Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement in DACH

Britta Lorenz, Partner and Enablement pro at the PDAgroup, Chapter Lead for WiSE DACH (not sure what is WiSE?), is the head of our efforts in DACH, and the Regional Host of the Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement in DACH.

Her in-depth understanding of the region, the people, and Enablement, combined with her passion for raising the profession by sharing best practices and spotlighting fellow Collaborators, makes her a natural choice. 

You can read more about Britta on her profile page

Our Episodes about Enablement in the region

Recommended Experts in DACH

If you need help with Sales Enablement in the DACH region, we have a list of hand-selected individuals to help you achieve success.

And let us know, how do you want to help improve the Enablement profession?


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