In this episode, Kristen McCrae McMullan shares the data-driven enablement model she is using. This model enables her to be seen as strategic and to deliver results that everyone from senior leadership on down can point to and count on from their Sales Enablement efforts.

This is how she is elevating the impact of her work.

Kristin walks The Collaborator through the five-step data-driven enablement process; the steps include:

1️⃣ Observe – Quantify and uncover the root cause.

2️⃣ Align – Share observations and create a game plan.

3️⃣ Develop – Get feedback, Ask for involvement, create the RACI.

4️⃣ Execute – Leverage support and use tracking mechanisms

5️⃣ Quantify – Capture KPIs and Results and plan next steps.

Kristen McCrae McMullan‘s data-driven enablement process is simple to understand, straightforward to execute upon, and responsible for elevating the impact of her work across the business.

Give a listen and remain curious.


0:00:00.890,0:00:07.470 so I am being told based upon the prompt on my screen that we’re now live0:00:07.470,0:00:13.110 Kristen so I’m gonna dive into it and at first I said this you0:00:13.110,0:00:18.660 personally a number of times when I attended the Sales Enablement Society0:00:18.660,0:00:24.210 National Convention last year. I tried to attend as many events as0:00:24.210,0:00:29.510 I could and and there were a lot of really smart people and I learned a lot0:00:29.510,0:00:37.110 one of the sessions that I that really blew me away both because of0:00:37.110,0:00:39.899 the articulate nature in which you spoke about it but also because of the0:00:39.899,0:00:44.789 concepts and the material itself was yours and how you focused on being0:00:44.789,0:00:48.899 strategic. You know people driving the value in the0:00:48.899,0:00:53.520 business and doing so many smart things so now that I’ve been doing the LinkedIn0:00:53.520,0:00:57.000 Live for about six weeks or so I wanted to take the opportunity and bring0:00:57.000,0:01:01.710 you on and really just explore this a little bit. But, before we dive into it0:01:01.710,0:01:04.500 can you just you know maybe give a brief introduction a little bit about your0:01:04.500,0:01:11.280 background all of that. Well thank you so much John I am really excited to be here0:01:11.280,0:01:16.560 and I’m sincerely humbled that you felt that way and this is my first0:01:16.560,0:01:19.729 LinkedIn Live so this is pretty fun it’s exciting to be here.0:01:19.729,0:01:23.970 In terms of my background there won’t0:01:23.970,0:01:29.100 be a last in terms of my background it’s a little non-traditional I actually am a0:01:29.100,0:01:35.130 former journalist turn sales person so way back when I kept getting recruited0:01:35.130,0:01:41.640 for sales opportunities and I just was very hesitant and apprehensive about0:01:41.640,0:01:45.420 what is this whole sales thing and I heard some negative things about it I0:01:45.420,0:01:50.579 was just nervous to kind of take that leap but that base salary in itself was0:01:50.579,0:01:58.530 so compelling being a journalist I know so I decided to give it a go0:01:58.530,0:02:03.689 and I will say that having sales as a foundation for my career was0:02:03.689,0:02:06.960 game-changing and I would highly recommend anyone out there that’s0:02:06.960,0:02:12.000 listening that’s thinking about making a transition to sales or maybe you have a0:02:12.000,0:02:16.470 kid who’s thinking about where do I take my first steps cells is0:02:16.470,0:02:20.700 such an amazing foundation to anywhere you want to go in your career because it0:02:20.700,0:02:27.840 teaches you communication skills negotiation skills tough scenarios a lot0:02:27.840,0:02:33.150 of just a lot of visibility into the business world into business acumen and0:02:33.150,0:02:40.940 really almost getting a mini MBA so in sales I learned so much and really0:02:40.940,0:02:45.060 passionate about it because of that but when I was in sales and sales leadership0:02:45.060,0:02:51.209 I thought gosh I’d love to contribute in a role where I can bring my passion of0:02:51.209,0:02:54.450 sales but also bring my passion of content bring my passion of wanting to0:02:54.450,0:02:58.680 be engaged in multiple initiatives into one role so when I found enablement it0:02:58.680,0:03:02.400 has just been home for me ever since and will be home for me for the rest of my0:03:02.400,0:03:06.300 career because it that’s awesome personal highly engaging role where I0:03:06.300,0:03:10.860 can give back to the profession that has really awarded me so much0:03:10.860,0:03:16.800 you’ve the the journalism background is one that I would have said was unique0:03:16.800,0:03:22.290 but I’ve actually run into a few X journalists and never having been a0:03:22.290,0:03:27.090 journalist I always think Walter Cronkite bar brewery or Barbara Walters0:03:27.090,0:03:34.220 and I think glamour money and all that and I know the reality is none of that0:03:34.250,0:03:40.980 so to me I mean when you got into sales enablement you mean you really provided0:03:40.980,0:03:45.030 great insight about wanting to bring some of those other passions to bear you0:03:45.030,0:03:48.359 know what was your view of enablement as you started to get into it0:03:48.359,0:03:53.370 and and and share a little bit about that when I started to get into0:03:53.370,0:03:58.140 enablement I thought wow this is a role where I can help sales people sell more0:03:58.140,0:04:02.820 and be better reach their full potential and I was right in that waiting but the0:04:02.820,0:04:08.549 way that I went about it to be very frank was was wrong so I came into the0:04:08.549,0:04:12.750 sales enablement role and I got a lot of requests and I started working on them0:04:12.750,0:04:17.579 and I did a good job and then I would get more of our class but what I started0:04:17.579,0:04:23.070 to realize just a few months in was that I was overloaded with a lot of work a0:04:23.070,0:04:27.090 lot of projects that I found neat but they weren’t really had0:04:27.090,0:04:31.830 impact there was no paper trail there was no story and there was no0:04:31.830,0:04:36.000 scalability of anything I was putting together so I think when I first started0:04:36.000,0:04:40.500 in enablement it took a few kind of lessons learned just to think about what0:04:40.500,0:04:44.190 should I be involved in how can I actually make myself a strategic0:04:44.190,0:04:48.570 business partner and getting involved in everything or being asked to be involved0:04:48.570,0:04:52.860 in everything and saying yes is not the best way to go about it it’s amazing we0:04:52.860,0:05:00.090 all think well this many people think just being busy I’m being productive I’m0:05:00.090,0:05:05.040 getting crap done and I remember you know moons upon moons ago when I was in0:05:05.040,0:05:11.790 my 20s young ambitious I was busy all the time and I was so proud of myself0:05:11.790,0:05:16.740 and people would pat you on the back but the reality is you got to be busy with0:05:16.740,0:05:20.700 the right things and and and it’s really smart of you that you picked up on that0:05:20.700,0:05:25.889 you know so thinking about when you started to realize that how did you0:05:25.889,0:05:31.830 shift that understanding in to how you approach starting to be constricted0:05:31.830,0:05:37.830 you’re a strategic business partner but those you’re working with it took some0:05:37.830,0:05:44.580 time but I really thought I’ve got to have scalability to these programs and0:05:44.580,0:05:48.210 I’ve got to have seen sustainability to the programs that I’m working on and I0:05:48.210,0:05:53.250 also just have to be choosy I can’t keep going working on all these different0:05:53.250,0:05:58.410 things so I have to to really prioritize what to work on so I thought how am I0:05:58.410,0:06:04.139 going to do this and I started to think about what sales enablement was and I0:06:04.139,0:06:10.200 really believed those enablement is a consultant to the business it’s truly0:06:10.200,0:06:15.030 about understanding what the business does how the business measures success0:06:15.030,0:06:22.830 and coming in there and really observing and understanding where the gaps are and0:06:22.830,0:06:26.849 how you can help to solve them and just because you’re a part of the business0:06:26.849,0:06:31.620 and employed by the business doesn’t mean you can’t be a true consultant so0:06:31.620,0:06:37.219 that’s kind of where I started to angle myself and started to think about0:06:37.219,0:06:40.800 specifically around ok with the business that I0:06:40.800,0:06:43.889 and I started to read a lot of board meeting reports and I started to pay0:06:43.889,0:06:47.940 close attention to what the board discussed and what I found was that0:06:47.940,0:06:51.539 there was a lot of sales and enablement kind of top of mind trickled in there0:06:51.539,0:06:58.229 and I thought okay how is that driving sales kpi’s how is that impacting the0:06:58.229,0:07:02.039 vision that the company has for sales and how we’re going to be success going0:07:02.039,0:07:07.590 to market and then I thought okay is there any way that sells an implement0:07:07.590,0:07:13.949 can impact that can make that into a story how can I prioritize based on what0:07:13.949,0:07:17.159 the company’s go-to market is how can I help0:07:17.159,0:07:21.330 salespeople make that more successful and that’s when I started those0:07:21.330,0:07:25.680 lightbulbs started kind of turning and I was able to change the game and really0:07:25.680,0:07:31.379 be able to be seen as a strategic business so so smart on your part to0:07:31.379,0:07:36.780 Kristin you know so many people I mean a big tip there is pay attention to what0:07:36.780,0:07:40.800 the board what the senior executive team is focused on what they’re talking about0:07:40.800,0:07:45.930 what their goals are so smart on your part and a lot of people not actually0:07:45.930,0:07:51.349 very few people look at what the end you know when you release the investor decks0:07:51.349,0:07:56.099 for your business as well in terms of to the public to the stock in bath you know0:07:56.099,0:07:59.130 to the stock investors you know pay attention to what they’re talking about0:07:59.130,0:08:03.210 – because you’re right there’s a lot of really good stuff that enable errs can0:08:03.210,0:08:07.349 can really impact and tie yourself back to the business before we go on though I0:08:07.349,0:08:12.330 want to ask you said another thing that’s so important being choosy being0:08:12.330,0:08:15.690 choosy and not being that I can do everything kind of thing0:08:15.690,0:08:20.940 how did I’d love to explore and maybe we’ll get to it in the later section as0:08:20.940,0:08:24.990 well and that’s okay as you talked about some of your you know the process you0:08:24.990,0:08:29.610 follow I love to explore how you got to be choosy because I think that’s an area0:08:29.610,0:08:36.089 where a lot of people aren’t comfortable saying yeah no or yes but it’s gonna be0:08:36.089,0:08:42.240 later yeah it took me a while to be strategically choosy at first I started0:08:42.240,0:08:47.070 to just be choosy thinking on what’s gonna drive the business forward but0:08:47.070,0:08:51.420 then I got better at okay I’m gonna be choosy on what’s gonna drive the0:08:51.420,0:08:55.010 business forward I need my sales leaders not only aligned0:08:55.010,0:09:00.350 to that but extremely excited about that with me to see these programs be very0:09:00.350,0:09:05.180 successful so I would say and I’m going to get into this a little later but the0:09:05.180,0:09:09.829 alignment of top down starting with them having them be a part of their journey0:09:09.829,0:09:15.440 with you and then that that okay what is the business vision putting on those0:09:15.440,0:09:20.899 lenses really helps you make those decisions it makes it a lot clearer so0:09:20.899,0:09:24.620 good so good and we’re gonna dive into your process and in just a couple more0:09:24.620,0:09:30.019 minutes but tell me you know I’m impressed by what you’ve done Kristen0:09:30.019,0:09:36.260 many other people should be too but it’s not all like it was a perfectly straight0:09:36.260,0:09:41.899 path to a good place know anybody who tells you that they just saw the vision0:09:41.899,0:09:47.029 and we’re perfectly in line is yes it’s full of it you know what are some of the0:09:47.029,0:09:50.300 mistakes you made along the way that that maybe you can share with everybody0:09:50.300,0:09:56.089 so they can avoid or at least be aware of those potential mistakes yeah and0:09:56.089,0:10:03.620 quite a few come to mind I think some of the top ones would be understanding of0:10:03.620,0:10:09.829 the why what’s the business why what’s this sales why what’s the customer why0:10:09.829,0:10:13.610 what is your customer why is the sales team and what is your why as an0:10:13.610,0:10:18.410 enablement practitioner truly understanding that like what is the root0:10:18.410,0:10:23.089 cause of these gaps that I’m observing because if you go really surface-level0:10:23.089,0:10:28.010 on programs or approaches or strategies you’re only scratching the surface and0:10:28.010,0:10:32.120 you’re not going to have a quantifiable impact that’s so important to showing0:10:32.120,0:10:37.190 that enablement our ally so that’s one piece is really digging deep and that’s0:10:37.190,0:10:41.329 where that journalism background comes in I could call you know a senator and0:10:41.329,0:10:44.570 get a story but if I have that connection that rapport that trust with0:10:44.570,0:10:48.320 them and the patience to do a good enough discovering then I can get the0:10:48.320,0:10:52.459 real story right that’s what people want to hear about is the real story0:10:52.459,0:10:59.180 I think the second mistake is don’t do it all yourself right it’s really about0:10:59.180,0:11:05.089 being an Orchestrator and building an organizational muscle to let other0:11:05.089,0:11:08.989 people shine enable meant you collaborate so much and0:11:08.989,0:11:13.639 so you get to know other people in their strengths so when you recognize there’s0:11:13.639,0:11:17.600 an opportunity for someone else to contribute and especially in a strength0:11:17.600,0:11:20.949 where you know they’re going to shine0:11:21.499,0:11:26.329 and then the last piece is be customer obsessed it is all about your customer0:11:26.329,0:11:31.399 and in this case your customers your sales team so if you don’t involve them0:11:31.399,0:11:34.699 in the development and truly understanding if you’re solving a gap0:11:34.699,0:11:38.839 for them it’s not sticky it’s not effective and ultimately it’s about0:11:38.839,0:11:41.569 delivering for customers so I think those are some of the mistakes that I0:11:41.569,0:11:45.350 made early on that have been huge realizations for me throughout my0:11:45.350,0:11:48.529 enablement career of making sure when I deliver is valuable0:11:48.529,0:11:52.519 yeah and that’s and that’s huge because remember your customer and everything we0:11:52.519,0:11:57.229 do is so important I often hear enabling that people say I built this great0:11:57.229,0:12:01.429 training session and nobody’s taking it why aren’t they taking it and the reason0:12:01.429,0:12:04.879 usually is because you didn’t actually give them what they needed you didn’t0:12:04.879,0:12:09.259 remember your customer you just sort of built this really cool training session0:12:09.259,0:12:13.939 that was useless or things that we’re not that valuable so great hey I would0:12:13.939,0:12:18.259 love it if you wouldn’t mind maybe sharing your five-step enablement0:12:18.259,0:12:21.709 process with everybody because I think there’s some real gold in there that0:12:21.709,0:12:27.199 others could value get value from absolutely you okay with that awesome0:12:27.199,0:12:34.429 all right can you see my screen okay I can great so we already talked about the0:12:34.429,0:12:38.389 three questions so these are the three questions that I try to propose when0:12:38.389,0:12:42.980 developing any enablement initiative how is the business measuring success I’m0:12:42.980,0:12:47.179 making sure I’m aligned with the heart rate and then how is that impacting0:12:47.179,0:12:52.159 sales how is that going to trickle down to sales KPIs and then how can0:12:52.159,0:12:57.019 enablement move the needle keeping both in mind so I just want to reiterate that0:12:57.019,0:13:01.609 and I won’t go too much into this but you know so often enablement0:13:01.609,0:13:06.529 practitioners say how can I kind of get credit for the data how can I measure my0:13:06.529,0:13:10.939 impact and I think one mistake and this is another mistake that I made is always0:13:10.939,0:13:16.069 trying to quantify the impact from a revenue perspective that’s not always0:13:16.069,0:13:19.710 going to be possible and it’s not always going to be believable from0:13:19.710,0:13:25.200 leadership so when I started to think about is there’s so many other pieces of0:13:25.200,0:13:30.150 data out there if I can move the needle orphan ableman can move the needle on a0:13:30.150,0:13:34.530 different piece of data that’s surely ultimately we would all agree has an0:13:34.530,0:13:40.830 impact on sales revenue isn’t that just as valuable and so just as I wonder and0:13:40.830,0:13:43.590 I want to interrupt you there Kristin real fast because there’s a brilliant0:13:43.590,0:13:47.790 point you know whether you’re talking about revenue enablement or sales0:13:47.790,0:13:52.320 enablement at the end of the day you’re gonna try to impact sales you’re gonna0:13:52.320,0:13:56.850 try to impact cost savings you’re going to try to reduce risk in the business0:13:56.850,0:14:00.830 those are really three smart areas to focus on everything that you’re doing0:14:00.830,0:14:05.730 and I’m so sorry to interrupt you but I think that’s important too often we0:14:05.730,0:14:10.980 either say we can’t possibly measure an impact to sales or we try to measure it0:14:10.980,0:14:14.490 in a way that to your point really spot-on isn’t believable0:14:14.490,0:14:18.720 I made the company five million dollars well no but you may have helped0:14:18.720,0:14:24.090 influence that amount of money so really smart so keep going this is awesome yeah0:14:24.090,0:14:28.230 and the other piece that’s come up is okay Kristin I do believe that this0:14:28.230,0:14:32.250 enablement program did have an impact on revenue but we also had a marketing0:14:32.250,0:14:37.110 initiative at the same time and we had this specifically happening and so it’s0:14:37.110,0:14:42.510 really tricky to be able to isolate a specific initiative and kpi’s associated0:14:42.510,0:14:47.400 with that so I got challenged on this quite a bit from some really great sales0:14:47.400,0:14:51.930 and enablement leaders and I started to think about well what can we move the0:14:51.930,0:14:58.500 needle on and so you know I with sells data there’s sales specific data and0:14:58.500,0:15:04.710 then there’s customer data that both drive company’s performance whether it’s0:15:04.710,0:15:09.330 coaching and manager effectiveness and coaching we’re getting that coaching0:15:09.330,0:15:14.040 can’t cadence and quality up that surely is gonna impact performance and0:15:14.040,0:15:20.280 productivity which is impact sales right or whether it’s truly having your sales0:15:20.280,0:15:24.440 team understand what the ICP is and understand the sweetspot0:15:24.440,0:15:30.600 understand how you strategically and best go about acquiring a new customer0:15:30.600,0:15:34.410 what is the messaging it’s most effective from an perspective0:15:34.410,0:15:39.120 there are so many different tests and initiatives that enablement can run0:15:39.120,0:15:45.480 focused on this kind of metadata if you will that that data will show a before0:15:45.480,0:15:49.770 and after sake hopefully and even if it doesn’t then you learn and then it then0:15:49.770,0:15:53.820 you learned how you can be more effective next time but I just before I0:15:53.820,0:15:57.320 go into the the process I want us to remember that it’s not all about0:15:57.320,0:16:06.300 quantifying revenue so just some food for thought there perfectly said and0:16:06.300,0:16:12.060 this and this this image right here does such a great job of showing people it’s0:16:12.060,0:16:18.090 not just content training and coaching to your point Kristen there’s a million0:16:18.090,0:16:21.900 different things you can be doing and and the thing that will blow people’s0:16:21.900,0:16:25.680 mind if you haven’t done this for a long time is this list is even far from0:16:25.680,0:16:30.300 complete it’s a great list but it’s really about finding ways that you can0:16:30.300,0:16:34.590 positively impact the business so really will you SWAT on yeah I’m not sure if0:16:34.590,0:16:37.830 you remember the visual I showed at the sales enablement Society conference but0:16:37.830,0:16:43.020 that was me just kind of brainstorming and this is the same thing and I in0:16:43.020,0:16:46.860 thinking about today I’d really try to narrow in on some of the more impactful0:16:46.860,0:16:51.030 places I thought enablement programs could quantify but there’s so many out0:16:51.030,0:16:56.270 there so this really is just a starting point and just some food for thought but0:16:56.270,0:17:01.140 excellent starting point but data but absolutely right just a subset of the0:17:01.140,0:17:08.870 possibility totally totally so so I wanted to just take a moment to share0:17:08.870,0:17:13.530 kind of been the five-step data-driven and ableman process that I really try to0:17:13.530,0:17:16.860 go through every enablement initiative and this is me putting on that0:17:16.860,0:17:21.450 consultant hat think about how a consultant would conduct themselves from0:17:21.450,0:17:25.890 a business perspective they wouldn’t just walk in there and say I have a few0:17:25.890,0:17:33.960 ideas we have what would a consultant do to show that it was valuable to hire0:17:33.960,0:17:39.810 them for a specific initiative right so I came up with this little five-step0:17:39.810,0:17:42.990 data-driven enablement process to make sure that I’m really kind of holding0:17:42.990,0:17:47.890 myself accountable to quantifiable results in a0:17:47.890,0:17:53.800 strategic way and that I’m acting as a consultant at all times so the first0:17:53.800,0:17:59.500 step is all about observation it’s all about truly understanding your customer0:17:59.500,0:18:04.240 we’re like mostly trying to understand the root cause of gaps asking questions0:18:04.240,0:18:08.740 and observing and I would argue this is the most important step and it’s where0:18:08.740,0:18:16.320 we we sometimes forget to do it but it’s really understanding a current state and0:18:16.320,0:18:21.340 quantifying that right so really understanding ok what is going on0:18:21.340,0:18:28.240 where’s the gap and what impact is that having on the business you’re right and0:18:28.240,0:18:33.040 everything quantifying understanding where you actually are and and if so0:18:33.040,0:18:37.990 it’s so cliche but you can’t actually move in a positive direction if you0:18:37.990,0:18:43.390 don’t understand where you are today spot-on exactly and then I think just0:18:43.390,0:18:49.870 having that data ready is where you really get the sales executives and the0:18:49.870,0:18:53.980 business executives attention right because then you can share these this0:18:53.980,0:18:58.420 feedback these observations with them with data and say you know from what I0:18:58.420,0:19:04.840 observed X percent we’re doing this X percent had this gap and you have a base0:19:04.840,0:19:09.220 starting point so they can start to think in their minds okay is this a0:19:09.220,0:19:13.990 valuable initiative if this did change this metric changed how to impact our0:19:13.990,0:19:18.760 business and you can align on is this going to be a business priority and the0:19:18.760,0:19:22.750 great part is during this meeting you do want to come in with some solutions some0:19:22.750,0:19:27.670 ideas but it really should be kind of a shared game plan where you’re aligning0:19:27.670,0:19:31.870 your business executives together to say here’s how I propose we solve it will0:19:31.870,0:19:35.080 you be a part of this with me what are your thoughts and really get that0:19:35.080,0:19:38.950 alignment and by being smart and prepared as you walk into that meeting0:19:38.950,0:19:43.870 you’ve earned the right to have that conversation which is is so important0:19:43.870,0:19:47.830 for people to remember executives want to hear what’s going on they want to0:19:47.830,0:19:52.360 understand it but they need data they need to have some thoughts put into0:19:52.360,0:19:56.950 there before you just simply show up and say it’s all broken be smart0:19:56.950,0:20:00.790 and it will learn you the right to have those conversations and more of those0:20:00.790,0:20:06.490 conversations yeah I am someone early in my career said to me Kristin don’t bring0:20:06.490,0:20:09.670 me your problems you can share some problems with me but always bring a0:20:09.670,0:20:14.800 solution and I’ll never forget that and it’s true if you’re going to share and0:20:14.800,0:20:19.210 showcase kind of some of the gaps bring proposed solutions and just to your0:20:19.210,0:20:24.340 point earlier John that I really love so many executives especially sales0:20:24.340,0:20:29.110 executives think of their day-to-day it’s a lot of pipeline management and0:20:29.110,0:20:33.940 forecasting and data and they don’t have a chance a lot of times to be involved0:20:33.940,0:20:39.730 in these types of initiatives and when they do they love it so don’t go in0:20:39.730,0:20:43.900 there with the preconceived notion that it’s not gonna be a priority not may not0:20:43.900,0:20:48.790 right but there’s something else you said they will make the time it’s0:20:48.790,0:20:52.000 something that they just don’t get enough time to do but it’s it’s usually0:20:52.000,0:20:55.450 something they really love being a part of you’re right because they’re so used0:20:55.450,0:20:58.960 to getting beat on for not hitting you know their goals for the month0:20:58.960,0:21:02.710 they’re very tactical today in and day out and they want to be strategic more0:21:02.710,0:21:07.320 than anything so these kinds of conversations are refreshing and needed0:21:07.320,0:21:12.640 absolutely and then that the third step is where you get going and again it0:21:12.640,0:21:15.790 think of how often we’ve made the mistake of leap go right to development0:21:15.790,0:21:19.900 but if you miss these first two steps how are you being a strategic business0:21:19.900,0:21:23.920 partner here how are you being a consultant how are you really able to0:21:23.920,0:21:30.460 say here’s where we were here’s where we ended so the third step of development0:21:30.460,0:21:35.260 is okay I’m gonna build out this game plan but I’m gonna get feedback along0:21:35.260,0:21:38.230 the way I’m gonna get feedback from critical stakeholders I’m gonna get0:21:38.230,0:21:43.260 filled back a feedback from the floor from some of the sales reps out there0:21:43.260,0:21:48.070 ask her involvement create a really strong project plan right well however0:21:48.070,0:21:54.310 you look about that philosophy but make sure you have various types of0:21:54.310,0:21:57.760 stakeholders involved and again going back to my earlier point where do they0:21:57.760,0:22:02.020 shine where can they contribute that’s going to be most valuable bring them in0:22:02.020,0:22:06.790 development and make sure along the way that you’re getting some feedback so0:22:06.790,0:22:11.390 that before you launch you know it’s going to be valuable in fact0:22:11.390,0:22:16.340 yeah and that’s an important point too you need to be and you’ve touched upon0:22:16.340,0:22:20.630 this even earlier it’s not about you doing it all yourself it’s about you0:22:20.630,0:22:26.630 being sort of a linchpin bringing the right people together collaborating and0:22:26.630,0:22:32.240 having those conversations to move this forward such an important point yeah0:22:32.240,0:22:37.010 absolutely yeah and then this is the fun part executing I think we all love this0:22:37.010,0:22:41.840 part but make sure that you leverage support so in some of the biggest0:22:41.840,0:22:45.230 initiatives that I’ve been a part of rolling out from an enablement0:22:45.230,0:22:51.530 perspective I have literally had my VP of Sales standing next to me giving the0:22:51.530,0:22:55.250 framework in the context or beautifully-written expiring email from0:22:55.250,0:23:00.470 them it’s so critical to painting the picture and sales leaders are so0:23:00.470,0:23:05.870 inspiring they’re so good at sharing the wine so make sure that you start with0:23:05.870,0:23:10.370 why when you’re executing I’ve even had initiatives where I’ve literally googled0:23:10.370,0:23:17.330 change management strategies and had managers it was going to be awesome but0:23:17.330,0:23:23.600 it’s all a part of that and execution you know success or failure making based0:23:23.600,0:23:27.620 on making sure that you understand your customer and can kind of proactively0:23:27.620,0:23:32.030 think about how they might react and how you can prevent some of those obstacles0:23:32.030,0:23:36.380 or judgment I think it’s so important to Kristen you you’re right when they0:23:36.380,0:23:40.160 understand the why they can articulate this but I also strongly believe that0:23:40.160,0:23:43.550 enablement is an exercise in change management which you touched upon0:23:43.550,0:23:48.940 rightly and if you’re not getting that support and drive from the top as0:23:48.940,0:23:53.660 brilliant as the ideas may or may not be nobody’s gonna nobody’s going to do it0:23:53.660,0:23:57.800 because everybody’s so busy you need the sales leadership team helping hammer0:23:57.800,0:24:03.410 that forward exactly exactly and then with that make sure that you have a0:24:03.410,0:24:06.800 tracking mechanism in place you’ve done all this work you’ve put together this0:24:06.800,0:24:11.510 program but and you have the before state but how are you gonna track that0:24:11.510,0:24:16.250 after state and did you align on that did you align on saying hey if I’m able0:24:16.250,0:24:20.780 to help with this gap its enablement able to help solve this gap we should0:24:20.780,0:24:25.100 something like this that’s a critical part of the alignment conversation of0:24:25.100,0:24:30.980 here’s how I’m going to measure success do you agree that this would be success0:24:30.980,0:24:37.300 right on making sure that a tracking mechanism is in place from the starter0:24:38.470,0:24:41.890 there will be a test at the end of this everybody so so make sure you’re paying0:24:41.890,0:24:48.220 attention take a note and then the last piece is quantifying so you have your0:24:48.220,0:24:54.010 before state what is the after state and again it’s not all about revenue did you0:24:54.010,0:25:00.789 increase did you launch a tool then had a specific adoption rate did your piece0:25:00.789,0:25:07.450 of content have a specific success rate specific viewership rate did your0:25:07.450,0:25:12.130 coaching initiative increase the quantity of quality of coaching has your0:25:12.130,0:25:16.780 I’m coaching framework helped increase coaching effectiveness whatever it is0:25:16.780,0:25:22.210 there’s a story to tell there’s an impact on KPIs quantify that and really0:25:22.210,0:25:26.799 important I see this happen sometimes make sure you share it so it’s great if0:25:26.799,0:25:29.950 you quantify but you come back to the senior leadership team and you say0:25:29.950,0:25:32.890 here’s none of this case study here’s what happened0:25:32.890,0:25:37.120 and allow them it’s okay to get a pat on the back allow them to have that0:25:37.120,0:25:42.070 discussion with you really deem whether or not it was a success and then learn0:25:42.070,0:25:45.039 from it so everything that you’ve learned for that initiative and0:25:45.039,0:25:49.409 especially if it didn’t drive you guys if it didn’t help drive that metadata0:25:49.409,0:25:53.830 what does that tell you is there something else there to be uncovered and0:25:53.830,0:25:58.570 what next steps can build into your next enablement initiatives such a key point0:25:58.570,0:26:03.820 bring those stories and the data back to the executive team for better or for0:26:03.820,0:26:10.299 worse and don’t be afraid it’s not being braggadocious by saying look the peloton0:26:10.299,0:26:16.480 we ran led to X and in a positive way yeah you have to market the function or0:26:16.480,0:26:19.450 you’re not going to get the visibility you’re not going to get the support and0:26:19.450,0:26:22.179 you’re not going to be to do the fun things that are really going to0:26:22.179,0:26:26.409 positively impact the business so it’s not bragging you’re just sharing the0:26:26.409,0:26:30.299 information and if it happens to be really good all the better0:26:30.299,0:26:35.140 exactly you’ve got to remember that you truly are a consultant and this is0:26:35.140,0:26:39.159 exactly the process that a consultant would go through right to be a valuable0:26:39.159,0:26:44.230 effective consultant you would take these similar steps so you do want to0:26:44.230,0:26:49.179 measure impact and be very methodical and when you start to do this you start0:26:49.179,0:26:52.769 to see your place in the organs just a little bit you start to get that0:26:52.769,0:26:56.549 seat at the table and you start to be involved in really interesting0:26:56.549,0:27:03.539 discussions so it’s worth taking the time to dive deep rather than being0:27:03.539,0:27:09.090 involved in a lot of different things to really drive substantial results yeah0:27:09.090,0:27:16.619 amen amen christen wonderful anything more on this or is that that’s it for0:27:16.619,0:27:20.299 that I’ll stop sharing and we can continue to chat on his linkedin line0:27:20.299,0:27:25.409 what I wanted to just mention there was what I like is that and it’s a subtle0:27:25.409,0:27:31.679 but important point you drew that as a circle and and was that intentional or0:27:31.679,0:27:41.759 was that by accident that was very intentional because I’m not gonna say0:27:41.759,0:27:44.840 that you couldn’t do one stuff before the other but this stuff’s really0:27:44.840,0:27:50.369 logically a line that you would kind of take that order in that approach and so0:27:50.369,0:27:54.570 much of enablement is what worked what didn’t and let me build that into future0:27:54.570,0:27:58.679 learning so that era was very intentional of okay I quantified now I’m0:27:58.679,0:28:03.359 going to go back to observe there was a coaching program that I was involved in0:28:03.359,0:28:08.999 and when coaching went up through this initiative and when the coaching0:28:08.999,0:28:15.690 quantity went up we did see an increase in output and results but then it was a0:28:15.690,0:28:19.710 matter of making making the process of coaching more effective so I actually0:28:19.710,0:28:23.489 went through this cycle again and then it was a matter of getting a coaching0:28:23.489,0:28:28.919 tool in place so a lot of these programs can kind of have onions or layers to0:28:28.919,0:28:32.369 make things even more effective and so that’s why it’s really meant to be that0:28:32.369,0:28:36.359 cyclical approach to it yeah I think that’s so important for people to take0:28:36.359,0:28:40.220 away one these activities that you’re performing are not linear and0:28:40.220,0:28:47.580 disconnected they’re really it’s it is a circle it is a circle of life and I’ll0:28:47.580,0:28:52.139 start singing I’m gonna Matata or whatever songs in a moment but that’s no0:28:52.139,0:28:57.359 fantastic and I think that’s so important so the last question actually0:28:57.359,0:29:00.690 I’m gonna sneak in a couple extra I’m gonna sneak in a couple extra that you0:29:00.690,0:29:04.890 weren’t prepared for but these are easy ones friend0:29:04.890,0:29:08.820 ableman practitioners really trying to up their level up level their view in0:29:08.820,0:29:14.520 the organization show that their their value and this is really important right0:29:14.520,0:29:20.070 now when companies are laying off people that they don’t see adding to the bottom0:29:20.070,0:29:24.810 line and whether that’s revenue risk reduction or some other way of measuring0:29:24.810,0:29:33.690 it what would what advice would you give to people yeah I would say remember your0:29:33.690,0:29:38.430 customer always remember your customer who are they what do they care about0:29:38.430,0:29:45.060 what’s going to help them the more aligned you are with your customer the0:29:45.060,0:29:48.090 more you can put yourself in the customers shoes the more effective0:29:48.090,0:29:55.200 whatever you develop is going to be yeah and it does start with the top down so0:29:55.200,0:30:02.880 make sure you have time with executives but when you’re there be prepared have0:30:02.880,0:30:09.480 data but also lead with inquiry right lead with curiosity this rule is all0:30:09.480,0:30:13.590 about being curious and understanding root cause but being data-driven is a0:30:13.590,0:30:17.670 critical component of that and I just went through a great course and got a0:30:17.670,0:30:21.810 business analytic certificate a lot of our companies offer tuition0:30:21.810,0:30:26.160 reimbursement it’s really important that if you’re gonna be a strategic business0:30:26.160,0:30:31.530 partner you build your own muscle to elevate yourself so why are steps you0:30:31.530,0:30:35.820 can take that you can showcase the leaders on hey I’m gonna be the best in0:30:35.820,0:30:39.540 amoment professional I can be but I can always grow and learn and get better so0:30:39.540,0:30:43.950 here’s the steps I’m taking to really elevate myself to help elevate your0:30:43.950,0:30:50.040 team’s brilliant brilliant dead-on thank you so much Kristin this is awesome I0:30:50.040,0:30:54.300 want to and I know those are questions we talked about a little bit beforehand0:30:54.300,0:30:57.540 but I want to go off-script just slightly and ask you because I know0:30:57.540,0:31:02.370 you’re involved with some really cool activities one of the sales enable in a0:31:02.370,0:31:06.510 society the other one wise I didn’t know if I could just bend your ear for a0:31:06.510,0:31:11.160 little bit longer to tell people about sort of both you know and how they might0:31:11.160,0:31:16.920 be to get involved and all of that absolutely so wise is women and0:31:16.920,0:31:21.570 enablement and it was started by these amazing woman in Texas they’re fabulous0:31:21.570,0:31:24.930 and I’d be happy to put you in touch with them if you’re interested it’s a0:31:24.930,0:31:30.090 group only for women sales enablement practitioners or those interested in0:31:30.090,0:31:34.370 being a practitioner and what’s really special about that is it’s a community0:31:34.370,0:31:39.840 where you can share language best practices in a really safe and powering0:31:39.840,0:31:45.840 environment and so I’m the I helped build the chapter in the greater DC area0:31:45.840,0:31:50.940 and would welcome any of you that are interested in becoming a member but it’s0:31:50.940,0:31:55.200 been a really great place again to kind of share best practices and leverage0:31:55.200,0:32:00.180 that and one thing that I’m very very passionate about is being a woman in TAC0:32:00.180,0:32:06.230 and being a woman in sales sometimes you are the only woman at the table and so0:32:06.230,0:32:10.620 I’ve had those people in my career that have really helped me find my voice and0:32:10.620,0:32:14.400 helped you know when I think about all these programs they’ve been such a0:32:14.400,0:32:18.450 critical part of helping me build my own confidence helping me build my business0:32:18.450,0:32:24.360 acumen to be where I am today and I want to give that back to others so the there0:32:24.360,0:32:27.480 are so many networks and organizations out there that can help with that and0:32:27.480,0:32:33.570 why is this a great place to start we have all levels of skill set up and a0:32:33.570,0:32:37.590 kind of career path there and I’ve learned a ton from it so it’s a great0:32:37.590,0:32:42.510 resource and then the sales enablement Society if you were involved in sales0:32:42.510,0:32:45.840 enablement in any way and it’s really great because it’s open to consultants0:32:45.840,0:32:50.070 it’s open to vendors it’s open to really anyone interested in sales enablement it0:32:50.070,0:32:54.420 is an incredible place I had the opportunity to go to the annual0:32:54.420,0:32:58.200 conference last year and the people I met I still keep in touch with some of0:32:58.200,0:33:01.370 which are senior executives at some of the most successful organizations0:33:01.370,0:33:07.110 literally in the world so it’s an incredible network of strategic people0:33:07.110,0:33:12.120 that are all doing what John and I are doing today and my goal in my vision is0:33:12.120,0:33:16.800 that sales enablement is always seen as a very strategic business partner to0:33:16.800,0:33:22.800 every organization it’s critical right and so I think that’s really what the0:33:22.800,0:33:27.960 cells enable decide is passionate about driving every day is how can we help0:33:27.960,0:33:32.070 make sure all practitioners have that level of competency and have0:33:32.070,0:33:35.940 that level of confidence to practice cells enablement in a really elevated0:33:35.940,0:33:40.950 way so both of them are great organizations definitely reach out and0:33:40.950,0:33:44.970 be a part of them it’s it’s just a great way to continue to build on your skills0:33:44.970,0:33:48.480 yeah phenomenal organizations and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to0:33:48.480,0:33:52.470 give them shoutouts oh I appreciate that and and I don’t know Kristen are there0:33:52.470,0:33:58.200 any other that groups or organizations that you think as an enablement0:33:58.200,0:34:03.660 practitioner and and/or as a female enabled miss practitioner or any or any0:34:03.660,0:34:07.800 other way shape or form that you think’s been really helpful or you think people0:34:07.800,0:34:11.610 should be aware of and thinking about I think you’ve done a lot of things really0:34:11.610,0:34:15.360 well we’ve all made plenty of mistakes in our career but you’ve taken some0:34:15.360,0:34:18.929 great steps anything else you could share with people before we before we0:34:18.929,0:34:22.560 end this I think just don’t be afraid to reach out to others0:34:22.560,0:34:27.030 I’ve had several folks reach out on LinkedIn even over the past month saying0:34:27.030,0:34:32.100 hey I’m thinking about a career in enablement or you know I would love to0:34:32.100,0:34:36.210 just talk to you and pick your brain I do that with people too and I would just0:34:36.210,0:34:40.800 encourage you if you’re someone that gets asked those things and/or has those0:34:40.800,0:34:45.389 aspirations to reach out to someone first let’s like make the time life is0:34:45.389,0:34:50.700 so short and let’s all help each other out help each other climb the ladder and0:34:50.700,0:34:54.690 if I see someone who’s driven and puts in the effort and goes for it I will0:34:54.690,0:34:59.820 give them whatever I can but they do have to be prepared and and showcase hey0:34:59.820,0:35:03.600 here’s where I am here’s why I’m reaching out right so making the time0:35:03.600,0:35:08.100 for that but also not being afraid to to reach out to others too I do that pretty0:35:08.100,0:35:13.980 often and I have learned so much from them I think you know I’m sure there’s a0:35:13.980,0:35:18.270 lot of other great organizations out there there is one called women in0:35:18.270,0:35:23.609 revenue and it’s for women in sales overall I just recently joined it but0:35:23.609,0:35:28.740 they did have a really great women in revenue and report that they just0:35:28.740,0:35:32.670 released and they shared some fascinating data about gender bias and0:35:32.670,0:35:36.930 kind of the experience for women in sales so that’s another great resource0:35:36.930,0:35:42.300 system yeah for women we’re just looking for another place to go0:35:42.300,0:35:45.250 there’s a lot out there I think it’s just what are you0:35:45.250,0:35:49.210 passionate about for me it is gender minorities getting leadership positions0:35:49.210,0:35:54.070 in companies and sales but surely there’s plenty of others0:35:54.070,0:36:01.180 oh that’s and and and I won’t belabor this longer than necessary but you hit0:36:01.180,0:36:07.740 it on the head in terms of reaching out I know this is one of the enablement0:36:07.740,0:36:14.830 practitioners most of us do this because we want to be helpful we want to be of0:36:14.830,0:36:20.530 service or whatever words we want to use I know I had and I’m giving this as an0:36:20.530,0:36:24.250 example not to Pat myself on the back but just to give an example of how good0:36:24.250,0:36:28.660 this community is I have this young gentleman from Greece that I never met0:36:28.660,0:36:32.620 before reach out to me on LinkedIn and said John I just started this new job in0:36:32.620,0:36:37.090 revenue enablement I don’t know what it is can you talk to me we just got it on0:36:37.090,0:36:41.380 the fan we just picked up the phone and chatted and and I use that example0:36:41.380,0:36:46.120 because every single person that I’ve had the pleasure of running into it to0:36:46.120,0:36:50.860 your point Kristen is really great about wanting to help Kristen and I met for0:36:50.860,0:36:54.700 the first time at the annual chapter at the end will event the annual conference0:36:54.700,0:37:01.030 I was blown away and and there’s so many smart people out there there’s a million0:37:01.030,0:37:04.600 other Christians out there not did not to belittle what you do Christian0:37:04.600,0:37:07.870 because it’s phenomenal but my point being there’s a lot of smart people out0:37:07.870,0:37:11.470 there willing to share so if you’re trying to figure out how to do this well0:37:11.470,0:37:16.480 ask around talk to people form your own opinions but there’s a lot of great0:37:16.480,0:37:20.770 people a lot of great advice and and let’s just like you said let’s help each0:37:20.770,0:37:24.160 other up the ladder the ladder is plenty wide enough we don’t need each other0:37:24.160,0:37:28.300 down it is and just to piggyback on that I literally was talking on LinkedIn this0:37:28.300,0:37:34.030 morning in French to someone in Paris that said hey I would love wise how do I0:37:34.030,0:37:38.110 do that so I made the connections for her and again it’s the little efforts0:37:38.110,0:37:43.420 that can go that can go a long way so it’s it’s exciting but be open to it0:37:43.420,0:37:46.870 because we’re all learning and and you know that’s the other piece of sales0:37:46.870,0:37:50.860 enablement it’s a newer field it’s almost always been around but never0:37:50.860,0:37:54.380 really been defined and it’s really starting to be mortifying0:37:54.380,0:38:00.020 so you know I was actually had a call with a software organization a few weeks0:38:00.020,0:38:03.980 ago and he said oh yeah I used to do sales training and I said I’m not0:38:03.980,0:38:07.130 actually gonna have to correct you I I’m not a so strainer and sales enablement0:38:07.130,0:38:13.040 and so it’s also building that brand not being afraid to say no I’m here’s what I0:38:13.040,0:38:16.940 am I’m sales enablement and here’s what that is the more we can kind of educate0:38:16.940,0:38:22.760 it’s not be afraid to talk about our accomplishments how we view ourselves as0:38:22.760,0:38:28.390 a consultant um more our brand will build in the way that we would love it –0:38:28.390,0:38:32.690 exactly so well said Kristen all right well thank you so much for your time0:38:32.690,0:38:37.790 today all right I want to do more things like this and0:38:37.790,0:38:41.180 and I’ll find an excuse to have another session with you as well because I know0:38:41.180,0:38:45.470 there’s a lot more there but but look let’s just raise each other up let’s0:38:45.470,0:38:49.220 just do the best we can to lift up the ladder and just educate collaborate and0:38:49.220,0:38:53.720 learn from one another anyway stay safe and well and keep0:38:53.720,0:38:59.300 kicking ass Kristen thank you so much John you’re so fabulous everyone out0:38:59.300,0:39:02.840 there I hope you’re safe and well and just appreciate it so thank you so much0:39:02.840,0:39:06.520 John and take care everyone all right bye-bye

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