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Our public site has hundreds of interviews with Enablement Professionals, Templates, and other materials you need to succeed.

Our private community is where Enablement Professionals across the globe connect and collaborate while growing their skills and taking charge of their careers.

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We believe that every human should have a place to share, learn, and collaborate to achieve their personal best — all while being treated with respect and empathy.

If you agree, and you are an Enablement Practitioner or Leader, this community is for you.

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How are we different?

There are many Enablement groups run by well-intentioned and knowledgeable professionals. They all suffer from the following limitations:

✔️ They either allow vendors to sell directly to the community or indirectly with special offers and marketing disguised as training.

✔️ They provide vague advice and thought leadership that works well in theory — theories don’t get you the job promotion.

✔️ The majority of conversations and posts are either job postings or self-promotion.

We don’t allow vendors to join and sell their solutions, and we don’t treat our community as leads for the vendors.

Where you earn your money defines your customer. Organizations that sell sponsorships and partnerships to vendors, or take vendor money to fund outings, are serving vendors, not the Enablers.

Other sites and communities serve the vendors.

We serve the Enablers.

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We are led by real Enablement Practitioners and Leaders

We are Practitioners and Leaders from across the globe.  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are living the same struggles as you are, and we created this community to address the needs not being met elsewhere.

John Moore - The Founder of Trust Enablement

John Moore, The Collaborator

Founder of Trust Enablement

Britta Lorenz – DACH Regional Host

Pooja Kumar – ASEAN and India Regional Host
Crystal Nikosey – Contributor

Katie Williams – Enablement Role Plays Host
Vanessa Metcalf – Contributor
Adriana Romero – Canada Regional Host

Dave Nel – Africa Regional Host

Petek Hawkins –
Devon McDermott
Devon McDermott – Team of One Enablement Host
Anna Rokina – Social Selling Host

We stand with each of you as individuals, and with the entire global Enablement community.

Our Core Values

✔️ Extend respect

✔️ Help, not sell

✔️ Collaborate with and spotlight Enablement practitioners and leaders across the globe

✔️ Celebrate and support our individual and collective successes

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Benefits of our Membership

✔️ Deep insights you can use today.

✔️ Answers to your questions without someone trying to sell you something.

✔️ Role-playing sessions — practice your craft in safety.

✔️ Group coaching sessions — learn from our community.

✔️ Social selling sessions.

✔️ And more sessions are being added all the time.

New members are invited to a welcome session where they can learn how the community works, provide your feedback on what you are looking for from the community, and ensure that you are in the right place. 

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What are the Community Members (Trustees) saying?

Enablement is something we do well, but not perfectly. Having a community to help point you in the right direction or offer experience and insight is invaluable.”   – Jessica Ryker, Senior Sales Enablement Manager

Misconceptions about enablement are still alive and well in most organizations. This community allows for genius collaboration but the bigger picture is it also brings our profession together to be a unified force. The more diverse our community is, the stronger we become to start changing these misconceptions.”  –Crystal Nikosey, Sales Enablement Manager

““If you want to go fast, go alone; however, if you want to go far, go together.” – a constant reminder to keep your tribe within sight. This is a community rich in diverse perspectives and support of one another.” – Shamis Thomson, Global Manager, Sales Enablement

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