0:10:17.360 to poke into a little bit 0:10:14.000,0:10:20.480 and and almost unexpectedly 0:10:17.360,0:10:22.560 right to to change their like shift 0:10:20.480,0:10:23.760 their paradigm unexpectedly and see how 0:10:22.560,0:10:25.839 they respond to it 0:10:23.760,0:10:27.680 i like that right is there is there 0:10:25.839,0:10:30.560 defensiveness that shows up 0:10:27.680,0:10:32.480 is there is there humility that shows up 0:10:30.560,0:10:34.320 is there a 0:10:32.480,0:10:35.839 an awareness around oh that’s an 0:10:34.320,0:10:37.600 interesting perspective i haven’t 0:10:35.839,0:10:39.680 considered that right even if they don’t 0:10:37.600,0:10:43.040 necessarily have a great response on it 0:10:39.680,0:10:44.720 so i think that is my 0:10:43.040,0:10:47.360 sort of initial litmus test in it you’re 0:10:44.720,0:10:49.760 right it is something that is 0:10:47.360,0:10:52.079 almost impossible i think to determine 0:10:49.760,0:10:55.040 in a 30-minute interview 0:10:52.079,0:10:56.160 um but to me it gives me some glimpses 0:10:55.040,0:10:58.880 into 0:10:56.160,0:10:59.440 how they respond to being challenged 0:10:58.880,0:11:02.800 which 0:10:59.440,0:11:04.480 oftentimes is it is a key component of 0:11:02.800,0:11:05.279 coaching right you’re suggesting that 0:11:04.480,0:11:07.680 somebody do 0:11:05.279,0:11:08.959 something a different way or approach it 0:11:07.680,0:11:12.720 from a different angle 0:11:08.959,0:11:15.279 and um and how they respond to that 0:11:12.720,0:11:17.440 on the spot in an interview is like the 0:11:15.279,0:11:19.839 perfect pressure test for it 0:11:17.440,0:11:21.839 so i don’t think it’s always the perfect 0:11:19.839,0:11:23.519 example of how they might be coached or 0:11:21.839,0:11:24.079 how they might respond to coaching but i 0:11:23.519,0:11:26.720 think it 0:11:24.079,0:11:28.160 offers a glimpse into it no i think i 0:11:26.720,0:11:28.640 think it’s a great approach to take 0:11:28.160,0:11:30.880 heather 0:11:28.640,0:11:31.680 you know i i like to challenge people a 0:11:30.880,0:11:33.200 little bit 0:11:31.680,0:11:34.720 in terms of hey how would you approach 0:11:33.200,0:11:36.399 this tell me and then i go well how 0:11:34.720,0:11:38.079 about doing it this way instead 0:11:36.399,0:11:40.079 yeah and force them to so it’s the same 0:11:38.079,0:11:41.600 kind of thing force them to think 0:11:40.079,0:11:43.519 hopefully they’re open and somewhat 0:11:41.600,0:11:44.800 curious to understand what you’re 0:11:43.519,0:11:46.160 thinking and there’s a little bit of an 0:11:44.800,0:11:48.560 interesting dialogue there 0:11:46.160,0:11:50.399 so hard so hard to figure out though let 0:11:48.560,0:11:52.000 me ask you this so you get involved with 0:11:50.399,0:11:54.399 the junior reps 0:11:52.000,0:11:55.760 a fair amount in your career when they 0:11:54.399,0:11:58.320 come on board 0:11:55.760,0:11:59.920 what’s what’s your role and and describe 0:11:58.320,0:12:02.959 to us a little bit about 0:11:59.920,0:12:05.200 how you help mold these and coach these 0:12:02.959,0:12:06.720 young sales people so that they can be 0:12:05.200,0:12:08.160 you know successful and knock it out of 0:12:06.720,0:12:11.920 the park 0:12:08.160,0:12:13.200 yeah so i whenever i take on a new team 0:12:11.920,0:12:13.839 if i’m hiring him from the start it’s 0:12:13.200,0:12:16.399 pretty easy 0:12:13.839,0:12:17.680 right because i know i i’ve gleaned some 0:12:16.399,0:12:19.440 of that from the interview process and 0:12:17.680,0:12:21.760 we laid the foundation from the very 0:12:19.440,0:12:25.040 first hello phone conversation 0:12:21.760,0:12:26.639 um whenever i have inherited teams it’s 0:12:25.040,0:12:28.880 like one of the first things i do 0:12:26.639,0:12:30.160 is have a long get to know you 0:12:28.880,0:12:32.480 one-on-one 0:12:30.160,0:12:34.399 um where it’s less about business 0:12:32.480,0:12:36.480 metrics and it’s more about 0:12:34.399,0:12:38.560 help me understand what makes you tick 0:12:36.480,0:12:41.200 as a person i want to understand 0:12:38.560,0:12:42.800 um how they’re motivated what their what 0:12:41.200,0:12:44.160 their professional drivers are what 0:12:42.800,0:12:45.760 their career aspirations 0:12:44.160,0:12:47.920 a lot of the same things as you uncover 0:12:45.760,0:12:48.560 in the interview process only after that 0:12:47.920,0:12:50.800 exactly 0:12:48.560,0:12:52.720 exactly and i and i frankly i do the 0:12:50.800,0:12:55.040 same i share back it’s reciprocal it’s 0:12:52.720,0:12:56.160 not a one-sided conversation and i think 0:12:55.040,0:12:59.120 for me 0:12:56.160,0:13:01.360 that helps establish um more of a deeper 0:12:59.120,0:13:03.360 connection with them because 0:13:01.360,0:13:04.560 it allows them to get to know me and 0:13:03.360,0:13:06.480 where i think my strengths and 0:13:04.560,0:13:06.880 weaknesses are too and so i just think 0:13:06.480,0:13:09.360 there 0:13:06.880,0:13:10.000 it creates a level of of engagement and 0:13:09.360,0:13:11.839 dynamic 0:13:10.000,0:13:14.079 that i think is is important to build 0:13:11.839,0:13:18.160 trust with the team initially 0:13:14.079,0:13:18.560 um but i i pride myself in trying to 0:13:18.160,0:13:21.360 take 0:13:18.560,0:13:22.320 a very personalized approach with each 0:13:21.360,0:13:24.959 rep 0:13:22.320,0:13:27.200 and take into consideration what their 0:13:24.959,0:13:29.200 work history is what their tenure is 0:13:27.200,0:13:32.160 with the company 0:13:29.200,0:13:34.399 their clarity or even lack thereof of 0:13:32.160,0:13:37.279 what they want to be when they grow up 0:13:34.399,0:13:38.000 because i think for for sdrs in 0:13:37.279,0:13:40.160 particular 0:13:38.000,0:13:42.079 and i and i’ve managed full cycle sales 0:13:40.160,0:13:43.839 teams right the last four years have 0:13:42.079,0:13:45.360 been spent predominantly in the sdr 0:13:43.839,0:13:46.160 space so it’s just been an interesting 0:13:45.360,0:13:49.120 shift for me 0:13:46.160,0:13:51.199 yeah but these are folks who are very 0:13:49.120,0:13:53.680 early in their career and tend to be 0:13:51.199,0:13:55.120 super ambitious super hungry for that 0:13:53.680,0:13:57.760 closing role 0:13:55.120,0:13:58.800 um or often times realized somewhere 0:13:57.760,0:14:00.560 along the way that 0:13:58.800,0:14:02.480 that’s hey wait a second that’s actually 0:14:00.560,0:14:05.920 not what i want right 0:14:02.480,0:14:07.120 and so it’s it’s becomes a really fine 0:14:05.920,0:14:10.480 balance i think 0:14:07.120,0:14:11.920 between managing relax um 0:14:10.480,0:14:14.320 fine balance between realistic 0:14:11.920,0:14:17.519 expectation setting for them 0:14:14.320,0:14:19.600 tough and honest feedback about where 0:14:17.519,0:14:20.800 where their strengths and opportunities 0:14:19.600,0:14:23.120 might lie 0:14:20.800,0:14:23.839 and then the honing of skills based on 0:14:23.120,0:14:26.480 their 0:14:23.839,0:14:27.199 individual aspirations to keep them 0:14:26.480,0:14:30.399 going 0:14:27.199,0:14:33.120 or frankly even the honest conversation 0:14:30.399,0:14:34.079 when it’s time for them to move on and 0:14:33.120,0:14:36.320 so 0:14:34.079,0:14:37.440 they’re they’re oftentimes very direct 0:14:36.320,0:14:40.399 conversations 0:14:37.440,0:14:43.120 but i like to i like to try to lead them 0:14:40.399,0:14:46.639 down the path and not tell them the path 0:14:43.120,0:14:48.079 um so yeah it’s it’s very dynamic and 0:14:46.639,0:14:50.000 very interesting and i think very 0:14:48.079,0:14:52.079 individualized to the person 0:14:50.000,0:14:53.959 because yeah frankly i think it has to 0:14:52.079,0:14:55.839 be well i do too i don’t think there’s a 0:14:53.959,0:14:58.959 one-size-fits-all model for 0:14:55.839,0:15:01.279 any human for replicating human behavior 0:14:58.959,0:15:02.959 so i mean i absolutely agree with you on 0:15:01.279,0:15:05.760 that what’s what’s the biggest 0:15:02.959,0:15:06.000 challenges you tend to run into is it is 0:15:05.760,0:15:09.040 it 0:15:06.000,0:15:11.680 getting to that deeper level of human 0:15:09.040,0:15:14.000 understanding of motivations or you know 0:15:11.680,0:15:18.079 where where are the struggles there 0:15:14.000,0:15:21.519 in terms of new hires coaching them up 0:15:18.079,0:15:24.800 i think for the past four years for me 0:15:21.519,0:15:27.440 personally the biggest challenge has 0:15:24.800,0:15:31.600 been managing 0:15:27.440,0:15:35.040 hopes and expectations and aspirations 0:15:31.600,0:15:35.600 with time frame and realistic time 0:15:35.040,0:15:37.279 frames 0:15:35.600,0:15:38.720 i’m gonna be an outside seller in three 0:15:37.279,0:15:41.839 months well 0:15:38.720,0:15:43.120 that right but also i’ve spent the last 0:15:41.839,0:15:45.519 four years working 0:15:43.120,0:15:47.360 in relatively early stage startups right 0:15:45.519,0:15:49.199 prior to this i was with g2 0:15:47.360,0:15:50.720 and i started there when they were about 0:15:49.199,0:15:54.079 60 employees and 0:15:50.720,0:15:55.680 left when we were above 400. i joined 0:15:54.079,0:15:58.240 earlier this year right around 100 0:15:55.680,0:15:59.519 employees and and we’re steadily growing 0:15:58.240,0:16:01.600 and so 0:15:59.519,0:16:02.720 um when you hire folks and especially 0:16:01.600,0:16:04.320 sdr i think 0:16:02.720,0:16:06.240 each business it depends on the product 0:16:04.320,0:16:06.959 it plans on the complexities of the sale 0:16:06.240,0:16:09.839 and whatnot 0:16:06.959,0:16:10.560 but i think it’s typically about 12 to 0:16:09.839,0:16:13.600 24 0:16:10.560,0:16:14.880 ish months in which an sdr can assuming 0:16:13.600,0:16:16.800 they show the right 0:16:14.880,0:16:19.600 the right talent the right success 0:16:16.800,0:16:21.600 metrics can have that opportunity 0:16:19.600,0:16:23.519 to move into a closing role i think for 0:16:21.600,0:16:24.560 us at logicgate it’s probably closer to 0:16:23.519,0:16:27.279 the two-year 0:16:24.560,0:16:29.040 time frame um where you get such a 0:16:27.279,0:16:31.759 complex set of 0:16:29.040,0:16:34.240 products probably conversations that are 0:16:31.759,0:16:36.720 mind-numbingly difficult to learn 0:16:34.240,0:16:38.079 yeah yeah so i can see it taking a while 0:16:36.720,0:16:40.480 and also 0:16:38.079,0:16:41.519 it’s like hey this isn’t product 0:16:40.480,0:16:43.360 knowledge right 0:16:41.519,0:16:44.959 this isn’t all about understanding the 0:16:43.360,0:16:46.720 ins and outs and the products that i 0:16:44.959,0:16:48.959 think becomes far more critical 0:16:46.720,0:16:50.639 in a closing role but this is about 0:16:48.959,0:16:51.680 really understanding our personas and 0:16:50.639,0:16:54.160 their pains 0:16:51.680,0:16:55.759 and being able to identify if whatever 0:16:54.160,0:16:57.920 solution we’re selling 0:16:55.759,0:16:59.040 can ostensibly solve those pains for 0:16:57.920,0:17:00.720 them yeah 0:16:59.040,0:17:02.399 and hey is this a qualified medium for 0:17:00.720,0:17:04.000 me to pass on and 0:17:02.399,0:17:05.839 so it becomes really easy to over 0:17:04.000,0:17:07.679 complicate this along the way right you 0:17:05.839,0:17:09.679 want to help them build those skills 0:17:07.679,0:17:11.520 that are going to enable them to 0:17:09.679,0:17:13.199 have closing conversations and and 0:17:11.520,0:17:14.720 really that next step is moving into 0:17:13.199,0:17:16.720 being able to facilitate that deep 0:17:14.720,0:17:18.720 discovery conversation 0:17:16.720,0:17:20.160 and it kind of becomes a double-edged 0:17:18.720,0:17:22.079 sword because the more of that 0:17:20.160,0:17:25.760 foundation you lie 0:17:22.079,0:17:27.839 the more selling tr they try to do 0:17:25.760,0:17:29.679 within the qualification side of it 0:17:27.839,0:17:32.799 right so it’s kind of 0:17:29.679,0:17:33.280 dance yeah no that makes total sense to 0:17:32.799,0:17:35.520 me 0:17:33.280,0:17:36.880 how do you you know i’m curious how do 0:17:35.520,0:17:38.880 you determine 0:17:36.880,0:17:40.799 or maybe the business determine how 0:17:38.880,0:17:42.720 they’re moving along that journey 0:17:40.799,0:17:43.520 whether it’s a 12 month or 24 month 0:17:42.720,0:17:46.240 journey 0:17:43.520,0:17:46.559 and that they’re now ready yeah because 0:17:46.240,0:17:49.200 i 0:17:46.559,0:17:50.400 i don’t think it’s oh i made my 72 phone 0:17:49.200,0:17:52.400 calls this week i 0:17:50.400,0:17:53.520 mean how do you determine how do you 0:17:52.400,0:17:55.679 guys figure that out 0:17:53.520,0:17:57.520 yeah i think that’s a great question i 0:17:55.679,0:17:58.720 think frankly at logicgate we’re still 0:17:57.520,0:18:02.240 trying to figure that out 0:17:58.720,0:18:04.240 um we are working right now on defining 0:18:02.240,0:18:05.440 what career pathing looks like on a 0:18:04.240,0:18:09.039 formal perspective 0:18:05.440,0:18:11.120 right sure primary career pathiness go 0:18:09.039,0:18:13.280 from sdr to an smbae 0:18:11.120,0:18:15.360 everybody knows that but what are the 0:18:13.280,0:18:16.720 specific skills and criteria that we 0:18:15.360,0:18:18.160 look for people to demonstrate 0:18:16.720,0:18:20.000 proficiency in 0:18:18.160,0:18:21.360 both around selling and sales 0:18:20.000,0:18:24.160 methodology 0:18:21.360,0:18:26.559 but also product knowledge right and so 0:18:24.160,0:18:28.960 really honing in on defining that 0:18:26.559,0:18:29.840 um so i’m working on that for for my 0:18:28.960,0:18:31.679 team’s role 0:18:29.840,0:18:33.440 we have an initiative company-wide to do 0:18:31.679,0:18:35.679 that across the board and and we’re at 0:18:33.440,0:18:37.600 that right size where it makes sense to 0:18:35.679,0:18:39.280 start defining that more so 0:18:37.600,0:18:40.960 i think it’s still an evolution in 0:18:39.280,0:18:44.480 progress for what we’re doing 0:18:40.960,0:18:47.120 um one of the things that we did at g2 0:18:44.480,0:18:48.559 is i implemented a career development 0:18:47.120,0:18:50.160 program it was frankly something that we 0:18:48.559,0:18:53.200 had done at t-mobile 0:18:50.160,0:18:55.200 and and i ran that program for the 0:18:53.200,0:18:57.200 hawaiian islands and so i 0:18:55.200,0:18:59.200 had that in my toolkit of going okay 0:18:57.200,0:18:59.840 different industry different approach to 0:18:59.200,0:19:01.200 it 0:18:59.840,0:19:03.200 but there was a lot of goodness that 0:19:01.200,0:19:05.520 came out of it how can i replicate that 0:19:03.200,0:19:09.840 in a similar fashion and so 0:19:05.520,0:19:11.919 at g2 i leaned into our ae leadership 0:19:09.840,0:19:13.919 team and even our rm leadership team and 0:19:11.919,0:19:16.480 our corporate trainer 0:19:13.919,0:19:17.840 and leaned into them and said hey i 0:19:16.480,0:19:19.919 wanna i wanna build this 0:19:17.840,0:19:21.760 right i wanna create this 0:19:19.919,0:19:24.640 extracurricular program 0:19:21.760,0:19:25.679 for our sdrs they’re showing a lot of 0:19:24.640,0:19:28.320 promise have met 0:19:25.679,0:19:29.520 certain tenure and performance criteria 0:19:28.320,0:19:32.640 and when they’re kind of 0:19:29.520,0:19:34.480 in that that end stage of sdr when 0:19:32.640,0:19:37.039 they’re like i can’t do this anymore 0:19:34.480,0:19:39.760 please promote me before i lose my mind 0:19:37.039,0:19:41.440 but also to buy that time of like well 0:19:39.760,0:19:44.640 you’re not quite there yet 0:19:41.440,0:19:45.919 or we don’t have the openings and 0:19:44.640,0:19:47.760 you know they’ll be hitting in six 0:19:45.919,0:19:48.480 months when we start our new fiscal year 0:19:47.760,0:19:51.679 right 0:19:48.480,0:19:53.120 it’s that bridge if you will and we 0:19:51.679,0:19:55.520 centered it around 0:19:53.120,0:19:57.200 hey what do we need people who don’t 0:19:55.520,0:20:00.160 have closing experience 0:19:57.200,0:20:00.799 walking into a closing role with that 0:20:00.160,0:20:02.480 will make 0:20:00.799,0:20:04.080 their lives and the lives of their 0:20:02.480,0:20:06.080 manager easier 0:20:04.080,0:20:08.159 what foundational skill sets can we 0:20:06.080,0:20:10.400 start giving them 0:20:08.159,0:20:11.919 how can we start shifting their paradigm 0:20:10.400,0:20:14.960 from being a qualifier 0:20:11.919,0:20:16.159 to um really running that deep discovery 0:20:14.960,0:20:18.159 forget negotiation 0:20:16.159,0:20:20.240 right like we’re not even talking about 0:20:18.159,0:20:21.520 the sales process yet 0:20:20.240,0:20:23.280 and oftentimes that’s where people 0:20:21.520,0:20:24.960 gravitate towards and it’s like no 0:20:23.280,0:20:27.600 we’ll get there you have to layer this 0:20:24.960,0:20:30.080 stuff on and we designed a curriculum 0:20:27.600,0:20:31.440 that aligned to that and i leaned into 0:20:30.080,0:20:34.080 other 0:20:31.440,0:20:36.480 to run those sessions we ran them from 0:20:34.080,0:20:38.320 like 4 30 to 5 30 in the evenings 0:20:36.480,0:20:40.240 depending on how quickly we needed to 0:20:38.320,0:20:41.600 execute it we were agile in it so we 0:20:40.240,0:20:43.760 could do it in four weeks we could do it 0:20:41.600,0:20:47.039 eight weeks we’d do it 12 weeks 0:20:43.760,0:20:48.799 um and there was a lot of um 0:20:47.039,0:20:50.320 they would do mock demos we would do a 0:20:48.799,0:20:51.360 lot of role playing as well as some 0:20:50.320,0:20:54.240 online learning 0:20:51.360,0:20:54.960 and just really end up training sessions 0:20:54.240,0:20:57.520 with 0:20:54.960,0:20:59.440 a whole of the sales leadership team so 0:20:57.520,0:21:02.080 that’s something i’d also like to 0:20:59.440,0:21:03.600 continue doing at logicgate so my hope 0:21:02.080,0:21:04.159 is that we can get something off the 0:21:03.600,0:21:06.640 ground 0:21:04.159,0:21:08.240 tail end of this year and start 0:21:06.640,0:21:10.080 iterating on that as we move forward 0:21:08.240,0:21:11.280 because that was a huge asset i think at 0:21:10.080,0:21:14.240 g2 0:21:11.280,0:21:16.240 and really started to give strong 0:21:14.240,0:21:17.520 foundational understanding of how to run 0:21:16.240,0:21:20.159 a discovery call 0:21:17.520,0:21:21.679 and frankly for the the managers that 0:21:20.159,0:21:24.240 would be hiring these folks 0:21:21.679,0:21:25.039 are participating in that and so the 0:21:24.240,0:21:28.080 final 0:21:25.039,0:21:31.280 like exam if you will was to do 0:21:28.080,0:21:31.679 an actual discovery call a role play and 0:21:31.280,0:21:33.600 then 0:21:31.679,0:21:35.679 the folks in the room that were the the 0:21:33.600,0:21:36.720 instructors if you will the program with 0:21:35.679,0:21:40.640 schools 0:21:36.720,0:21:43.120 and it was it served as a better process 0:21:40.640,0:21:45.360 than even having an interview 0:21:43.120,0:21:46.480 and i think not only helped us make 0:21:45.360,0:21:48.480 decisions on 0:21:46.480,0:21:49.520 who might be most ready and most 0:21:48.480,0:21:52.799 coachable 0:21:49.520,0:21:56.080 for that role but also helped us inform 0:21:52.799,0:21:57.440 hey who should this person report to 0:21:56.080,0:21:59.760 based on where their strengths and 0:21:57.440,0:22:01.440 opportunities are which manager does 0:21:59.760,0:22:02.640 that best align with and where do we 0:22:01.440,0:22:03.840 think they’re going to be set up for the 0:22:02.640,0:22:06.320 most success 0:22:03.840,0:22:07.039 that is fantastic to hear heather 0:22:06.320,0:22:09.919 because 0:22:07.039,0:22:10.799 i rarely hear that come out of people’s 0:22:09.919,0:22:13.600 mouths 0:22:10.799,0:22:15.440 hey there was so much great good there’s 0:22:13.600,0:22:17.039 so much goodness in what you just said 0:22:15.440,0:22:18.080 from the collaboration with the sales 0:22:17.039,0:22:21.280 leaders 0:22:18.080,0:22:22.640 um to the very thoughtful put together 0:22:21.280,0:22:24.159 program all the way through 0:22:22.640,0:22:27.120 but the fact that you took the final 0:22:24.159,0:22:30.080 step to say okay you have the skills 0:22:27.120,0:22:31.280 now how do you best align with a manager 0:22:30.080,0:22:33.679 so that you really 0:22:31.280,0:22:35.679 maximize the value of that relationship 0:22:33.679,0:22:37.120 and the employee and the manager has a 0:22:35.679,0:22:40.480 great experience too 0:22:37.120,0:22:41.679 that’s wonderful you know if if so for 0:22:40.480,0:22:43.360 you as you look ahead 0:22:41.679,0:22:45.200 and if you want to and if if somebody 0:22:43.360,0:22:47.280 were to say to heather 0:22:45.200,0:22:49.280 that was brilliant i want to do the same 0:22:47.280,0:22:50.640 thing in my company 0:22:49.280,0:22:52.559 what would you tell them to do what 0:22:50.640,0:22:54.720 would the process look like that you 0:22:52.559,0:22:58.240 would recommend they look at following 0:22:54.720,0:23:01.760 yeah i think that you first want to 0:22:58.240,0:23:02.400 assess what your sdrs do and what skills 0:23:01.760,0:23:05.120 they might 0:23:02.400,0:23:07.360 be lacking when they move into a closing 0:23:05.120,0:23:09.600 role and that involves not only a deep 0:23:07.360,0:23:10.559 and honest assessment of your team and 0:23:09.600,0:23:12.960 what sort of 0:23:10.559,0:23:13.600 functions they’re serving what capacity 0:23:12.960,0:23:15.440 they’re playing 0:23:13.600,0:23:18.000 because it is a little bit different 0:23:15.440,0:23:20.480 from from organizational organization 0:23:18.000,0:23:22.240 and then work with your ae leadership 0:23:20.480,0:23:24.720 team to understand 0:23:22.240,0:23:26.320 what are the skill gaps right you only 0:23:24.720,0:23:28.880 have so many hours in the day 0:23:26.320,0:23:29.840 by the way are those leaders responsible 0:23:28.880,0:23:32.720 for 0:23:29.840,0:23:34.640 smb mid-market enterprise do they serve 0:23:32.720,0:23:36.240 the gamut where is the bulk of their 0:23:34.640,0:23:38.640 time spent are they spent mostly 0:23:36.240,0:23:41.200 on closing calls do they have the 0:23:38.640,0:23:43.760 bandwidth to spend a lot of time on 0:23:41.200,0:23:44.720 early disco calls and a lot of them 0:23:43.760,0:23:48.080 frankly 0:23:44.720,0:23:48.880 so really understanding where we need to 0:23:48.080,0:23:52.960 mitigate 0:23:48.880,0:23:56.159 some of those those risks if you will 0:23:52.960,0:23:58.000 for those ae leaders on these folks and 0:23:56.159,0:24:00.240 and i think that looks very different 0:23:58.000,0:24:02.960 from organization organization 0:24:00.240,0:24:04.080 and so what can i do as an sdr leader 0:24:02.960,0:24:07.679 what can we do within this 0:24:04.080,0:24:10.000 program to make sure that we’re setting 0:24:07.679,0:24:11.840 up these folks for success but also 0:24:10.000,0:24:13.600 not placing a greater burden on you as 0:24:11.840,0:24:14.720 the ae leader like how do we make sure 0:24:13.600,0:24:17.360 that that works 0:24:14.720,0:24:19.360 and then once you can understand that i 0:24:17.360,0:24:21.440 think that you can define 0:24:19.360,0:24:23.360 the sales methodology skills that they 0:24:21.440,0:24:25.039 need to be instilled with or at least 0:24:23.360,0:24:26.159 start laying the framework for i don’t 0:24:25.039,0:24:27.360 think it’s a it’s a 0:24:26.159,0:24:29.039 it’s a catch-all i don’t think this 0:24:27.360,0:24:31.039 solves all of it it’s not like they go 0:24:29.039,0:24:32.960 through this boot camp and they’re like 0:24:31.039,0:24:34.159 i can run a disco totally specifically 0:24:32.960,0:24:35.760 on my own 0:24:34.159,0:24:38.240 shifting that paradigm of thought for 0:24:35.760,0:24:38.880 them from an sdr into an ae role that i 0:24:38.240,0:24:40.799 think 0:24:38.880,0:24:41.840 lays a solid framework because if you if 0:24:40.799,0:24:43.520 you do it wrong you’re going to just 0:24:41.840,0:24:45.039 start establishing really bad habits so 0:24:43.520,0:24:46.960 we want to prevent that 0:24:45.039,0:24:49.440 but i think that the the other piece to 0:24:46.960,0:24:51.440 it as well comes back to 0:24:49.440,0:24:52.799 product knowledge right what do they 0:24:51.440,0:24:56.240 need to know 0:24:52.799,0:24:57.360 uh in a closing role that they likely 0:24:56.240,0:25:01.200 didn’t need to 0:24:57.360,0:25:03.760 know with great depth and all those gaps 0:25:01.200,0:25:06.400 yep all those gaps yeah yeah and and how 0:25:03.760,0:25:08.799 do we start bridging that gap as well 0:25:06.400,0:25:11.120 um and so i think those are the two 0:25:08.799,0:25:12.640 areas that i look to define with my ae 0:25:11.120,0:25:14.080 leadership team and really have a 0:25:12.640,0:25:15.520 foundation for 0:25:14.080,0:25:17.279 and then we go okay and then we reverse 0:25:15.520,0:25:20.520 engineer it from there 0:25:17.279,0:25:22.159 so that program is now on sale through 0:25:20.520,0:25:25.440 0:25:22.159,0:25:27.039 for the small price i know it’s a great 0:25:25.440,0:25:28.240 model though and what a great approach 0:25:27.039,0:25:31.440 heather um 0:25:28.240,0:25:32.559 i don’t see enough teams doing it or 0:25:31.440,0:25:35.200 doing it really well 0:25:32.559,0:25:36.640 so so definitely kudos to you and and 0:25:35.200,0:25:38.400 all involved 0:25:36.640,0:25:40.240 it’ll be exciting to see how you roll 0:25:38.400,0:25:42.720 that out where you are now 0:25:40.240,0:25:45.679 yeah and i’m sure i’m sure you’ll learn 0:25:42.720,0:25:48.480 a few more wrinkles in the process 0:25:45.679,0:25:50.159 you know did did that a lot of what you 0:25:48.480,0:25:53.520 talked about building for that 0:25:50.159,0:25:55.360 gap you know the for the sdr ae role 0:25:53.520,0:25:57.360 sounded to me like the same sorts of 0:25:55.360,0:25:58.559 things you would put into onboarding new 0:25:57.360,0:26:01.919 aes 0:25:58.559,0:26:05.520 was there was that a program 0:26:01.919,0:26:07.840 shared between new hires in ae 0:26:05.520,0:26:09.360 was it jointly developed between two 0:26:07.840,0:26:12.480 teams 0:26:09.360,0:26:15.440 all of that kind of stuff yeah um 0:26:12.480,0:26:17.200 it wasn’t shared with new hires i’m 0:26:15.440,0:26:19.440 trying to think i feel like maybe we put 0:26:17.200,0:26:20.720 one new hire through it we had hired an 0:26:19.440,0:26:23.440 external 0:26:20.720,0:26:24.960 uh candidate for an smbae role so i 0:26:23.440,0:26:27.120 think there there may have been 0:26:24.960,0:26:29.039 one that went through it at some point 0:26:27.120,0:26:30.400 but it was predominantly for that 0:26:29.039,0:26:33.440 internal transition 0:26:30.400,0:26:36.000 because there was an assumption of 0:26:33.440,0:26:37.039 some some basic understanding of what 0:26:36.000,0:26:39.440 the product was 0:26:37.039,0:26:40.159 right and so i think for a new hire 0:26:39.440,0:26:43.279 coming in 0:26:40.159,0:26:45.600 it in that capacity it might have been 0:26:43.279,0:26:48.640 lost on them a little bit 0:26:45.600,0:26:49.200 um in the last nine months that i was at 0:26:48.640,0:26:50.720 g2 0:26:49.200,0:26:52.960 i took over sales training and 0:26:50.720,0:26:55.679 enablement there and so 0:26:52.960,0:26:56.559 um there wasn’t really a formal 0:26:55.679,0:26:58.720 onboarding 0:26:56.559,0:27:00.960 program i i don’t i’m frankly i’m not 0:26:58.720,0:27:03.679 sure that it even is there today but 0:27:00.960,0:27:05.039 yeah um it was a similar approach that i 0:27:03.679,0:27:07.279 tried to take with that 0:27:05.039,0:27:08.559 is like where where are the skill and 0:27:07.279,0:27:10.480 knowledge gaps 0:27:08.559,0:27:11.679 hopefully there’s less of a skill gap 0:27:10.480,0:27:12.240 for some of these roles that we’re 0:27:11.679,0:27:13.679 hiring for 0:27:12.240,0:27:15.679 these are people that have some sales 0:27:13.679,0:27:17.919 experience um 0:27:15.679,0:27:19.919 but where where are the knowledge gaps 0:27:17.919,0:27:20.480 that i can start plugging those holes 0:27:19.919,0:27:23.039 early 0:27:20.480,0:27:25.120 at least in their first two weeks i was 0:27:23.039,0:27:26.640 one person on boarding a ton of people 0:27:25.120,0:27:30.000 so it was by no stretch 0:27:26.640,0:27:31.440 anywhere near perfect um but how can i 0:27:30.000,0:27:34.080 offload some of the burden 0:27:31.440,0:27:35.840 from the hiring managers right at least 0:27:34.080,0:27:36.960 in the first two weeks and try to plant 0:27:35.840,0:27:39.600 some seeds 0:27:36.960,0:27:40.559 and so it was a similar concept that i 0:27:39.600,0:27:43.600 tried to 0:27:40.559,0:27:44.559 employ there but yeah no so yeah no 0:27:43.600,0:27:46.080 that’s really good 0:27:44.559,0:27:47.520 well what surprised you the most there 0:27:46.080,0:27:49.039 heather if i can ask you know as you 0:27:47.520,0:27:49.600 went through that journey on building 0:27:49.039,0:27:52.240 that 0:27:49.600,0:27:54.240 any big surprises or relevation or 0:27:52.240,0:27:57.440 revelations 0:27:54.240,0:28:01.039 um i think i was 0:27:57.440,0:28:05.360 surprised at how much leadership 0:28:01.039,0:28:07.760 leaned in to not only helping define it 0:28:05.360,0:28:09.120 but helping to execute the programs it 0:28:07.760,0:28:12.240 was an ask of time 0:28:09.120,0:28:14.399 and not that i thought that people 0:28:12.240,0:28:17.600 wouldn’t buy into it or anything 0:28:14.399,0:28:20.720 but i was really delighted 0:28:17.600,0:28:23.039 with how much people embraced it 0:28:20.720,0:28:24.080 um because it was an additional ask of 0:28:23.039,0:28:27.120 their time 0:28:24.080,0:28:27.679 and and for a team that wasn’t yet 0:28:27.120,0:28:29.919 theirs 0:28:27.679,0:28:31.919 and and i think especially in startup 0:28:29.919,0:28:33.840 we’re all wearing so many hats and 0:28:31.919,0:28:36.640 running so thin already 0:28:33.840,0:28:37.760 that you know to give somebody an extra 0:28:36.640,0:28:40.640 ass 0:28:37.760,0:28:42.320 even though it’s an important one um i 0:28:40.640,0:28:45.200 was really pleasantly surprised with how 0:28:42.320,0:28:48.240 much people leaned into it 0:28:45.200,0:28:49.600 and i think the the results that came 0:28:48.240,0:28:52.159 out of it like i said 0:28:49.600,0:28:53.039 the the mitigation of time between when 0:28:52.159,0:28:55.039 an sdr 0:28:53.039,0:28:56.799 feels like they’re ready versus when 0:28:55.039,0:28:58.320 they actually are and by the way the 0:28:56.799,0:29:00.799 openings there 0:28:58.320,0:29:02.480 um we had several folks who went through 0:29:00.799,0:29:03.840 it and didn’t get that near-term 0:29:02.480,0:29:07.120 promotion 0:29:03.840,0:29:09.200 frankly there was some great 0:29:07.120,0:29:11.520 feedback that came out of it it’s like 0:29:09.200,0:29:13.760 hey i see potential here 0:29:11.520,0:29:16.159 but you’re not there yet and let’s give 0:29:13.760,0:29:18.640 some really honest direct and specific 0:29:16.159,0:29:20.320 feedback and then establish coaching 0:29:18.640,0:29:23.120 programs that we can do 0:29:20.320,0:29:24.559 beyond this to help you build those 0:29:23.120,0:29:26.159 skills to help you get there 0:29:24.559,0:29:27.760 right an opportunity for professional 0:29:26.159,0:29:28.720 development that came out of it yeah 0:29:27.760,0:29:31.679 wonderful 0:29:28.720,0:29:32.799 and i i also think it was it in those 0:29:31.679,0:29:35.919 situations 0:29:32.799,0:29:37.600 it became a pivotal moment between is 0:29:35.919,0:29:40.799 this a skill or a will 0:29:37.600,0:29:43.919 situation and and a lot of times 0:29:40.799,0:29:46.240 it was a will thing and that’s okay 0:29:43.919,0:29:47.360 that’s that’s totally okay but it 0:29:46.240,0:29:49.279 allowed for 0:29:47.360,0:29:50.399 some really direct coaching 0:29:49.279,0:29:53.520 conversations 0:29:50.399,0:29:54.000 that um you know some went the way you 0:29:53.520,0:29:56.559 would hope 0:29:54.000,0:29:58.399 and some didn’t but i think yeah that’s 0:29:56.559,0:30:00.880 life every time yeah 0:29:58.399,0:30:02.399 yeah i think in both scenarios it they 0:30:00.880,0:30:03.520 were the right things and and in the 0:30:02.399,0:30:05.279 long run 0:30:03.520,0:30:07.520 will be is better for everybody 0:30:05.279,0:30:09.520 especially the the sdr 0:30:07.520,0:30:11.760 i love that heather you know one thing i 0:30:09.520,0:30:13.039 do i we’re past 30 minutes and i usually 0:30:11.760,0:30:14.559 like to keep it there so i want to be 0:30:13.039,0:30:15.919 sensitive to that but one thing i want 0:30:14.559,0:30:18.080 to call out is 0:30:15.919,0:30:19.919 i bet you’d probably get the amount of 0:30:18.080,0:30:23.360 leadership buy-in 0:30:19.919,0:30:26.080 you did because of how well um 0:30:23.360,0:30:28.159 you know you the team collectively 0:30:26.080,0:30:30.080 articulated the value of it 0:30:28.159,0:30:32.080 up front because that that that’s 0:30:30.080,0:30:33.360 usually an indicator of you did a damn 0:30:32.080,0:30:35.760 good job of that 0:30:33.360,0:30:36.960 you know if i asked you for one tip was 0:30:35.760,0:30:39.120 there a tip that 0:30:36.960,0:30:40.399 that you could share that hey to get 0:30:39.120,0:30:41.919 buying up front 0:30:40.399,0:30:44.320 this is what i did and it’s okay if 0:30:41.919,0:30:46.559 there’s not heather yeah i really think 0:30:44.320,0:30:48.240 the tip is leaning in to 0:30:46.559,0:30:49.600 the hiring managers that are going to 0:30:48.240,0:30:51.919 take these folks on 0:30:49.600,0:30:54.000 really reach out have the conversations 0:30:51.919,0:30:55.679 yeah understand what their pain is they 0:30:54.000,0:30:56.720 they are essentially my customer in this 0:30:55.679,0:30:59.279 situation right 0:30:56.720,0:30:59.919 so wonderful where do they struggle and 0:30:59.279,0:31:01.919 and 0:30:59.919,0:31:03.600 let me make them feel like this is as 0:31:01.919,0:31:05.519 much for them as it is for the ncr i’m 0:31:03.600,0:31:07.760 looking to make their lives easier too 0:31:05.519,0:31:09.600 love it now i have learned so freaking 0:31:07.760,0:31:12.320 much from you heather and i think i gave 0:31:09.600,0:31:15.200 you an opportunity to sell a new course 0:31:12.320,0:31:17.600 or a consulting practice so i’ll take 0:31:15.200,0:31:18.320 just one percent and i’ll be happy 0:31:17.600,0:31:20.080 anything 0:31:18.320,0:31:22.159 and anything we didn’t cover the like 0:31:20.080,0:31:25.440 damn john i really wanted to mention 0:31:22.159,0:31:27.200 this you know i think um 0:31:25.440,0:31:29.919 the thing i’d like to leave people with 0:31:27.200,0:31:32.640 is on this theme of coaching 0:31:29.919,0:31:35.039 um and especially like take the the 0:31:32.640,0:31:36.880 newer folks out of the equation but 0:31:35.039,0:31:39.039 an aha moment that i’ve had in probably 0:31:36.880,0:31:43.039 the last five years of my life 0:31:39.039,0:31:44.559 is that you’ve got to be proactive in 0:31:43.039,0:31:46.799 seeking out that coaching 0:31:44.559,0:31:48.080 i think early on and especially with 0:31:46.799,0:31:49.360 your when you’re ambitious and you’re 0:31:48.080,0:31:50.320 hungry you know you show up hungry you 0:31:49.360,0:31:52.240 get fed 0:31:50.320,0:31:54.240 and a lot of times your leadership 0:31:52.240,0:31:55.919 internally will give you that coaching 0:31:54.240,0:31:57.840 because you’re in an earlier stage role 0:31:55.919,0:32:01.200 and it’s just it’s it’s necessary 0:31:57.840,0:32:03.200 right um but i realized that 0:32:01.200,0:32:04.640 not every leader is a great coach and 0:32:03.200,0:32:08.399 not every great coach 0:32:04.640,0:32:12.240 is actually even in a leadership role 0:32:08.399,0:32:15.440 so i think that if you’re feeling 0:32:12.240,0:32:17.279 stalled or like you’re not being 0:32:15.440,0:32:18.720 satisfied in terms of your career 0:32:17.279,0:32:22.320 development 0:32:18.720,0:32:24.960 don’t just wait or look for it to happen 0:32:22.320,0:32:26.960 internally be proactive take your 0:32:24.960,0:32:27.360 destiny in your own hands and seek that 0:32:26.960,0:32:29.600 out 0:32:27.360,0:32:32.320 rather it’s networking with peers 0:32:29.600,0:32:34.000 linkedin is a great forum to meet people 0:32:32.320,0:32:35.840 you might not otherwise right i just 0:32:34.000,0:32:37.440 google search people that have the same 0:32:35.840,0:32:40.399 title as me and gone hey 0:32:37.440,0:32:40.720 can i pick your brain about this um so i 0:32:40.399,0:32:44.000 think 0:32:40.720,0:32:46.240 networking with peers mentor others and 0:32:44.000,0:32:47.840 seek out mentorship because when you 0:32:46.240,0:32:49.200 mentor others it helps instill 0:32:47.840,0:32:50.960 confidence that maybe 0:32:49.200,0:32:53.679 you you need to build a little bit more 0:32:50.960,0:32:55.840 around and when you seek out mentorship 0:32:53.679,0:32:57.360 it’s a great opportunity to learn 0:32:55.840,0:32:59.120 outside of the four walls of your 0:32:57.360,0:33:01.600 organization which i think 0:32:59.120,0:33:04.320 just having a different perspective in 0:33:01.600,0:33:06.480 and of itself is valuable so i think 0:33:04.320,0:33:08.640 just make sure that that you’re 0:33:06.480,0:33:10.240 proactive and show up for yourself and 0:33:08.640,0:33:11.760 seek that out and don’t wait for it to 0:33:10.240,0:33:13.200 happen if you’re hungry for it 0:33:11.760,0:33:15.039 oh i’m so glad you shared that heather 0:33:13.200,0:33:17.279 those are great tips 0:33:15.039,0:33:19.200 you know i love all of them all i can 0:33:17.279,0:33:22.559 say beyond the fact that i’m now getting 0:33:19.200,0:33:24.960 one percent of heather’s new business 0:33:22.559,0:33:25.679 thank you that was awesome heather i i 0:33:24.960,0:33:27.279 honestly 0:33:25.679,0:33:29.440 uh thought that was a tremendous 0:33:27.279,0:33:30.559 conversation and frankly there was so 0:33:29.440,0:33:32.080 much goodness 0:33:30.559,0:33:34.240 and i especially loved the program going 0:33:32.080,0:33:35.039 from sdr to ae there’s so much goodness 0:33:34.240,0:33:37.120 in there 0:33:35.039,0:33:38.399 but thank you and thank you everybody 0:33:37.120,0:33:41.039 for listening in 0:33:38.399,0:33:41.600 um if people wanted to reach out just 0:33:41.039,0:33:44.720 linkedin 0:33:41.600,0:33:46.559 yeah that way all right all right i’m 0:33:44.720,0:33:47.200 sure you’ll get half a dozen requests 0:33:46.559,0:33:50.640 for 0:33:47.200,0:33:52.880 consulting uh following this 0:33:50.640,0:33:53.679 my next career path has been defined 0:33:52.880,0:33:55.600 exactly 0:33:53.679,0:33:57.960 all right thank you so much and thank 0:33:55.600,0:34:00.960 you everyone thank you 0:33:57.960,0:34:00.960 bye