Maggie Callahan – Leading Small Revenue Enablement Teams

maggie callahanMaggie Callahan was named one of the top women in Sales Enablement by Sales Hacker (September, 2020).  She stopped in to chat about what she’s been up to at Convercent where she is running a small Revenue Enablement team.

1️⃣She is focused on optimizing the methodologies and practices and empowering people to make the changes required to adopt and succeed with these practices and methodologies.

2️⃣She is part of a small team at the moment, with only her working in Enablement and supporting between 25-30 people across sales, customer success, and beyond.

3️⃣The majority of her time is spent on coaching individual contributors and leaders.  However, the majority of the time is spent with the leaders, where you have the greatest ability to drive adoption and create true change for the business.

4️⃣Tips on analyzing closed deals to understand why some deals are won, and some are lost.

5️⃣Insights and recommendations for how to prioritize the work on the enablement team’s plate.

Maggie Callahan knows her Enablement — give a listen.

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