How do you start a new Enablement Program

Whether you are starting a new enablement function or running one that has been in place for some time, now is a great time to step back, review and update your strategy, and find ways to impact your business positively.

Imogen McCourt, Co-Founder & Chief Executive at, has a lot of experience building enablement from the ground up. This experience has never been more critical.

In this session, The Collaborator sits with Imogen to explore her experiences building enablement teams from scratch and explore how those lessons learned can be applied now.    Here are a few concepts to consider when building a new program:

1️⃣ Understand the pain points.  Why did the business decide that investing in Enablement made sense now?

2️⃣ Who are the key stakeholders, who is funding the department, and how can you make them successful?

3️⃣Evangelize and educate the teams about Enablement and about where the Enablement journey is headed.