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Britta Lorenz – DACH Regional Host

Pooja Kumar – ASEAN and India Regional Host
Crystal Nikosey – Contributor
Alex Kroger
Alex Kroger – Spain Regional Host
Katie Williams – Enablement Role Plays Host
Avner Baruch
Avner Baruch – Israel Regional Host
Adriana Romero – Canada Regional Host

Dave Nel – Africa Regional Host

Rebecca Bell – UK and Ireland Regional Host
John Moore – The Collaborator
Devon McDermott
Devon McDermott – Team of One Enablement Host
Anna Rokina – Social Selling Host


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Hubspot notes that 95% of buyers purchase from the seller, giving them content at every stage of their buying process.

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Sales Enablement is the process that supports sellers with training and content to help them guide buyers through the sales funnel. – A sales enablement definition from The Collaborator

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